Watch Will Ferrell Sing Theme To Star Trek

Another video treat for the day comes from an ABC News interview with comedian Will Ferrell, who reveals that he began his career doing Star Trek comedy. Watch Will sing the theme to Star Trek below.


Will Ferrell’s Star Trek

While promoting his new movie Megamind, Will Ferrell revealed to ABC news that he began his stand up career talking Star Trek, or more specifically singing the theme to the original Star Trek. He demonstrates this in the video below, and also does a little of his George W. Bush talking Star Trek too.

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Lol. He is so funny. Doing Bush and Trek Together. I think they should get him a small part on the next Trek Movie. Would be fun.

Why so awesome, Will Ferrell?

Will Ferrell as Captain John Christopher in ST 2012.

Funny stuff!


Another partisan hack who perpetuates hate, featured on


Love Bush doin’ Trek!!!!



Love Will Ferrell. The Other Guys is the funniest Will Ferrell movie I have ever seen.

@6 – I couldn’t have said it better myself

… unless I actually wanted to make sense.



But enough about yourself. This talkback is about Wil Ferrell singing Star Trek.

Most overpaid guy in Hollywood…sorry, he’s a one gimmick comic, and he needs to join Jim Carrey out at the former funny guys home….or sign a contract with Disney.

Hater is about as annoying as the people who insist on using it, while explaing how tolerent they are…..

Yeah….it’s funny!!!

@6: I think that the interviewer was being facetious about Ferrell being a George Bush Republican. I think he was just joking about how Ferrell played Bush on SNL. I would be very surprised if Ferrell was a real Republican.

But even if he was, even I don’t consider *every* Republican to be a partisan hack perpetrating hate. So only you were perpetrating hate you partisan hack.

The Starfleet Common Sense

warning for trolling. You keep trying to turn non political threads into political things…stop it. The world is far more interesting when you don’t look at everything as some kind of left/right thing.

This site has one agenda…to share and enjoy Star Trek…wherever it shows up.

So back to the Star Trek aspect of this, I thought it was funny. I think that yeah, Will Farrell does kinda have the one persona he plays, but somehow he keeps it different enough for it to still be funny, at least to me.

@The Starfleet Common Sense, I’m not always a big fan of Ferrell’s Bush, but give him some credit here; he actually stayed away from the partisanship this time. Leave the outrage for times when it is deserved.

Will Farrell strikes me as someone who beleives everything he says has some insightful humor to it, then gives you that blank stare when you don’t laugh. I’m sorry, compared to the AJWS bit Sir Pat did, this was lame.

@3 Very interesting thought.

Very FUNNY ;)

Lord, I hope my son Wes never sees this!!!

To this day he still torments me with his rendition of Bill Murray’s (awful in its own right) of lounge lizard ‘Star Wars!’

Besides, Will Ferrell bugs me in the worst way!

@ 6

I agree! Blast! When will Ferrell just STOP being so hateful!? The entire time he was on SNL, my mouth would open and this awful, hate-filled sound would come out involuntarily… I mean, it sorta sounded like laughter, but it was definitely Ferrell calling forth large chunks of hatred from the core of my being. And it got worse with every movie he made! Why, that Ricky Bobby movie had me so full of hate, I could barely breath! Everyone thought I was laughing, but really, I was expelling the pure and vicious guile that only WILL FERRELL can invoke! Please, Will, STOP exposing this poor world to your vitriol! My soul is already so darkened by Ferrell, I fear I may never save it!


Look People. Comedians rip everyone. SNL went after both Clintons, Both Bushes, Palin, etc. etc.
They simply made fun of them.
As public figures, they’re fair game. Get over yourselves.

“Watch Will Ferrell Sing Theme To Star Trek.” – Do we have to?


It’s funny…I wonder how many up & coming comics have used “Star Trek” as material?

Eddie Murphy and of course Kevin Pollack come to mind…

I cannot for the life of me figure out why people think this guy is funny! He’s droll, stupid and an idiot!!!

well, at least he is an educated “idiot.”

deleted by admin


To look at the work of a comedian as partisan or even lenient towards a left or right way of thinking! That is just shameful.

It’s really sad that a society could limit itself to only two points of view.

Even sadder that it’s such an ingrained behavior, it shows up in comments on a STAR TREK message board.

As I’ve said in previous posts; please leave your quaint little belief systems at the door & post comments that are about the issues at hand.

Hey look we have our selves another troll. Maybe they should just start getting banned right away. Cause really, how do people have so little to do with their lives that they take an interview with Will Farrell singing the Star Trek theme and turn it into an excuse to bash liberals? In the words of William Shatner, “get a life!”

Haha he’s not half bad!

#6 and #32 is probably the same moron.

I’m just curious…can you really ban someone on a basically anonymous site? I mean, you put in whatever name you want to be known as, right?

Ban one name and the banned individual will just come back with a different name.

Just sayin’. Sorry for being off-topic.

The best that could happen is maybe to ban that person’s IP addy, but there’s always ways around that to. I guess at the end of the day I just have to remind my self that trolls are just sad people who probably have few to no friends out in the real world and this is the only way for them to get attention.

I remember Anthony knows when someone tries to come back with another name-is it theip address that gives em away?

@32 Troll!

Will Ferrell is always hilarious although some of the writing and actors around him are not…

Whats really freaky is how Ferrell starts to look like Bush as he does the impersonation!

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deleted by admin

Yeah, it’s the IP address, unless someone is going to the trouble to use multiple computers. It’s obviously not too bad of a problem, or you would be required to register to post.

I’m also assuming there are some filters to the site as well. I’m not a fan of the fan films (yeah, I know some people love them), and I’ve made a few posts makings comparisons to the …”mature audiences” film industry that never saw the light of day. So everyone posts are at the whim of the moderators.

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deleted by admin

Hateful?! I thought it was funny!
Surely even the most pro-Bush man in the crown can admit that he DOES sound like that, and that Will Ferrell’s remdition is hilarious because of it

lol @ Phil

Not a big Will Ferrel fan (“land of the lost”?, ’nuff said).

But I do love Jack Black & Tenacious D’s rendition of the Star Trek theme, where he sings the actual lyrics. It’s spot on and hilarious