Rumor: No Khan For Star Trek Sequel – But Known TOS Villain

Now that scripting has started on the new Star Trek movie, we shall expect more and more rumors to crop up. Today a new one has emerged from a report citing a source that says Khan will definitely not be the villain in the Star Trek movie, but a familiar TOS character will be. More on this rumor below.


RUMOR: NO Khan – but a TOS villain

The Khan or no Khan has been one of the biggest subjects of discussion regarding the Star Trek sequel. Now a report in Badass News (from former CHUD editor Devin Faraci) says an "informant close to the production" has confirmed Khan will NOT be in the Star Trek sequel, but the villain will be a known character, quoting the source:

It’s definitely a character that will make fans of TOS excited. Think along the lines of Harry Mudd or Trelane or Gary Mitchell or the Talosians or the Horta. Actually it’s one of those that I named.

For now treat this entirely as a rumor. But if true, then it would mean that the team agrees with most Trek fans, and that Khan is not the best choice for their second film.

Mudd, Mitchell, Trelane, Talosian, and Horta – is one of these the Star Trek sequel villain?

Some thoughts

As for the rest of the list, some seem implausible as main villain. Harry Mudd is more of a potential comic relief character than a true villain, and the Horta (from "Devil in the Dark") aren’t really bad guys, just misunderstood (and with burning their messages into the ground, they don’t make very good conversationalists). Either would be interesting additions to the new Star Trek movie, but it is hard to imagine them as the main villains. 

The Talosians from "The Cage" (and "The Menagerie") could make formidable villains, with their total mind control powers. And Trelane, another god-like being (and possibly a Q), could make for an interesting villain, toying with the new crew of the USS Enterprise.

The hardest to work out would be Gary Mitchell from "Where No Man Has Gone Before". He is a very interesting character, but what made him work was that he was James T. Kirk’s best friend who was then turned into an all powerful egomaniac. However, he was no where to be seen in the 2009 Star Trek, with Bones filling the role as Kirk’s best friend. And to introduce Mitchell as a friend and then turn him into an angry god-like villain just seems too much like a remake, something the filmmakers said they wouldn’t do. That being said, there is potential there.

But again this is still just a rumor so too early to tell.



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Talosians….that way, Pike can be in the sequel!

We should keep a list. These rumors could be worth a laugh when the movie gets released.

My guess will be harry mud…..

I don’t think they would use an entire species as a villian for the next movie. That rules out Talosions or Horta. I couldn’t really see a whole movie on Trelane at this point, (all comedy, not very sinister), and not Harry Mudd for the same reason. My money’s on Gary.

It would be nice seeing the Talosians again.

I hope it’s Gary Mitchell….lots of potential there….after all, how can a “God” be killed by a falling boulder?

God oh god

I’m glad it’s not Khan!

I’m thinking Talosians… It would be cool to see them… and Pike could be there too. That would be really nice to see, It’d be great to have greenwood too. He’s probably my favourite charcater in the entire movie.

Trelane? Please not Trelane.

I guess EVERY tos character will be rumored to be in it.

Gary Mitchell all the way!

Some form of Matrix/Inception dream world mind f*ck Talosian style?

The Enterprise flung to the far reaches of the galaxy and beyond resulting in a crewmember becoming super human and threatening to destroy everyone with his god like powers?

Trelane… may as well be Q instead.

Horta? lol

Harry feckin Mudd as the villain? haha good one.

Bring on the Horta…YES!!!!

Personally, methinks this is rumor-mongering. The writers are creative enough to not have to rely on a vintage villain.

Gary Mitchell is going to be hard to cast. I vote Edward Norton.

Is that Anthony’s entry for the Star Trek 2 logo contest?

Talosians would make the most sense from a timeline standpoint if it is now roughly “13 years” earlier from season one of TOS. (When Spock and Pike served together on the Enterprise.)

And plot elements of The Cage would make for a great movie. Then at some point in the future, we could be treated to a movie version of The Menagrie side of the story.

And yes, we get more Bruce Greenwood.

They have the license to do whatever they want and take it to directions unknown to anyone, yet, this is what they came up with?

Originality is truly dead in Hollywood then?

I would hope it’s Gary Mitchell…or the Talosians…Harry Mudd would only be good as a supporting character in the context of a much larger story…

My money is on Trelane…. but the others are very good choices. I never really though of Harry Mudd as a villian though. Perhaps in Mudds Women but….. After he showed up in I, Mudd, he was more of comic relief but in a good way that I liked to see him. Roger C. Carmal was perfect in that role in that episode…. if only they would have the 500 Stellas in the new film for Harry Mudd.

Speaking of Harry Mudd, that was one tasty drink at STTE, especially if you got it in the Phaser shot tree they sold. The 5 shot tree, of course.

Good. No Khan, he should be left untouched.

