Photo & Videos From Chris Pine’s Unstoppable Premiere + New Casting Rumor: Pine as The Flash?

Last night stars and crew of Chris Pine’s new movie Unstoppable came to Westwood, CA for the big movie premiere. We have photos and videos below, plus the latest Pine casting rumor: Chris up to be The Flash?



Unstoppable Premiere


"Unstoppable" stars Chris Pine, Rosario Dawson and Denzel Washington at premiere October 26th

Chris Pine at "Unstoppable" premiere October 26th

Chris Pine at "Unstoppable" premiere October 26th

Pine poses next to poster for "Unstoppable"

Trek fan and Pine’s "Unstoppable" co-star Rosario Dawson shows off her dress


Unstoppable stars and director talked to MTV about most heroic feats

AP report from the premiere

E! interview with Chris – talks about dealing with new stardom

More video:

Unstoppable hits theaters November 12th.

Another Pine rumor: the next Flash?

It seems that these days whenever there is a big movie being cast, Chris Pine’s name invariably gets mentioned in the lead up casting buzz. The latest is for the upcoming comic book adaptation of The Flash, with Screenrant reporting that Pine’s name is one of many rumored to in the running. The Flash is due in 2013, so there could be room in Chris’ schedule after he shoots the Star Trek sequel and Moscow (the next Jack Ryan movie) in 2011, but can Chris take on three franchises?

Photos: WireImage

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definitely has the “jim kirk” look going with his hair here

Why not? Rather him than the franchise eating monster Christian Bale.

Pine’s head sure is big. (in the literal sense)

denzel washington should definitely be in the trek sequel. He’d be an awesome captain of another ship.

ya his head is pretty big & egg shaped!

Let’s see now….this means Pine would be playing Kirk, Ryan and The Flash in each of the franchises. That would mean he would be going non-stop from each of these three roles to the next, with no time for other film work over, say, the next 10 years. Huh!

Rosario Dawson would make a good addition to the next trek movie… Hell, make Denzel Gary Mitchell. LOL

How did Chris go from that metrosexual look in Details magazine last week his impersonation of Megamind this week?

Dude, how about mixing in a trip to Supercuts on your way to a major premier that you are starring in next time???

Hey Chris is looking pretty Good. I Hope he gets the role of The Flash. He is a A List as far as im concerned. That will only help Trek out more and more. Miss Dawson. Meeeeowwwww. Can you say HOT!!!!!!!!

I think the majority here prefer CP looking as Captain Kirk…..CAPTAIN FINE!…About The Flash….I think it’s just a rumor…CP isn’t a big fan of spandex! …LOL!

6… That assumes the next Jack Ryan movie is a hit. The odds of that aren’t good. The only two real hits were “Red October” and “Patriot Games”, and this next movie isn’t even based on a Clancy novel. Low expectations should be the order of the day.

Yeah, maybe its just the hairstyle and/or the lighting, but it looks to me like Mr. Pine is going to be asking Mr. Shatner where he gets his toupees in the not too distant future.

Anyone else think he looks like a young DiNozzo from NCIS?

OMG!….CP is absolutely GORGEOUS!…and please CP keep your sixt sense alert….if you understand me…LOL……..I need to watch Unstoppable and have fun with great actors!!!

Nice Eleventh Doctor hairstyle there, Chris!


Ironically, his hair here is more Kirk-like than that fake blond/strawberry blond thing he had going on in the movie.

That my friends is one Biiiiiig do!

Jeeeez. He could play Kirk and a Talosian all at once in the next movie, eh?


Megamind?… how dare you?… LOL …. just because he is a great actor …. LOL … but CP is wonderful anyway!!!


i agree! plus, i believe rosario dawson is a trek fan.


I agree about the giant head. Why does it look so huge? And why is it so noticeable here and not in any of the other pics or movies even? Has to be a funhouse mirror or something. He looks like that megamind pixar character.

Great actor but DAYAM!

Wow he’s looks amazing very Kirk like:)

Totally HOT!!!!!! Handsome & charismatic, the perfect James T. Kirk! Chris always looks great IMO!

