Watch William Shatner Dance With Jimmy Kimmel + Video Of Bill Dressed As Kirk In 1968 Parade

William Shatner, Star Trek’s original James T. Kirk, was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and during the interview he talked about his love for Dancing With The Stars, and proved it by dancing with Jimmy. Watch the video blow, plus a bonus vintage video of Shatner from a parade in 1968.


Shatner on JKL – Bill Dances with Jimmy

Star Trek’s William Shatner was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, where he talked about his sitcom, turning 80 and more. Bill also revealed his love for the ABC series Dancing with the Stars. Unfortunately for DWTS fans, Bill said that even though he loves the show, he couldn’t fit appearing on the show into his schedule, but he did take the time out to dance with Jimmy. Watch the interview below (the dancing is in part 3).

Bonus Vintage Shat Video – Bill in Kirk uniform in 1968 Parade

And if you want some classic Shatner, the University of South Carolina Library site has a video of Bill from the Columbia, SC Christmas Parade in 1968. Shatner is seen in the black and white video (without sound) waving from a car, and wearing his Star Trek costume, with the sign "Captain Kirk" on the car. Check it out at the website.

Bill at 1968 Christmas parade (Click to see video)

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wow that 1968 footage – feels like some Area 51 top secret footage or something out of an old twilight zone ep where Kirk has landed Tomorrow is Yesterday style to take the place of JFK

It’s still hard to believe Shatner’s going to be 80. I think he truly believes that if he stays busy enough, he’ll never die. I’m convinced there must be some inverse relationship between ego and aging. Long live the Shat.

Wow! Cool footage. Kind of eerie seeing, not William Shatner, but Captain Kirk in the late 60’s. Seems like someone could build a temporal anomaly episode around it….if there were a Star Trek series still on TV. The opening teaser: the science officer of a starship discovers and shows the “video that can not exist and yet does” to his captain.

“Do you realize what you’re saying?”

“I do indeed. And I have verified the authenticity of the footage, sir. It is Earth in the deep south, circa 1968. And that is…Captain James T. Kirk.”

…Fred Steiner music stinger

…fade to credits.

How many “in character” live appearances did Shatner and other cast members do? That sort of thing doesn’t seem to be done much anymore, although the BSG cast in costume doing the Top Ten List on Letterman comes close.

The crowd watching the parade in the Shatner clip aren’t exactly hopping up and down with glee at the sight of their hero…

80…… I hear it, but I just can’t see it (Or believe it).

Nice, film footage from 68, you can tell Shat needed some shades, it must have been bright that day.

Previous to this, it was known that Leonard Nimoy appeared in Oregon in costume. And it’s interesting that Shatner did so also during the time of trek’s third season. I believe he also appeared in costume on a variety show or was it the Mike Douglas Show?

LOL. Its the kirk-mobile.

Leonard Nimoy also appeared on the Carol Burnett show as Mr. Spock.

Sure, Miss South Carolina and Saint Nicholas get special parade floats – but the famous Capt. Kirk has to roll around in a ’68 Pontiac…

Do you think it at least had a “My Other Car is a Constitution Class Starship” bumper sticker?

Wooh Bill in a 69 GTO Judge.

Shatner is a BLAST…!! He IS the show…!!

He is the entertaining entertainer…!! He LEADS…!!

He is the leading man even when he is the interviewed…!!!

Shatner is at his eighties and he is at his BEST…!!!

Does someone “DARES” to disagree…?!? ;o)

All my best to him and all his fans (like me)

I seem to recall, when I was a youth, seeing a Thanksgiving parade broadcasted on television with Mr. Shatner in costume on a float. If I recall correctly, he was standing in an upside down, oversized Uncle Sam hat. (Bullwinkle: Hey, Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat.)

Interesting that Shatner would be riding in a GTO, since that was reportedly one of his favorite cars of the era.

Shatner appeared in the Kirk-shirt as recently as 1976, in an episode of the Saturday morning version of “Hollywood Squares”, “Storybook Squares”, that ran on NBC for a short time. IIRC, he was the center square, but I only seem to recall his being called on twice in that episode (I was working for an NBC affiliate in Juneau, Alaska at the time).

He did cameos as Kirk in ABC’s “Fridays” around 1980 or thereabouts, and also on a fourth-season “Mork and Mindy” episode in 1982 – Mork and Mearth are beaming down from Ork and Kirk – wearing a starfleet-style smoking jacket and carrying a champagne bucket – accidentally beams down with them. He quickly beams back up and Mork shouts up after him, “Wait – you forgot to tell us if Spock dies!”

The Nimoy-in-costume-in-Oregon story is well known, going all the way back to the Whitfield book – he was mobbed at the end of the parade and rarely, if ever, appeared in public in costume thereafter, although he did have to go to the dentist in costume once.

Exellent time trip! yes we WILL see mashups of the kirk video.

@15. Here is a photo of Lonard Nimoy in costume at the parade.

Oliver Stone better not get any ideas from this.

I can’t seem to bring up the parade clip.

Let’s not forget Shatner in TOS shirt on SNL in December 1986. The sketch: Star Trek V– The Restaurant Enterprise.

I would love to again see the “Storybook Squares” shows of Hollywood Squares with Shatner in Kirk tunic. If I recall, there were at least two weeks of these shows. His uniform was baggy –his toupee was bad–and did a disservice to the role he made famous, but it still was a treat to see him in uniform almost ten years after the original series ended. I can only surmise that he’s had hair plugs since or hired the Bosley club to fix him up right. His hair looks good on the new Kimmel appearance, and he may have lost a few pounds.

