Star Trek Sequel Script Still Planned For Early 2011 Completion – Not “Almost Finished”

Today there are a number of reports on the web stating the script for the Star Trek sequel is "almost complete". TrekMovie has done some fact checking and while work is currently underway by writing the team, it appears they are still targeting early 2011 for their hand-in. More details below.


Scripting still underway for early 2011 pre production start

Yesterday TrekMovie reported on comments about the Star Trek sequel made during Viacom’s Q3 earnings report and call with investors. This call was also reported on by The Hollywood Reporter, who added a note that "Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Damon Lindelof are hammering out the script as we speak. They’re supposed to deliver it by the holidays. J.J. Abrams, who is producing, hasn’t committed to climbing back into the director’s chair, but the studio definitely wants him." This bit of  detail has been picked up by a number of other sites and sourced to the Viacom call, but it was not actually part of the Viacom call (see full transcript), but added by THR.

It is true, as TrekMovie has been reporting, that J.J. Abrams has not yet committed to directing the Star Trek sequel, but this is due to the script not yet being completed. As with his first Trek, Abrams will not make the call until the script is completed. As for when the script will be done it appears that THR is still working off of an old estimate. TrekMovie reported last month that the script is expected to be completed in early 2011, and sources indicate this is still the plan. Scripting has only been underway for about a month, and just last week JJ Abrams was on the record saying that the script was just "being sort of fully outlined".

Filming for the Star Trek sequel (due in theaters June 29, 2012) is expected to start in the Summer of 2011, so there is still plenty of time for the script. Pre-production on the film should not take as long as the 2009 Star Trek feature as most of the main casting is already done, and much of the design and construction has already been completed, leaving the team to focus on the new elements.

Of course any bit of news regarding Star Trek quickly sweeps around the web so all these reports are understandable. We are all hungry for anything new. The next 19 months will be full of lots of reports, rumors, speculation, facts and more all about the next Star Trek movie, and we here at TrekMovie will do our best to bring it all to you as accurately as possible.

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Please no Khan

It’s not a finished script until someone utters the line, “Damn the Klingons, we’re going to Red Lobster before the two-fer special runs out!”

“We have a starting date…but we don’t have a script. But what the hell – a lot of people have a script and don’t have a starting date!”

– Dee Kelley on Tom Snyder’s TOMORROW show, relating what Gene Roddenberry told him about the start date for what would become STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE

Lets get this show on the road already!!

Trekker Sean reported on this site that Bob Orci tweeted “No Talosions.” It’s his November 2 post. (Link below.) This site also reported on the RUMOR that the villains would be 1) Gary Mitchell, 2) Harry Mudd 3) Trelane 4) Talosians and 5) Harvey the Horta. (TrekMovie link below.) Okay, the Horta didn’t have first names.

This is not a plea for a villain. It’s up to the writers. Great Star Trek has had stories without villains. Star Trek IV, “The City on the Edge of Forever” etc. But if they use a villain from the original series, I vote for what one Trekker called a giant blunt, I’m talking about the Doomsday Machine.

1. Bob Orci Twitter

2. TrekMovie story on rumors of the villain.


The Doomsday Machine would be a very cool concept. But so would the horta, I think.

@Basement Blogger
They should have done the Doomsday Mashine in the last flick, and skipped the whole Nero thing.


Hortas driving the Doomsday Machine. Now there’s action!

I like the idea of them finding Khan and him causing a muck during a battle with the doomsday machine

No Talosians? :( bummer. However, Gary Mitchell and/or Klingons are a close second in my opinion.

Any rumors that they’ll refresh the E to make it less… awkward?

I think we should get use to the big E as she is. I don’t think they’ll budge much on the production/art design. TPTB have already invested to much with merchandise companies

The Klingons aren’t a “close second” because we’ve seen them a BILLION times on Star Trek! Bob, if that’s all you guys can come up with that’s pretty pitiful! If we’re not going to get something original and interesting, at least use something we haven’t seen a BILLION times and likely done much better than you can do it in a two-hour movie! You guys will never outdo what Deep Space Nine did with the Klingons — or even Star Trek VI for that matter…

The first being more Spock driven… Gary Mitchell fits in with the idea of making the second movie’s villain, deeply personal to Kirk. Without introducing Khan, who really has no connection beyond initally being defeated and becoming unfinished business in old age. If we’re drawing the Nolan Batman/Joker nemesis parallel, Mitchell is as much a psychological threat as one who develops extraordinary abilities.