Chris looks his lovely self, despite wearing formal wear with a tie. I HATE ties! Lose the ties! They always have a way of making even the best looking appear a little dorky. He looked very nice, comfortable wearing a brown three-piece suit minus the tie when he was filming This Means War and oh then there was the picture of him wearing the dark blue shirt. I don’t think I can recall ever seeing someone look just so yummy in blue!

Damn computer – sound not working again so I do not know what was said on the video clips…:( Waiting for my son, the “tech genius” to return.

Well, the greater the success on his part, the greater the chance that he will not need to return to Star Trek after his contract is up.

I have mixed feelings about this, since I think that the character of Kirk is closely tied to who plays him.

Nevertheless, if Pine leaves after the third Trek movie, there is precedent for recasting Kirk yet again as found in the multiple versions of James Bond in the immensely successful entertainment franchise of that name.

The names of those who have played Bond in the official movies?

Sean Connery
George Lazenby
Roger Moore
Timothy Dalton
Pierce Brosnan
Daniel Craig

Also, notably David Niven in the Bond parody, Casino Royale (1967) which, by the way, was a gargantuan mess of a movie.

Thus far, there have been only two actors who have played the adult-aged Kirk in the official movies.

Will there soon be contentious disputations about who was the “best Kirk” akin to who was the “best Bond”?

Metrosexual? Megamind? Supercuts? Please explain what these words mean and how they apply to Chris Pine exactly.

I now have sound. What a sweetie Chris is, but he does say some odd things at times…:) I hope his parents liked the movie. So cool, all of this.

I can picture him as The Flash……I had always pictured Ryan Reynolds but theres no way they’ll cast him now as he is now the Green Lantern, not to mention Deadpool

Rosario is in most of the movie? Oh yea, I am definitely going to see it now.

Chris Pine has the same quite confidence that William Shatner had in “The Original Series” when he played Kirk. You can see it in his eyes and gentle smile. :-)

He’s in danger of over-exposure.


Only if he puts out a sex tape made at PineWood Studios!

Number 11 all of the Jack Ryan movies were hits, The last one Sum of all fears actually made the most money out of all of them.
Jack Ryan is a popular character, no matter who is playing him. There is no reason to believe that a Jack Ryan film staring chris pine wouldnt be a hit as well.

It is kind of funny though that after the next ryan film. Jack will have been played by the actors who played Han Solo and Capt Kirk respectively

I think that after star trek XIII pine and the rest of the cast decide its time to move on,rather than recast kirk and the other roles again. Move on to another point in trek history. would love to see star trek movie series based on 1701 B or 1701 C crews.

Pine isnt the only one i see bolting after Star Trek XIII

The one i see as most likely to bolt is Zoe Saldona, you could actually argue that Zoe is the biggest star of the new cast.

I just dont see Zoe sticking around to play Uhura( for more films after her contract is up. even if they beefed up her character to a more prominant position.

Anton Yelchin I also see not sticking around past his contract as well.
His portrayal of Kyle reese in last summers T4 was one of the better parts of the film, and he was a serious contender for the part of peter parker in the spidey reboot for a time.

Karl Urban while i think he would probably be up for being in more trek films considering how much affection he has for it, and the fact he is the only cast member or the new cast to attend conventions (outside of the 1 big one in vegas) after his contract is up, is also on a pretty fast track right now as well.

SImon Pegg,and John Cho probably could be easy enough to convince to do another trek film, as would Zach i think
But Chris,Anton and especially Zoe just dont see them willing to stick around especially if JJ and crew move on after star trek XIII as well.


Also, did someone just call Christian Bale a franchise eating monster? Seriously? Why? Because of the Terminator movie that would have sucked even more if he hadn’t tried to change the script? That Christian Bale? The one who’s played the most interesting of the Batmans and helped give the franchise new life? THAT Christian Bale? One of the most respected actors of our time Christian Bale? Seriously?

Why should any of the new cast “bolt” from doing Star Trek? Have they ever given any indication that they are not happy being part of the Star Trek reboot and sequels? If each movie is as successful as the last one, why should they want to “bolt”? It is more assured work and income, something most other actors would love to know that they have, especially in recession times.

Clearly, they have been free to do other work so they have not been inhibited by being contracted to do Star Trek sequels, either creatively or in terms of earnings.

