Watch Star Trek Appears In This Week’s (and Next Week’s) “Community”

While many geeks may prefer the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory for their cultural references, the NBC comedy Community, also airing at 8PM on Thursdays, is also full of pop culture, including last night’s episode which dipped into Star Trek. And next week it looks like they will have more Trek fun. Watch the clips below.


Star Trek on Community

Last night’s episode of the NBC comedy Community ("Messianic Myths and Ancient
Peoples") had a storyline about how Abed (Danny Pudi) was making a film and started to have messianic delusions, much to the chagrin of Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown). In this scene Abed and Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) discuss resurrection in film, including a certain Trek film.

And the Trek connections with community will continue next week. In a promo shown for next week’s Halloween episode the character of Pierce (played by Chevy Chase) can be seen in a Star Trek costume.

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Wow! I bet if this was on BBT there’d be LOTS of comments here! LOL! I actually like Community as well but don’t know what I’d choose if I had to. Have FUN y’all! J-R!

Jeez. They are filmed on the Paramount Lot. Couldn’t they have put Chevy Chase in BLUE and pointed ears as an homage to SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.

If you Google “starship propulsion,” you will see a current article that uses a beautiful picture of the Enterprise and multiple references to is in reference to DARPA’s program to develop a “100-year starship.” Click on the AOL News article.

^^ “Multiple references to it.”

As corrected.

Star Trek comes to life — yet again.

It’s interesting that Chase is wearing a Trek uniform. 2, it would have been a great idea to have him wear blue given his role in that SNL Trek sketch.

Also, a minor correction: Execute the search for “starship propulsion” in Google News, not Google.

Chevy is not skinny anymore so it makes sense for him to poke fun at Shatner and wear gold. We all know he has weight issues throughout TOS lol

I love Community!! Can’t wait to see this one! ^_^


Greatest show to come out in the past couple of years.

Vastly prefer “Community” to “Big Bang.”

“Big Bang Theory” has flashes of brilliance, but it’s still 75% shitcom.

Nice to see NBC recognizes it had a hit on its hands… and cancelled it. Wonder what TOS’ absolute worst rating was… and how that compares to average shows today.

Oh, Anthony…..

“While many geeks may prefer the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory for their cultural references, the NBC comedy Community, also airing at 8PM on Thursdays, is also full of pop culture”

Not to mention Community is actually funny!

Glad to hear some “Community” love. In the world of DVRs, HULU, etc, you don’t even have to choose between the shows. Nice!

Community is hilarious, I’m an avid follower. This week’s episode is pretty brilliant.

I love BBT, but Community is one of the most creative comedies on TV right. It warrants multiple viewings to truly get all the humor. The “Modern Warfare” episode from late last season was the funniest thing I’ve seen on TV in years.

“Watch Star Trek Appears . . .”

I don’t know how to do that.


I googled “starship propulsion” and there was no AOL news article. However, on the third page of links, I found a link to this Trekweb page and your comment. Thanks for the wild goose chase.

Google News, not Google. I made that correction quite a few hours ago.

I’m sorry you went on a wild goose chase, but the correction was made within minutes of the initial posting.

Community is so much more fun and inventive than TBBT and it’s jam packed with references to tv and movies. I can’t wait for next week’s Halloween episode. Looks even better than last year’s!

And we can now add George Takei doing the intro and closing voiceovers to the Halloween “Community” episode to the list. Nice!