First Teaser Trailer For Star Trek: Infinite Space Browser Game

Last month Gameforge announced their first Star Trek free-to-play browser games will be "Star Trek – Infinite Space” – set in the the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine timeline. And today they released the first trailer, check it out below


Infinite Space Trailer


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Any word on playable factions? Dominion?

What a shocker.

So a pre-rendered space battle is supposed to be a trailer for a browser based game?

Either they’ve got the most advanced browser and gaming development platform in the world, or they’re just making something i see on scifi-meshes on a fairly regular basis…

Trailer should demonstrate the game, NOT just some flashy space battle.

Yeah, exactly. That shows me nothing about the game, how it’ll play, nothing. It just tells me that its during the Dominion War, and nothing else.

Must every licensed Star Trek game take place amid a bunch of Deep Space 9 interstellar war nonsense? Why no TOS?

Was that made by The Light Works? Has that kind of feel to it. Very nicely done, even if, as others have pointed out, it doesn’t really tell you much about the game beyond which factions are involved.

The BSG game was very similar. Cool, flashy video, but what the actual game would be like was left a mystery. Good for getting people talking, though.

As a 90 second mini-movie, it looks great. Not too keen on the game though.

Why the EFF does everyone feel the need to make the Klingons bad guys??!?!?! It was a bad idea in season 4 of DS9, it was a bad idea in STO, and it’s a bed idea here.

I agree with #5 — give us some TOS gameplay. Better yet, give us some first person kinda stuff. There are already WAAAAY too many space battle games out there.

(steps off soapbox)

Sweet trailer, but will the game look that good? Either way, I’m excited for it. XD Summer 2011 seems very far away. :(

I know it makes for great dramatic effect, but whatever happened to having those pretty useful shields?

Was this ever explained in DS9 or did they just leave it out?

At #8

Did you forget about TOS? The Klingons were introduced into Star Trek as bad guys. They were represented as bad guys in all the TOS movies.

They were made allies of the Federation only at the end of ST:VI and that was because TNG made them allies to play along with the 80’s feel of “everything has to be diplomatic.”

DS9 returned Klingons to their original roots. I loved it when that happened. It showed that anything can happen in DS9 and that war can tear friends apart. They became allies again anyways. I don’t see the problem.

Who made the decision that Federation ships can’t hang in a firefight?

The advertising campaign makes me say nothing but this:

Evony: the Star Trek Version.

Star Trek Wars!!!

Shields Up! ????

What ever happened to missions of exploration? I’m sure good games could be written and played out in diplomatic role playing. There is more bloodshed evan for the Preater’s taste

Um, you guys complaining do realize this is a TEASER trailer, right? They’ll show gameplay later….

I highly doubt the game will look that good, but I can hope. :)

Anyone remember Star Trek 25th Anniversary or Judgement Rites? Those were the best. Too bad Secret of Vulcun Fury was never finished. If only someone made a game like those with today’s technology.

Hopefully, by the time we have warp-speed vessels with ftl photon torpedoes, we’ll also be smart enough not to group up in a battle like particularly dumb chickens.

Oh, lighten up Francis! What is wrong with a little starship battle for fun?

WOW those Galaxy Class ships didn’t stand a chance! XD

I like the sound effects. It is kind of Star Wars sound with real Star Trek visuals. (not JJ Abrams Star Wars weapons and “Shields” but the speed of light beams and egg shell glow-when-hit shields that we know and love)

If its Infinite Space, why are we fighting over it….

Idk kinda neat, but looks more like a cgi reel like was said above.

To bad Star TREK is now Star Battles, Shooting, and ‘Splosions.

I really don’t mind blowing stuff up, but why oh why can’t we go back to the INTERPLAY model from 20 years ago and do games like 25th Anniversary or Judgment Rights. When will someone like TELLTALE GAMES get the license ?

Wow, I wouldn’t want to be on a Galaxy class ship when a 20 year old Klingon ship blows the heck out of it.


It’s a teaser, not a trailer. It did everything it needed to.

I agree, nine out of ten star trek games have been space battle based. And how have they done…..not so good. I really don’t care what time frame it takes place durring, but give me some problem solving, some first person, some indepth story were you figure out a mystery. Then if space battle is a componant of that mystery (fighting someone who has a logical reason to gaurd a place you need to get to, or a clue you need to have).

I’m thinking take Chain of Command, Best of Both Worlds, and The Chase and throw them all together into a game. the elements presented in those episodes would work very well as a template for a game. then include ground elements, space elements, first person elements, and third person elements, and you have a spectacular game.

Did you know the original title for War and Peace was War what is it good for?

Nicely done little teaser.

This might be semi-off-topic, but have any of you been playing Fallout New Vegas? Have you ran into Michael Dorn or Rene Auberjonois’ characters yet? :)


I have that book! It’s sitting right next to my coffee table book about coffee tables.


See, this is the kind of space battle they had in DS9 and that they should have x 100 in the next Star Trek movie. Because it would rock.

Okay, anyone from the ST sequel reading this?

Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

Total piece of crap! This is the best they can do? My grandmother could create a better game.


Just like a lot of you have said, the graphics for the preview are likely a lot better than what we will see in the actual game. And someone needs to do a console game that includes exploration, shipbuilding, diplomacy and space and land battles. Do a game for ENT/TOS/TOS movies, than do a sequel that is set during the TNG era. Well, that is my wish! Doubt it will happen thouugh.


I’m sure someone said that exact thing, oh, about sixteen years ago!

Some things just never change. :-)

The best Star Trek game I have ever played is called Mass Effect

Well its free to play right? so why exactly are people complaining about this based on this teaser.

I think this trailer is beautiful, no matter what the game is going to be like. Its a space battle. I can’t complain…..although I do believe that the Cardassian ships make the decloaking sound when they come out of warp….problem.

Starships are gigantic, slow moving submarines, not fighter planes. Yawn…

A teaser still normally shows you a tease of ACTUAL GAMEPLAY.

They might as well have showed an episode of DS9, would have accomplished the same thing.

It’s a browser game so nobody can possibly expect it to be any more complex then Space Invaders.

D-A-C will be high end game compared to this crap.

@ #10

THANK YOU! Finally someone else brings up the thing that always bothered me about DS9! There were as far as I know almost no visual appearances of shields!

Zzzzzzz UUM makes better trailers than this and it’s a fan mod. Infinate Waste seems more appropriate.


I don’t remember if it happened with the other races, but it was established early on that the Jem Hadar weapons could penetrate shields.

how about a RPG , similar to Mass Effect, except its STAR TREK. How about that you horrible Viacom !

Should be in 3D.


DS9 was hardly nonsense. Sorry you couldn’t see past a war ARC.

Can someone please make a MMORPG Star Trek exploration game where you can seek out new life and civilizations? Sorta like Dungeon and Dragons where you level up your character and find treasures etc.

If I wanted to see things explode I will play cod or star wars.

DS9 I couldn’t get into, too much war and never really enjoyed the Bajorans or Cardassians. I didn’t like the design of the space station nor the Defiant, I doubt GR would have liked DS9.

All Hail TNG and TOS!

what side will i choose? STO, of course…


lol, I don’t think GR would have liked it either but that doesn’t stop it from being the most interesting series of them all. It tried to do something new, and for those who wanted something different, it succeeded.