New Graphic Novel To Feature Simon Pegg the Super Hero

Simon Pegg, Star Trek’s new Scotty, has a new autobiography out, and a fictional story from that book is going to be released this month as a graphic novel. Check out details and cover below. 


Undercovers Canceled

Simon Pegg’s new autobiography "Nerd Do Well" contains a fictional story, that the publisher has decided to turn into a graphic novel about Pegg’s alter ego. Check out the cool cover (via Bleeding Cool).

And here is the synopsis:

Behold, Simon Pegg as you’ve never seen him before! Marvel as his superhero alter-ego traverses the continents in his customized Pegg Jet. His mission: to prevent the destruction of all life on earth.

A hilarious and brilliantly crafted graphic novel featuring the escapades of Simon Pegg, a ruggedly handsome superhero (with a body a bit like Brad Pitt’s from Fight Club and an almost constant thirst for Coke Zero) and his ever-faithful robotic manservant, Canterbury, as they fight to stop the world from exploding. Will they get to Hendon in time to stop evil criminal Lord Black from carrying out his plan to fire his ancient Egyptian laser beam into the sun? Will Simon finally capture the heart of flame-haired Frenchy The Scarlet Panther? And, perhaps most importantly, will Canterbury manage to provide appropriate refreshments for all visiting guests/informants? There’s only one way to find out …

The Simon Pegg graphic novel will be released digitally later this month.

Pegg’s memoir "Currently "Nerd Do Well" is only available in hard cover in the UK. You can pick it up at for £8.99 (discounted from £18.99).

Cover for Pegg’s new book

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And I’ll be picking up Simon’s book. Love his work! Shaun of the Dead in particular is bloody brilliant. (pun intended.)

I’m always looking out for new superheroes but this, well if I get it, it’s only because he played Scottie and even then I’m not really looking to get it.

Wow. I guess I should be expecting my own comic book deal any day now.

What I find interesting is the later Dragonball Z / Dragonball GT look of the cover.

I just finished Simon’s book and throughly enjoyed it. He is a fantastic writer. The story within a story was really neat. I will have to check out the graphic novel.