Videos & Photos Of Star Trek Celebs From Hollywood XPo

Over the weekend the Hollywood Xpo convention was held in Universal City and many Trek stars were in attendance, including Jonathan Frakes, Michael Dorn, Nichelle Nichols, Robert Duncan McNeill, and Walter Koenig . Below we have video of many of the Trek celeb talks, plus pictures from the event.



Videos of some of the Star Trek stars appearing at the Hollywood XPo over the weekend. (thanks to TubeYouCarliron).

TNG Panel – Jonathan Franks, Michael Dorn & Suzie Plakson

Robert Duncan McNeill (Voyager – Tom Paris)

Walter Koenig (TOS – Pavel Chekov)

Nichelle Nichols (TOS – Uhura)


Photos from Saturday provided by Brian Wilkins

Michael Dorn and Jonathan Frakes

Michael Dorn

Jonathan Frakes

Vaughn Armstrong

Cirroc Lofton

Walter Koenig

Fans check out alien

Trekkies getting interview


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They really got old, didn’t they. Most of them don’t have a carrier outside of Star Trek, I guess that’s what 7 years spent on a job does to actors.

Sounds like a real shindig! I wish I could go to every Trek Con held. Thank you guys for bringing the Cons to me. Great pics and and super coverage

^ Ahem, I meant career.

@1, They may not have much of a Career, but they can read and write!

Plus, Suzie and Michael Look fantastic.

If one person attended this event for every one email I got about it, then it should have had Comic-Con sized lines out the door. :)

So … people who went … how was it??

OMG- the “Fan” has amazing boobs.

@6 that’s special effects ;)

Who is that chick in the last photo?!?

That was the closest TREK con to us and we missed it, but that s what serving in the CAL NAT Gaurd does every now and then, you don’t get every weekend free.

Frakes looks great! A Captain Riker TV miniseries would be much appreciated right now….

Well actually Robert Duncan McNeil is a frequent director and full time producer on “Chuck”. Frakes makes the rounds directing a lot of show, especially Leverage.

Gotta say, Riker was always a fav and Frakes looked horrible for a couple years but he lost some weight and aside from being older, looks the same again!

Well, any Trek on TV would appreciated right now.

Correction: BE appreciated…

Battle-scarred Sciatica


MIchael’s jersey is actually outerspace.


“Today is a good day to dye!”

Thanks for a new update, Anthony- I was wondering if maybe you were dead or had started school (next best thing)…

Unless it was “Star Trek: Neelix.”


#11 and McNeil, producer of CHUCK, is a FANTASTIC director–his episodes are usually the best and most compelling in an already slick and polished show. And there’s talk of Frakes getting involved in CHUCK, as well… :>

i said it before when i see these (but no less appreciation of trekmovie for the uploads), but does Frakes look really bored when he does the conventions now? maybe it’s just me. but i agree with the comments above, he has slimmed down some…but others of us have also…guess we’re not sttin round the house watchin’ trek anymore but we’ve gotten out of our mom’s basement and actually kissed a girl…LOL. just jokin’ guys


Ummm… yeah, I have to agree with that. But anything else would be good. :)

Gee, I didn’t mean my previous message to sound THAT way. Sorry Anthony, nothing bad was meant. Hope you catch what I mean in spite of my bad phrasing.

i went to this Convention on Saturday–it was VERY Depressing— hardly anyone attended/showed up…guess it was great in the sense that u could sit very close to the stars and ask questions, etc.. but it was just ‘dead’—the vendors/dealers were very upset b/c they lost $ at this show…heavily hyped, no one showed up..

What is more depressing/upseting was the way the Convention organizers ran the show—

a) Nicole De Boer had another committment and could not attend, but no heads-up/no announcement/no nothing
b) Guests/stars showed up late… like CIrroc Lofton

c) WHAT WAS REALLY disappointing was that on Sat late afternoon-there was suppose to be a costume contest for kids–to be judged by Stan Lee…..who was there at the show earlier in the day (and probably saw how low the attendencne was) …well when the time came and kids started to get dressed in costume, someone goes on stage and says: “Well Stan Lee is suppose to get an award tonight, so he can’t make it back ” –Weak Excuse..and how disappointed were those kids who dressed up (including my 4 yr old son)…

–then someone asked- if Evira was coming on stage after that (she was scheduled)–and same person said–well “She’s not feeling well and left, so we have no more programming in the main room—thanks for coming”

Don’t go to any more conventions run by these guys…dealers-> not happy, no one there, bad communication/relationships with those who did attend…sad…

Question for TrekFan (or whoever who attended and can answer): What were some of the autograph prices that some of the celebrities were charging? And which (if any) of the celebrities allowing fans to take to take photos with them for free?

