Watch William Shatner Sing “F**k You”

Once again Star Trek’s original James T Kirk demonstrates that he is the king of all media. William Shatner was a guest last night on the Lopez Tonight and he performed a hilarious cover of the Cee Lo Green Song "F**k You". Watch the video below  


Bill’s F**k You

This week it was reported that actress Gwynth Paltrow is going to performed a tame version of the Cee Lo Green "F**k You" on the Fox show Glee, but it looks like William Shatner decided to beat her to it watch it. 

The backup singers dressed as Kirk, TJ Hooker and Ed (from  $#!* My Dad Says) were a nice touch. 


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Shat continues to astound.

What’s the story with his face? He looks like he had some surgery done.

Love the girl in the TOS uniform!

LOL!!! Gotta love The Shat’s irreverence and total lack of shame. The guy rocks! And he is great on his new show.

And he looks like he’s slimming down some. He’s lost a lot of that bloated look he had on Boston Legal.

Just brilliant !!


Thats one for my ipod !

What can I say but. Let Shat be Shat!!!.

Hmmm Shat slimming down? Getting ready to film a major motion picture next summer perhaps?

Definitely a skinnier Shat.
Cute Shattettes, too. Pity there weren’t four, so we could see a lady Dennie Crane.

Definitely lost a lot of weight. Lookin’ foxy, Shat!!

Love how the background singers represented different eras in The Shat’s career. S*#@ My Dad Says, Trek and TJ Hooker. Nice touch.

Maybe Tubby is getting ready for a cameo on the next Trek ……………..I hope it would only be a cameo .

I caught this when it aired the other night and had the biggest grin on my face. Go, Bill, go!


Not much of a singer, but perhaps that’s what makes this so good. Honestly, that man is a blast. There is nobody like the Shat. Just so cool.

He does look slimmer and healthier which is all good. I was getting a bit concerned a while back. Can’t believe that guy is nearly 80. Oh if we could all look and be that good at his age. Go William Shatner!

Probably his best tune…

Shatner looks amazing. He could pull out Captain Kirk without any de-aging.

Pure adrenalin rush. Loved it.

Where is the uncensored version of this!?!

I would like to dedicate the above song to my ex of 8 months (thank you for that and good riddance).

I’m being dead serious here……..that is one catchy tune! Love it!

Shat you are a shameless HOOT! What will you pull next! Bless you keep on Trekkin!

That’s why I think he loved that interview for VANITYFAIR! ….. remember? …. OMG! … Mr. Shatner ROCKS!! …LOL! …LOL!!!

# Vultan


Shatner looks amazing. He could be 60! Whatever he’s doing, it’s working.

Shat rocks! This man just gets better all the time. :)

I don’t know what else to say other than Shatner is God. Also, this world needs more Shatner:
(And yes I do have this picture up at work for all the world to see.)

Cee Lo is an amazing singer and this is a great tune. Shat singing it is just hilarious. Love it!

F**k, that was awesome! William Shatner is the f**kin’ best!

The Shat rules! Always has, always will. :)

The Shat continues to astound and amaze.


Shat is “The Shit”!!! That was great!