Watch: William Shatner Helps Jimmy Kimmel Declare ‘National Unfriend Day’

The notion of a "friend" has been redefined by the popular social networking site Facebook. Well Jimmy Kimmel has decided it is time to give up on your hundreds and thousands of ‘friends’ and got William Shatner to help him announce "National UnFriend Day". Watch the video below.


Jimmy Kimmel and William Shatner announce National Unfriend Day

Earlier this week Jimmy Kimmel decided that he has had it with the fake "friends" you accumulate on Facebook and has declared November 17th National Unfriend Day. He also got William Shatner to help out.

For the record, William Shatner is a user of social networks. He has a Myspace page and a personal Facebook page with 4,778 friends, and both are linked off his official website. Bill also has a Facebook fan page, which is ‘liked’ by 59,214 people. All of that is dwarfed by his Twitter account, which has 387,284 followers.

For more Bill video, here is some behind the scenes from Jimmy Kimmel Live.


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LOL. William Shatner. It’s so hard to believe he’s almost 80.

Don’t worry, I unfriended Kimmel weeks ago.

Ugh, Facebook…. I deleted my account over a year ago. I figured I could just as easily keep in touch with old friends through email without being another percentage point in a big focus group for advertisers.

It’s funny though, how people worry about a Big Brother government watching them and they then voluntarily put their whole lives online for everyone to see. Love the irony.

careful bill, I wouldnt want to see you get deleted by the fans you already have. Yes I know it’s a gimick. But if it wasn’t for the internet, we would only know him from star trek.

Oh Bill. He really will do ANYTHING won’t he, Harry.

What a buffoon. S**t My Dad Says, The F**k You Song, now this Unfriend crap. He is rapidly becoming the trailer park trash of the Entertainment industry.

I saw the Shat’s star on the Hollywood walk of fame tonight, that was cool!

You should watch the video again – I think you might’ve missed the irony…;-)

@ 6

What about Raw Nerve, Aftermath, and Weird or What? or do you only see the ridiculous side of Bill? besides, he’s just having fun while promoting for his show oh, and laughing all the way to the bank :)

By the way, I think Bill’s buffoonery started way back in the 70s, so what’s new about his behavior? just think of these as his gift to his younger fans, a some sort of a Rocketman to this generation to witness and talk about.

Just watched the vids- Bill is having to ‘raise awareness of how funny his show is’. Does the show not speak for itself? Or is that the problem- it does?

That’s awesome! I have to share it with my friends on Facebook. Oh, wait…

*Nov 17th* –> Un-friend Shatner

Gotta love the Shat.

Uh oh Shat…lookout, you’re making the Facebook farmville crowd mad! watch out or they may never help you plant some blueberries or loan you a scarecrow!

It is Shatners world, we just live in it.

crap based on that moving logic, i have no friends.

deleted by admin

I’m happy to have real friends. Don’t need thousands of fair weather aquantances. Quality beats quantity on or off the internet

Loved Aaron Sorkin’s comment on The Daily Show (or Colbert Report?).

“Social media is to socializing what reality tv is to reality.”

The audience gasped at the truth of it. And he was on the show to promote “The Social Network.” Ha!

Throw Facebook on the same heap as cb radios and Mr. Microphone.

Friending everyone is a conspiracy to make the one last person on Earth not to use Facebook feel really, really bad.


18 – Nope, I don’t feel bad at all.


Too funny. But it’s also a matter of semantics. If Facebook had called it “acquaintances” or used the Twitter term “followers” or even made wider use of “fans” I don’t think it would be as much of an issue.

Gotta give it to Shatner for continuing to work and doing an awesome job at self-promotion. He’s keeping himself relevant.

Shatner should host SNL! Oh wait, he did.

im going to FRIEND shatner on UNFRIEND day :D

it is true. a friend is much more than someone i am inviting to be my “friend” in a second and forget in the next one. in my generaton a clear definition of “friend” is in our minds, but in ghe next generation there will be possible the need to create a new word for “real friend”. and that only because of social networks. it´s a great pity!

I got responses from a few Trek people on twitter – Brent Spiner, Nichelle Nichols, Wil Wheaton, and Levar Burton all wrote back to me which was really cool.

-off topic but i needed to say this to all trek fans:
i remember seeing Generations in the theater and before the lights went down there were so many fans who grew up watching TOS and were just there to see Kirk, Scotty, and Chekov and as soon as their screen time was up, they moaned…loudly. I guess the cycle is never-ending. Die-hard TNG fans got it from die-hard TOS fans and so on and so forth. Now I guess Trek09 fans are getting it from…prime universe fans. Cant we just appreciate the fact that Trek is living on in different incarnations. I mean, its not like we’re getting the same treatment that Star Wars fans got with the horrible prequels. Trek09 is actually good and I’ve got faith that the following two movies will be even better. You dont even have to like it but jeez, could we show a little more respect to the people who are giving us new content???

I love Shatner and I don’t do Facebook.

@24 — My GF now uses the phrase “flash-and-blood friend” to make the distinction, and that always gets a guffaw out of me… it’s just like how online stores necessitated the clarification of “brick-and-mortar stores” when you tell someone you bought something at a store….

Oops, I mean “flesh-and-blood friend”

Kimmel’s got a point. Check out this funny You Tube video ( about a guy who’s fed up with Facebook. It was written by the same guy that wrote the viral YouTube video “So You Want to Go to Law School.”