Zachary Quinto also attended many conventions with Leonard Nimoy as well.

Chris Pine as The Flash can only help Star Trek – Comic book movies if done well are a huge huge deal for the actor playing the lead (Bale’s Batman, Downy Jr’s Iron Man to name but two) which can only boost profiles – someone who may not have seen Star Trek’s 1 and 2 may want to see Star Trek 3 – then catch up on 1 and 2 because they saw Pine as The Flash.

This is why although Avatar in the long run kinda blew – it’s popularity and what it’s done for Zoe Saldana’s career will also only benefit Star Trek in 2012.

People flock to see certain people rather than the actual movie. Had Star Trek in 2009 had a few more recognisable faces, it would have probably done better, Globally anyway.

How tall is Denzel???If Pine is six feet tall than Denzel must be 5’8 or 5’9…
I thought he was something like 6’2!!!!

Gawd the definition of blue eyes…..

8. lol haha….Megamind…that’s a good one

# 25- keachick

Really? … So let’s see …

Metrosexual = like the guy that CP played in the Details magazine photoshoot and as soccer players David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo uber metrosexual now, finally a guy who spends more time in front of the mirror that his own girlfriend.

“Megamind” = a DreamWorks character, look for his image and you’ll understand…. I actually think the guys got very jealous of the size CP’s head! … LOL .. LOL!
CP himself makes jokes about it! … Chris is awesome definitely!

About CP’s sense of humor, he answered questions about “24 hours to Live” Maxim Magazine / November:

What are Trekkies saying over your casket?



Is Chris actually taller then Denzel, or is he just closer to the camera in that first picture. I mean, that would make for one tall dude, and I didn’t think he was that tall. (maybe his head is just super tall and towers over Denzel and Dawson)

Does his head look overly big to the rest of his body!?!
I’m cool with him as “THE FLASH”, if he wants it.

OK A little biology here: I believe that the male of the species does not stop growing completely till they reach their early to mid thirties. (It is different for women.)

Chris has clearly inherited his father’s tallness. A recent picture of the two of them showed Chris to be slightly taller but not by much. He has also inherited the fairer skin and blue eyes from his dad a long with other subtle features. He is definitely his father’s son.

However, Chris is also his mother’s son, in that he has inherited her petite, narrower body, a combination of which gives him the tall, lean, narrow body shape. He needs to grow into his body a bit more, but also has to be careful not to fill out too fast. As he does this, the size of his head will look more in proportion with the rest of his body.

Neither of his parents are overweight and look pretty fit and healthy so that is a good omen for Chris. It’s all in the genes, or is it jeans!

(Until now, I never noticed Chris as having a (literally) biggish head).

#43 keachick

Yes! … actually CP is perfect for me in his imperfection….LOL .. Or better I like what I see. … These comments are nothing more than b *****…. There’s always someone “must” do a joke! .. CP is great and certainly because of this bothers some people …. This is not serious, of course!

Let it be! ….There are more people who think he’s AWESOME! LOL!

@20: I think the cut and texture of his suit just makes his body look narrower in those pics. I think I read somewhere that wearing clothes that have big blocks of solid color (like the yellow shirt and black pants TOS uniform) make your silhouette look chunkier; stripes and textures and such break up your body shape and give the illusion of being taller / leaner.

OK, there’s my metrosexual moment of the evening. :)

Rosario Dawson for Captain Mara in the next Trek movie! She’s a badass, she already speaks Klingon — it’s friggin’ kismet!

Wow look at those eyes i would have chosen him anyday over that vulcan
poor confused uhura

46. meme

“Wow look at those eyes i would have chosen him anyday over that vulcan
poor confused uhura”

Well everybody is not attracted to “those eyes”. Quinto looks ten times better than Pine. The Vulcan was hot – Kirk was not. So Uhura made the…logical choice!

Uhura should choose both Kirk and Spock and thus cause confusion in the Enterprise! … LOL!!!

# 47 uhurafan

Uhura should choose both Kirk and Spock and thus cause confusion in the Enterprise! … LOL … it would be funny!

#46 & #47 Look into those eyes again, do we see the next SUPERMAN!