Promo Image Related To Star Trek Sequel?

A new promotion poster (or "something") image reportedly related in some what to the Star Trek sequel has shown up on the web. TrekMovie hasn’t been able to confirm it is anything official, but you can check it out below.


Star Trek sequel promo image?

The Star Trek sequel is planned for June 29th, and is still in the scripting phase. Today Collider has posted an image they say is a Star Trek sequel "something" that "came across the desk" of a source. They say it "isn’t from Paramount or JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot" and they "don’t know where it originates". However, they speculate it could be related to merchandising.

Click to see larger at Collider

TrekMovie has checked with sources and none have seen this image before. It was also pointed out that the size is unusual and the "stacked" Star Trek logo was mostly phased out in favor of the  "side by side" logo by the end of the last film’s campaign. However, it is possible that the image comes from someone related to Trek, maybe a potential licensee or someone who will be working on the film. That being said, it is still a cool image .

We likely won’t likely get the first official promo poster for the Star Trek sequel out of Paramount until next year. One possibility could be WonderCon 2011, which is in April. Paramount has done new posters at Wondercon in the past for the 2009 Star Trek movie. There will almost certainly be official releases related to the Star Trek sequel at or around next summer’s Comic Con in July.  

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Looks legit

Doesn’t look like an image from the first one.

Somehow, it’s not convincing me that it’s an official poster. But it does look good.

still dont like the look of the JJ enterprise, warp nacells still look way out of wack

It is probably fan made.

assuming thats the same model they used in 2009, the engineering section looks like a migit from that angle.

the enterprise looks different for some reason. Has boborci taken us to ANOTHER alternate-universe ? LOL

It’s a faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!!

Is that a lense flare shooting through “summer 2012” along the bottom?

Is that a lense flare shooting through “summer 2012” along the bottom?

I disagree about it looking good. It’s really not a good angle to view that Enterprise.
That’s one of the problems with it. There a more bad angles than good and it comes off all disproportioned and ungainly in most of them.

We never really saw the Enterprise in warp during the last movie did we? It just goes in and out of frame.

I don’t think it’s real, but it looks cool.

Whoever is the author has done their research. Enterprise’s warp nacelles are in the proper “warp flight mode” although the warp effect is strangely similar to an image generated for Pocket Books’ ST Destiny trilogy featuring USS Titan.

Still a fugly ship, no matter what the angle.

That is one of the images that were made by ILM for promotion material. It is real and it is the official Enterprise.

I don’t care if it’s fake or not. I want the sequel! And it looks great, nacelles and everything. :)

That looks like the part of the film where the Enterprise was about to jump to warp…the Enterprise part anyways.

I’m with you. Fake or not, it looks great. New desktop background. Cool!

I like the Look. I do not think is it official but it looks good. Can’t wait till it comes out. Maybe I should to a time Loop and go and see it and then come back. Hmm.


No, its real!

But really, this looks great. Real or fake, I like the design and whoever worked on it spent a lot of time making it. :D Kudos to them.

Really ?….. no no no …. I think not!

I like them, but don’t think there real. I dont they will release a post just saying Star Trek 2012.

the “stacked”/classic logo looks better, I wish they had kept it. Nothing against the one they went with for the movie, but might as well go retro.

If it IS official, I see they’ve learned nothing from all our feedback on how fake the ship looks! Blecchhh! They could EASILY do better!

Uhm, how does that ship look any more “fake” than all the other giant spaceships called Enterprise?

Cause older Trek fans hate everything new.

I like it.

I still don’t like that Enterprise as much as the original and refit versions of the Constitution Class Enterprise.

12 I think we saw it go into ‘Hyperdrive’.

The warp jump seemed to be more akin to BSG FTL drive and flying at warp seemed to be the hyperdrive effect from Star Wars.

My fave warp effect id the warp stretch and the stretched stars while at warp.

However, despite not liking these things as much as previous styles I do admit that I don’t hate these, well not as much as I did when I first saw an image of this new version of the Enterprise.

I just don’t like the nacelles of the newly designed Enterprise. They were better the way they were before.