The Talosians would be great, because it would mean cerebral, reality-twisting, philosophical Trek… And that would be pretty sweet!

I hope it’s NONE of these! I really hope these are just rumors, and the creative team came up with something new.

Ahem, they should also keep the James R. Kirk typo.

they said that it’s not about the villain, so it could be a minor threat, like harry… or a friend in the end, like the horta :D

No Kahn. If the rumor is correct, this is good news indeed.

I will flip if it’s him. I HATED him. D<

Honestly, I would love to see where they might be able to go with the Trelane aspect, especially considering that Rodenberry did make a side comment years ago that Trelane might have been a baby Q (for an expansion on that theme, read Peter David’s Q-Squared) and it would be fun to see what Kirk and Spock might make of it…I do agree that Mudd and the Horta seem to be McGuffins and that mainly leaves the Talosians and Trelane as the forerunners.

Seriously ?…… Really? … Wow … if “Harry Mudd” … the story is not about the villain for sure, because this guy is a joke, is not ?…. Trelane? Horta ?…. … Producers are wanting me say “Khaaaan,” is that guys ?…. HAHAHAHAHA !…. okay then I’ll say “Gary Mitchell” … or maybe “Talosians “…. LOL!…..WHATEVER!

talosians, pike … thats where i hope we’re headed. but really, i think its going to be good no matter what they come up with. they are a very creative team.

My money is on Kor.

Pike is already in a Wheelchair, why not it makes sence. The enterprise takes Pike along for a shake up cruise when they come across the Talos system then we all know what happens next…..

I wonder if Bob is pissed there is a informant leaking info :)

I think Trelane could be an excellent villain. Sure Campbell was goofy and campy in the role, but the character could be a formidable opponent. The Talosians are also quite a good idea.

I’m guessing Talosians. The mind control thing always has potential in a society of people that likes their minds to be under control.

Plus, what a temptation they could provide to the Vulcans.

Talosians look to be the best bet. Considering we haven’t seen them since TOS Season 1 maybe it’s about time we saw them again.

orci is too busy photoshopping vulcan ears on to chicks using his new ipad to care about the info leaks.

with a top tv show and all these movies, he’s got to be one happy guy.

During production of the first movie, didn’t one of the SC already say that they envision Steve Buscemi as Mudd?


Interesting. As soon as I read the above article, I figured it would be the Talosians because of Inception’s popularity. Then I read down through the posts and #13 Flake has the same idea…”Some form of Matrix/Inception dream world mind f*ck Talosian style?”

That’s GOTTA be it!

…and, not to fan the Shatner flames, but you DO realize, that by depicting mad dreams on screen, it leaves a huge opportunity to have the Talosians f*ck with the new young Kirk by having him see and believe himself (in a very realistic fantasy/dream) to be old, withered and weak? Cue the Shat!

Err, sorry Bill, no offense!

Please, let it be none. Either that, or borrow the name – think Harry Mudd, but twisted and sick, like Heath Ledgers Joker.

What if they did a new version of the Romulan War? Or a new of The Balance of Terror episode? They could have an updated version of Spock’s speech describing 22nd Century technology. That could be a nod to the Enterprise series.

Killer Horta’s in Outer Space! Yea, that’s the ticket! But seriously folks, it’s the Talosians all the way baby! The most potential to build a back story and with their mind control, endless possiblities, and YES, Capt. Pike would be there most definately! Trelane….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..Mudd…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Mmmm, horta! I love greek food!

Talosians, please! How could you fail to write a good story with an adversary that can alter your whole perception of reality? More of a challenge than your average knobbly-forehead alien.

If the Klingons are involved, Kor is the most likely choice.


That would be awesome, reminds me of those classic outer limits episodes.

Dreams are awesome in the big screen, can do some crazy stuff.

I wouldn’t rule out Khan just yet. At least not till we hear it from the horse’s mouth. This is all pretty silly, designed to get tongues wagging. I mean, Trelane? Harry Mudd? Two overrated characters, though I suppose Trelane ALONG with Q might work. Though we already have seen about two dozen episodes dealing with all-powerful beings already. Harry Mudd I found to be incredibly annoying. If they are going the comedy route, which I really hope they aren’t, I suggest they cast Harry Ballz!

Also, let’s not forget about the Klingons. They’re the elephants in the room.

Overall, Trelane, Mudd, Mitchell, Talosians and the Horta aren’t villains, and are probably mentioned more for being potential supporting or minor characters. There is as much a chance we will see them as we will see Andorians, Gorn or Tholians.

I think they should bring in Gary Mitchell. But not as a villain. The only reason he became a villain was because of his exposure to the galactic barrier. If they do that it will be too much of a remake as was mentioned.

I think that Trelane might actually work. Think of what the special effects for the knew movie could show with his “magic tricks.” I think it might be cool.

I still think that they should use Klingons. Kor, Kang and Koloth would be neat.