Kimmel vids(3) are work, but parade footage gave me some library won’t load message and it goes nowwhere. :(

15 – anyone got a link to that Mork segment? cant find it on utube.

a good idea for a thread would be apperances of TOS cast in uniform outside any Trek – videos and pics

e.g. – Shatner – Hollywood squares, SNL, Mork&Mindy, UK Powergen advert etc

#15 – “…a fourth-season “Mork and Mindy” episode in 1982 – Mork and Mearth are beaming down from Ork and Kirk – wearing a starfleet-style smoking jacket and carrying a champagne bucket – accidentally beams down with them. He quickly beams back up and Mork shouts up after him, “Wait – you forgot to tell us if Spock dies!”

I would love to see that.

I’m thinking the traffic brought down the server

I believe I saw Shat on a float in a parade on a float as Kirk a trek themed one with the original theme song playing. Shat was in the middle waving not sure if it was the Macy’s thanksgiving Parade.

#5 – Ah Harry, didn’t you see that a couple of fans ran out into the parade and shook his hand?

1968. What a screwed up year. Vietnam was at the height of its insanity, civil rights marches and riots, the country had suffered the assasination of two major political figures, we had just elected Nixon as president and yet somehow…somehow… we held it all together.

Seems like the America of 2010 could certainly learn a thing or two from that year.

And with that, i’m skating dreadfully close to getting smacked by Anthony for being political. So i’ll close with I GROK SPOCK!

Harry, you are losing your touch my friend. I had to trawl all the way down to No 5 post to find you! 8-p

3: I always thought it was a pity they never did an episode where there’s a transporter malfunction and the characters switch places with the actors.

#29. Wasn’t that the premise of an early fan fiction? I’m thinking it might have been one of the stories collected in “Star Trek: The New Voyages,” or whatever that first book was called.

I remember the Hollywood Squares- Shat was the top left corner.
I think there young kids as the contestants-
Shatners question was “How many miles until youre in outer space?”

“Fifty,” Shatner replied.

I remember being disappointed at his wrong answer. I think it was 200.00 for the correct response


Yeah, sorry about that, Buzz!

For a rare change I was taking a break from the insanity! :>)

That’s great footage of Shatner in 1968. There’s always something new out there. I read once he appeared, during the series run, at Macy’s flagship store in New York, also. But this is great footage.

No worries Mister- its a Shat thread, I knew you’d be here somewhere lol
Have a great weekend, by the way, whatever you are up to Harry.

Alternative reality….Kirk becomes President

Any open car parade footage from the ’60s reminds me of the Zapruder film. You;d think they’d be more careful, especially given the events of 1968.

Hey look! It’s Leonard Nimoy driving the car Shatner is riding in!

Don’t forget George Takei on a float that was made to look like the Enterprise D in the Rose Parade in the 1990’s

During the first season of TNG, the entire cast appeared in the Hollywood Xmas parade in costume. A friend of mine was there in person and took pix.

Wow, Columbia ponied up $796,561.05 (5MM inflation adjusted) for an appearance. Who knew….


Thanks, Buzz! You have a great weekend, too! Try to do everything I WOULD do!

39 — Post those pix!!

I see Bill got lower billing than the Shriners. bwahahaaha! Actually, it’s great to see stuff from 1968. Not absolutely everyone smoked pot and cried out about Vietnam, as in too many movies about the period. Most of us were just living a life… which is not a bad thing.

And from our “It’s News to Me” file…

Don’t think I’ve seen this before. I’m constantly amazed at the sheer body of work out there from these guys. I really don’t think either one sleeps.

No, no, that was Admiral James T. Kirk in the episode “Another Piece (Return Mission to Sigma Iotia)” during the second five year mission. To prevent further contamination after Spocko inadvertently left behind his “Macys Parades of the 1960’s” digital video collection, and Sawbones left his transtator-based communicator which could play said tapes, Kirk appeared in the uniform of his first 5 year mission.

Let them mashups begin!

If Freiberger had thought of a Parade Planet, where it’s a constant parade, I’m sure it would have happened in the third season!!

wow love the 68 footage


Gotta hand it to Shatner! In the opening intro to that clip, as he introduces himself, his diction…… clear……and CRISP! Talk about ENUNCIATION!


Btw I Love SHIT My Father Says – fits his elder personality perfectly
Will Sasso is funny, the Daughter In Law is NOT, I know its the writers,
but COME ON, you are doing great with the other 3 cast members, you
cant come up with anything good for her? I CRINGE whe she is on, so I blip forward with the DVR… she does have a nice, uh, but that is the only 2 things going for her.

Wow! No one has mentioned the Confederate Flag in the parade.
And in such a racialy mixed event.

I guess the Confederate Flag has never been issue. At least to Trek fans. Telling evidence of how our present day politics are flamed by our so called leaders.

Yes. I feel sorry that I even mentioned it.


^31. Shatner’s answer was correct according to the U.S. standard for earning astronaut wings: flight above 50 miles altitude.

scanning channels the other night to find something, anything to watch and found TJ Hooker is running again. But this time not on CBS late night but the new Universal channel. Bill looks good in HD. Of course I can’t watch that show and not recall visiting the Hooker set and meeting Mr Shatner in person. Ah, the 80’s…