Watch: Big Bang Theory Goes Gorn + Preview of Next Week’s Ep. w/ Wil Wheaton

Last night once again the nerdy CBS comedy The Big Bang Theory got dipped into Star Trek for some laughs. The episode featured a Gorn, plus inspiration from James T. Kirk’s solution to the Kobayashi Maru scenario. Watch clips below, plus a promo for next week’s episode featuring Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Wil Wheaton.


Big Bang Theory Goes Gorn

In the episode "The Apology Insufficiency" Sheldon deals with some guilt and in brings out the Star Trek.

And later in the episode Sheldon has a chat with Penny, and Kirk’s Kobayashi Maru becomes an inspiration.

And the Trek connections continue next week, with the return of Sheldon’s nemesis, Wil Wheaton. Here is a preview.

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Ya gotta love the Gorn!!

I want to ask, isn’t that the first time the Gorn’s been seen on a Primetime TV show since the 60’s. (Well, obviously excluding reruns)

Love this show! Thanks for much for the snippets, the bar scene in particular. I missed it last night!


So good!

This show rules; it’s the only regular source of new trek on tv right now.


If you don’t count that terrible CGI Gorn in Enterprise.

From one Jonathan to another Johnathan :) …

There was an episode of Enterprise that had a Gorn…but it was done with CGI and really didn’t look anything like the original…

I still love the original episode and the Gorn costume…it gets derided way more than it should be owing to the limited budget and technological restraints that TOS operated under all those years ago…

Can’t wait to watch BBT on my DVR tonight (I was visiting relatives last night).


I havt to admit this. Up untill a few weeks ago I have never seen the BIG Bang Theroy. But now I am hooked. The Gorn was just funny as hell. Can’t wait till next week with Will.

The worst part of the Gorn from TOS was not so much the costume to me as much as it was the ridiculously slow pace of the fight scenes.

Love the BBT even more!

That was a very good Gorn costume, too. I was pleasantly surprised.

Glad to see Kaley Cuoco back on BBT after her broken leg (that’s why we saw her only from the waist up behind that bar.)

Penny had previously revealed that she saw the 2009 Star Trek (and spoiled Amanda’s death for the guys who hadn’t seen it because they were at the North Pole.)

7. Capt Mike… go out and rent BBT Season 1 and 2. Both are much, much better than recent episodes (the Mars Rover incident mentioned last night was a hilarious Season 2 episode.)

I was going to mention the gorn in enterprise, but your right that was horrible.
I love the fact that his only problem with the gorn is that its his spot.

Did you notice the magazine being read by the Gorn?

i love that show dam funny

Pretty nice recreation of the Gorn suit. Anyone know if they had it made for the episode or a fan recreation they borrowed….a replica used at the Star Trek Experience.

Inquiring minds….

I love this show.

CBS had a winner with this idea: First, let’s run BBT on
Thurs nights with a lot of Trek references, then run
Shatner’s new show, SMDS right after it! We’ll have
all the Trekkies watchin’!

What genius!!

To James Tiberius Kirk! *drinks* *spits it back out for the 3rd time*

Man I love this show!

Excellent show. I’m sure I’m not alone in observing, thumbs-up to Sheldon for saying the things out loud that I think but would never dare say!!
The Shat got to wrestle someone real in a rubber suit. Bak had to roll around on the ground with an invisible opponent.

The Jar Jar Binks of Star Trek!

What you said. LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

#16, that actually is a really good Idea. You get all the Sci-Fi geeks watching other geeks on TV, and the most loved actor of fan boys every where, William Shatner, comes up after . You get the entire Trek community not to mention the Sci-fi community at large to stick around and watch double the commercials. For studio guys that’s a big seller.

Damn good looking Gorn suit! I’d love to know who made it.

The one at the late Star Trek Experience was a statue though.

Gorn! Gorn! Gorn! Need I say any more Mr Orci? :-D

This show just gets better and better….

BTW, next time you watch the show, watch the goof credits at the end of the program… each week has a different joke page… they’re irreverent and hilarious!!!

“It’s Will Wheaton, the Jar Jar Binks of the Star Trek Unvierse”

Oh god, I am dying of laughing here…..LOL

I don’t know why, but I just don’t think this show is funny.

Jar jar binks of the Star Trek universe. I’m not too sure, but I think that qualifies as an EPIC WIN.

26. jotin

One word, “Pretentious.”

But that Gorn was awesome! More evidence how TOS was always right on the mark.

That was very cool. I do hope to see a Gorn in the next movie. Does not have to be the major villain but would be great to see at least as a cameo or some kind of involvement

This show is awesome. Consistently very, very funny….and the Trek references just make it even better.

“No, Gorn, no! That’s where I sit!”

So funny!

I love Sheldon!

30. That would be good, but it can not be a CGI Gorn, that will just ruin it.

It could be a composite CGI/suited Gorn, and be awesome. BOBORCI… please? a little Gorn for us?

C’mon, a little Gorn never hurt anybody!

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