26. Bucky2 – November 5, 2010

…or Death Stars or Imperial Star Destroyers or flying saucers or….

If it wasn’t for the “Summer 2012,” it reminds me of an image you might see for the cover of a calendar. Otherwise, agree with #8!

It’s the cover for another Ships of the Line thing right?

@16 Tobias Richter I love your work, downloaded many of your ship images, keep it up, we love it!

I LOVE the look of the new ship and the fact that the nacells are so much larger than the classic.

29. captain_neill yes I agree the refit of 1701 and 1701A will always be my favorite style, always.

27. Phaser Guy – November 5, 2010
“Cause older Trek fans hate everything new.” Lmao oh so true

I used to bemoan the fact that a LOT of the hero shots of the Enterprise (any version) or Voyager or the Defiant, were shot from an angle below the horizon of the ship, I thought the upper elevations deserved equal measure of viewing… This shot is ok, but not quite the angle I would have picked, the engine pylon is visually merging with the engineering hull… But all in all, should we bitch about new content? They could just say SCREW YOU ALL, ALL YOU DO IS COMPLAIN! Can we have an AMEN?

I hope the change the nacelles in the sequel. The only thing (on the outside) I dislike about the ship.

Oh please tell us it was all a nightmare and the Original TOS Enterprise will be back, not that lame excuse that looks like one of those cheesy early seventies rip off toys . . . .

You know, maybe using a brewery for Engineering, is not such a bad idea, since Mr. Scott likes his ‘beverages’. Probly couldnt find a modern enough whiskey distillery to fit the image, and be more appropriate.

Hey, No Prize question: how did Nero blowing up the Kelvin make the “hyperspace” effect when the Ent jumps to warp? Because all warp jumps we’ve seen just made the stars streak by really fast whist at warp. My guess? The JJ-verse warp technology, now altered by Nero’s incursion, is slightly different which creates the hyperspace effect.

Actually if you compare other Star Treks to this ‘new’ warp effect, it looks a lot like the ‘trans-warp’ effect seen in episodes of Star Trek Voyager.

A No-prize! Old school!

My biggest complaint about the Enterprise: It’s so out of balance.

You know, if only they would just kind of “re-balance” the ship a little bit. Kick the secondary hull back and space the nacelles out a bit more. It would look a 100 times better. I know they want it to look fast, and it does. But, it just isn’t…..well…..majestic.

Sorry, I know people are tired of hearing complaints about the Enterprise. It’s just a movie.

looks fan made –

…that ship is so horribly unbalanced in its design.

Looks like whoever was designing it just got bored and gave up as they got closer to the back.

And the excitement from the return of the first film comes back!

39 – alright, so here’s double-dipping from canon and non-canon sources for a No Prize anser. The Narada, a hybrid Romulan/Borg upgrade, is the basis for the technological advances in the alternate timeline. Everyone’s favourite Borg use transwarp to get around, so you could assume the Narada would have some of that kicking around, which was then pulled from the telemetry taken by the Kelvin survivors. So the warp technology on the Enterprise is kinda-but-not-quite based on transwarp (because if it was truly transwarp they’d just jump from point A to point B within a few seconds) which creates the “hyperspace” effect.

To paraphrase Comic Book Guy

Worst Nacelles Ever.

One of the coolest modern designs was the Enterprise E, Now that was a cool sleek

Very nice. Though, this is a terrible angle. Someone either recreated the image perfectly via CG or this is legit. This isn’t taken from any point of the film.

So this leaves two options:

1. It’s an incredibly elaborate fake that looks like the real deal. I’ve seen some great fan-made CG models out there.
2. It’s real, but we don’t know from where.

lacks several lens flairs.

if this is legit, I wish studios would stop releasing posters for movies with dates on them when we haven’t even finished the script! I guess it’s a vote of confidence, if it’s real.

Hasnt got the doomsday machine nor Tom Hanks as Commodore Matt Decker therefore fake.

Uh… Tobias said it’s REAL. Hello!!

#44- Agreed. Wish they had mentioned the whole Borg thing in the movie instead of just the comic book because it makes everything make sense, technologically.