Leonard Nimoy ‘Recovering Beautifully’ After Emergency Surgery

There is breaking news Friday morning that Star Trek icon Leonard Nimoy is currently in the hospital after having emergency surgery. The actor was scheduled for a events this weekend in Chicago and Long Beach, but had to cancel. Reports indicate he is recovering well. 


Nimoy "recovering beautifully"

Leonard Nimoy, Star Trek’s original Spock, was scheduled to appear today at the Creation Star Trek convention in Chicago and at a special "Evening With Leonard Nimoy" on Saturday in Long Beach, Ca. However this morning messages were posted at both the Creation  and Carpenter Performing Arts Center websites that the 79 year-old actor’s appearances were cancelled. Both sites offer the following statement:

Mr. Nimoy had minor benign abdominal surgery but is recovering beautifully. He thanks you for all the get well wishes and he’s doing great.

TMZ is also reporting that Nimoy had to cancel an event last night at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, who are showing Nimoy’s "Secret Selves" photography exhibit.

For those attending the Chicago convention today, Armin Shimerman (Quark) will be filling in on stage for Mr. Nimoy. Creation has also announced they will be offering refunds for those with autograph and photo tickets for Mr. Nimoy. And the Carpenter Performing Arts Center is planning to reschedule the sold-out "Evening With Leonard Nimoy" and will notify ticket holders and post updates on their Nimoy page.

Of course, all of us at TrekMovie wish Mr. Nimoy a fast recovery. TrekMovie will monitor the story and provide updates.




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me first! ah mr spock alright now.. hope he get well!! live long and proser

Get well soon Mr Nimoy, want to see more of your photography!

Live long and prosper, Mr. Nimoy!

(First to say it. ;-) )

^^ D’oh! Not first. Didn’t see 1. Sorry!

how old is he????

79 ???
but he´s at health…….

should be : Good he´s at health :-)

Leonard Nimoy/Emergency Surgery is NOT a headline i want to see at the top of Trekmovie…at any time!…

although, thank God, Nimoy will be OK, it just shows that our time/appreciation with Nimoy/Shat, et. al. while they are alive is shorter than we really want to admit…

it means that we, as fans, need to take greater value in what those guys mean to Star Trek and cherish whatever appearances they choose to show up at…

Best Wishes and Speedy Recovery, Spock…im sure Bones found abdominal surgery easier to do than brain replacement…*smile*…

Get well soon, Mr. Nimoy!

I hope you’re okay Leonard! Get better soon and God Bless!!

Best wishes and a speedy recovery!

Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Mr. Nimoy!

“Merely my quite logical relief that Starfleet had not lost a highly proficient captain.”

Mend well and prosper!

Probably a bad bout of Pon Farr….

79. I can’t believe it, he’s been part of my life since the beginning. Like a lot of people here I dread the day he – and Shatner – are gone. End of an era.

Armin also filled in for Siddig a bunch of years ago when I went to a convention in Champaign, IL when Siddig’s mom got sick, but he wasn’t even originally scheduled to appear at that convention. What a pro.

All the best to you, Mr. Nimoy.

If you need it, I’m sure we can find someone to fill in for the late Majel Barrett and Booker Bradshaw to help you fight your way back even at the last moment…

Get well and prosper!

The guy is, and always has been, a class-act. Glad to hear he’s okay. In or out of show business, one of the nicest guys you’d ever want to meet.

Best wishes to Mr Nimoy. Hope he’s soon on his feet again.

Get well soon, Leonard Nimoy!!!

Get well soon

My best wishes to Leonard

Get well soon!

live long and prosper, Leonard!

Best wishes for a rapid recovery Mr.Nimoy

I am so glad to hear that the surgery went without incident, and offer my hopes for a fast recovery.

Speedy recovery Leonard!

Get well soon, sir. Perhaps a slap or two across the face from a hot blonde would help?

Get Well soon!

That headline made my heart stop for a moment, that’s not something I wanna see again. Well Leonard, here’s to a speedy recovery.

Get well, O classy Mr. Nimoy.

I think it safe to assume we all wish Mr. Nimoy a complete recovery.

Anthony, is there any way you can arrange some kind of electronic get well card that TrekMovie.com readers can sign that can be forwarded to Mr. Nimoy or his agent?

Get better soon Mr. Nimoy! :]

Wishing you the best, Mr. Nimoy. And thank you.

I had this idea for a story a few days ago with the title “Pockie Sick.” Didn’t realize that it was a premonition!

I am praying that y get well soon, Mr. Nimoy.

I wish you best recovery, Mr. Nimoy. May you live long and prosper forever. Also long life and happiness. Godspeed!

I wish that Mr. Nimoy will recover soon!

get well soon!

Get well soon

Best of health to you, sir!

We all love you Nimoy, will be praying for you!

Best wishes and get on the road to recovery soon… too bad Dr McCoy is not around any more but there is always Dr Mbenga.

Hope for a speedy and non-eventful recovery from a long-time fan, Mr Nimoy!

Sounds like appendicitis. To a speedy recovery! : )
Leonard Nimoy is a class act and a real gentleman. It was a thrill to meet him last year.

Love you much good man! Take good care, and continued thanks for all the concern and love your artistry has shown.

Fascinating man hope u get back at it soon

get well soon!!

You are loved Leonard! Get well soon we very much need your presence.

Get well soon Leonard!! It’s funny, I was dying to go to the Con today to see Leonard, but my dad didn’t let me… And now it turns out he’s in the hospital and has to cancel! My best wishes for him. :)

Wow quite a scare! Hope a fast recovery for Leonard