Watch Patrick Stewart In Funny PSA for AJWS

Sir Patrick Stewart, Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Captain Jean Luc Picard, is not Jewish, he does support the American Jewish World Service charity, and to show his support he appears in a funny new public service announcement, along with a number of other celebrities. Watch the video below.


Stewart in video supporting AJWS

Filmmaker Judd Apatow has put together a funny PSA to support the American Jewish World Service. The video includes appearances from a number of Jewish celebrities like Jerry Seinfeld, (big time Trek fan) Ben Stiller, and Sarah Silverman (aka Rain Robinson from Voyager’s "Future’s End"), but it also has a number of non Jewish celebrities like Don Johnson and Patrick Stewart who notes "he’s not even close to being Jewish". Stewart also has a rather harsh message for those who don’t support fighting poverty and disease. 

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Sir Patrick just gave me my best laugh of the day. Second time this week, in fact.

As soon as I saw Sarah Silverman, any serious thoughts I had about this were thrown out the window (Not to mention Lindsay Lohan). If it weren’t for Sir Patrick’s bit, I wouldn’t have jumped out that window to get it back.

Harsh? No, it’s Priceless!

ZOMG Fing hillarious… right on!

When I saw the article I had my concerns but it was Funny.

Well done Judd Apatow. Sarah Silverman is a treasure and I love her non-p.c. humor. There’s one thing we can learn from Patrick Stewart. How to pronounce words. Bell ringing clarity. And by the way his “harsh” words were a joke and funny. Lindsay Lohan? Really? Okay, it’s good to see her.

Just got an idea for Judd. Think about casting Patrick Stewart in one of your comedies. Have not seen him in a comedy lately. Though Sir Patrick’s star cameo in “Extras” was riot. Sorry, I want to link it but it might be a litlle um, ‘salty” for Trekmovie. The cameo does contain a Star Trek reference at the end. Just look for it on YouTube. But Judd I think Sir Patrick has great comic timing. What do you think Judd?

6 – Anthony’s already posted Patrick’s Extras piece a couple of times. Salt n’ all.

So… why is this “not” approved by JAWS, er, AJWSJWWWJSSJA?

@ 7

Commander, you’re absolutely right about TrekMovie posting Stewart’s riotous cameo on “Extras.” So it’s not too salty. Below is the link. It’s the fifth video collected from YouTube in the article. I wonder if Ricky Gervais is a Trekker. You know he had guest part in J.J. Abrams’ “Alias.” Maybe he could play a neurotic Harry Mudd. Anyway, fellow Trekkers enjoy.

They were all ‘chai

OK yeah that was fine, I liked it. Sir Patrick killed.
But I’m sorry to say…
This was the first time Sir Patrick has shown his age, as far as I can see. For decades, he’s looked as good in the 21st century as he did in the 20th. This was the first time I’ve seen him looking much older than his TNG days. Not bad, but just older looking.
Sir Patrick Stewart rules.

I love Sarah! As for AJWS, I’d have to see whether they do something to help the beleaguered people in Gaza before I’d decide whether to contribute.

Yes, Sir Patrick Stewart rules but dude @ 10, you say he shows his age: well he’s seventy. I will argue at his age he looks great. And the people of this country could still learn from him. We need to speak the English language the way he does. Correctly, with bell ringing clarity.

Here’s a message to Sarah Silverman who got to be in Star Trek. MY LADY, HOW DID YOU KNOW I’M ASIAN?

The ‘my lady’ remark: comes from “Frasier.” By the way Kelsey Grammer had a cameo on Star Trek: TNG . See “Cause and Effect.”

John Mayer is a hoot. Jerry Seinfeld is Jewish? He doesn’t look Jewish. But it’s clear that Triumph, the Insult the Comic Dog is Jewish. That’s because of his cold nose. : )

Only one short clip of Jerry Seinfeld? Too bad.

He should have been the comedian in that TNG episode where Data goes to the Holodeck to learn how to be funny. The timing would have been about right when it aired that it would have been a ratings boost for both parties. And it would have actually been funny.

11. Anthony Thompson – November 2, 2010

Perhaps that’s a question for Hamas, why are the people in Gaza beleaguered ?

Oh, Sir Patrick Steward, you make a dark day turn into a great day.

Funny stuff. I love freakin’ Gilbert.

The video was funny, but why did Dane Cook have to be in it? :-/

Really enjoyed this. Quite funny. Would have been even funnier if Lindsay Lohan ended by being hauled off to jail by the police (“Oh no, not again!”) for yet another parole violation.

Geez, this has everyone but Mel Gibson. Too bad his part had to be cut. (“I’m Mel Gibson and I’m totally not a #@$%#&! Jew”.) The Gentile actors in this spot are charming people who mean well. But, let’s not be too naive. Most participated, at least in part, to enhance their image because they work in Hollywood, where anti-Semitism is career suicide. But no one will ever admit it, even under pain of torture.

The scary thing — the thing that my haunt you for the rest of the day — is that a few years ago before he “outed” himself, Gibson may well have participated in a PSA just like this one.