I concur with # 6 and # 8.


Where did all the cuties come from, anyways?

I must start going to these conventions more often.

22 – I had a feeling… The convention biz appears completely “dead” right now, with nothing other than Dragon Con, Comic-Con, and maybe Wonder Con doing any business, or really generating any excitement.

Has anyone been to a convention recently – for any Sci-Fi media property – that has been doing gangbusters? Maybe “Star Wars Celebration” – but that’s about it, from the incidental reports I read. Whedon-fandom cons appear to be doing the same as Whedon-shows – passionate, but exceedingly small fanbase. I mean, I read: – and none of it seemed remotely interesting to me, and certainly not at those prices.

Has the Internet made conventions obsolete? Why do I need to go to a con to see LeVar Burton/Brent Spiner – I get five updates from them every day on Twitter… free. All the news about the franchise I need, I get from TrekMovie. Any piece of Trek merchandise that exists – or ever existed – can be found on eBay or other online sites. I miss (gasp!) the early 90’s!

For #23– Jonathan Frakes and Michael Dorn–charged $10 for a photo with them (using your own camera)–autographs were $20.

there were some fans that got a chance to take photos with some of the stars for free as they were walking around, walking to the Coffee shop inside the hotel (with Walter Koenig, others).

That convention was awful…but the costs were cheaper than a Creation Convention


It looked like it from the photos; lots of empty chairs.
I went to a couple of Creation cons (in both senses of the word) that were like that. I know how you feel.

Creation events are an absolute rip-off; after the last one, I swore I’d never attend another. I save all my money for Comic Con; truly the most bang for your buck.

At least the prices at this convention were cheaper than a Creation con.

Are cons becoming a thing of the past ? I blame the economy for low attendance. Sometimes it’s a choice between saving money or feeding yourself, paying rent, whatever else have you.

I think a lot of fans are just feeling the pinch and going to a con is a large bill for folks who don’t live near a local one, the con here in Colorado is close enough for me to go to year after year.

I split the room cost w/ a fellow fan I’ve known most of my life here in Colorado, that helps things a lot when on a tight budget. So far it’s worked out rather well for the both of us.

Not sure if this will remain so as the economy seems to be going nowhere but down. Then there’s the hassle of going through an airport, and getting a ride from there, all this would add up if your no where near a local con.

These media-cons for profit may be on the decline, I can’t speak for them. But non-profit fan conventions are doing fine, thank you very much for asking.I attend three in my area yearly, 2 local anime and a local SF, and work on the staff for two of them.

One convention that’s still doing fine is Shore Leave in Baltimore. Next year will be Shore Leave 33 will take place July 8-10, 2011.
Our guests at Shore Leave 32 were Trek’s Dominic Keating & Catherine Hicks, BSG’s Edward James Olmos & Katee Sackhoff, Hercules/Andromeda’s Kevin Sorbo, and SGA’s Torri Higginson. We also have many writers every year including Peter David and Keith DeCandido and we have an entire track of programming featuring astronomers to discuss science fact to supplement the science fiction.
Like everyone else we got hit by the economy – especially in ’09 – but conventions are only dead if you stop supporting them.
In the interest of full disclosure here – I am the past Con Chair of Shore Leave – but that doesn’t change my honest opinion that Shore Leave continues to be the best time that a fan can have at a con. We are all-volunteer fan-run — something that’s getting harder and harder to find.

Damn, Suzie looks fine.

C2E2 in Chicago was really, really fantastic. Blew Wizard World away, which, while still fine, is feeling its age. I think that the key to running a good event is to have a good cross-section of a lot of interests and fandoms, guests who are really enthusiastic to be there, and to embrace new/social/non-traditional media in an honest way that doesn’t come off as promotional or opportunistic.

Who would have thought that all it took to engage people’s enthusiasms is to have an enthusiastic event?

#BorgKing… if Walter Koenig’s career was any busier right now he’d have to clone himself…..

Sorry everyone. The producers asked me to remove the YouTube videos. Apparently they’re producing a 5D virtual reality experience that will be going on the road.


Frak! Then how about a photo of Suzie Plakson? From the comments here she must have looked mighty fine! Thanks for the shot of the fan anyway!

To #25 : You should maybe keep an eye out for fan-run conventions (Bokstone, Polaris, V-Con…) Even if they are smaller in size they make it up on the friendly side and look a lot less like a shopping mall than a convention! :)

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