@5 Weird, since there’s double meaning to “primo” when Bob answered that someone was his cousin. But I think GJ was his cousin’s initials, and not code for “Giant Jaw”. :)

@8 Hortas would be EATING the Doomsday Machine. ;) Neutronium is tendril-lickin’ good… especially if it’s Andromedan Fried Doomsday Machine.

@14 I daresay Gary Mitchell would be the most challenging story to write. And where would he be in the alt universe? I’d put him as goin’ mad Captain Garth’s XO: and have Mitchell be the Jiggs Casey to Garth’s General James Mattoon Scott-like character. (Throw in Mara as a masquerading-as-human Klingon agent in the romantic role Ava Gardner played, and it would be delish.) I think you’re singing perfect pitch about Mitchell being Kirk’s *true* Nemesis… but with the alt-universe end of things, we can redeem him ‘a bit’. He can live to face another day? Or a future a few years down the road where WNMHGB can assume to play out almost the same.

Guys, from what has been said from Bob and the others, the villain will not be recycled, but “have ties” to the original series. That could mean anything. So I really doubt it will be something we’ve seen, but perhaps an event that connects with the original series, which brings us to a new villain entirely.

The other key is that they are going “Dark Knight”, which they said means “Not darker, but deeper into the characters, and more emotional.” So I expect a WOK type slug fest, lots of crewmen casualties, hard choices by Kirk, self sacrifice, and just a 2-hour emotional ride that will have the same fun and excitement and humor as the first, but perhaps more of a tear jerker…And maybe something to set up a trilogy.

I’m really hoping for the movie to revolve around the Talosians. It would be a great plot device to further character development, since the Talosians could pit the crew against their worst fears through their telepathic manipulation, and the crew would learn things about each other that they would never know otherwise. Plus, just imagine how limitless the possibilities for special effects would be!

How about this for a turn of event’s,The Talosians in the new time line would be interesting. Afterall, Pike is Handicap. Will his body get almost destroyed in a Inion Storm? But, that’s about 8 years after Kirk took command–so–I can’t see the Talosians in the next movie–not just yet. How about the return of Cisco since he is persumed missing in the 24th century? he can be the glue to maintaining not only an alternate reality, but to not further damage of any other time lines that the federation whould have to fix in the 29th century; in which Capt. Archer discovered that the federations main mission in the 29th century is primarly time line repair thanks to the likes of Kirk and Picard–but not mainly those two

Okay then, APascale! …:-)

#1 – Please no Klingons.

I find it funny that the same people who don’t want to see Khan, a person who was in exactly one TOS episode and one TOS movie drool at the thought of Klingons in the next film. Klingons, who were in numerous TOS episodes and movies, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT, TNG films, etc.

If there are to be Klingons I want them in a cameo like in the deleted scenes of ST09. And I enjoyed that mainly because Victor Garber kicks ass in everything he does.


Not that I’m crazy about the rumor. There are about a hundred ways they could botch this..But word is, the TOS character we get a visit from in the next movie is Harry Mudd. (sigh) Better write it good, guys. There are few things more annoying in Star Trek than bad comedy.

I never liked it when they tried comedy in the original series. It always seemed too forced. The Harry Mudd character was awful. I wish they could do something original for a change. No more rehashing of old episodes.

All I ask is that you don’t kill of Pike or make him turn evil. Bruce Greenwood rocks the house way too much to contract Sudden Sequel Death Syndrome!

Please please KLINGONS!

I would be pleasantly surprised if it is not Klingons, but think for a second.

They redid everything, ship, uniforms, tools, more or less everything. Why not redo the Klingons as well. They did…then they cut them out. We did not even hear the Klingons speak when they captured the Narada. Only mentioned by Uhura and Kirk on the bridge when speaking to Pike.

THEY CUT EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF KLINGONS OUT OF THE LAST MOVIE. LOGICALLY ASK YOURSELF WHY? Because they are saving them for the next movie, new Klingons would make a very big bang.

Why were the Burger King characters dressed as Klingons? Because they are the most familiar villains in Star Trek, yet they were not in the film.



Tom Hanks as Commodore Matt Decker in the doomsday machine – perfect.

JJ and many others have said in the special features that if they make another film it will be about the Klingons. We are all trekkies and trekkers here….we have all watched the special features including the parts where Bob, Alex, Damon, and JJ are narrating and describing the cut scenes. Go back and watch the Klingon parts, open your ears, turn on your brain, and listen carefully to what they say.

An older article I stumbled across.

25. James

Hanks in the new movie would be fantastic. A well known Star Trek fan would do great for the new movies. We all know the long list of Star Trek fans, Harrison Ford and Tom Hanks among them. Harrison would also be a great choice, but then we would not want Trek fans crying saying that they are making Star Trek even more like Star Wars because they put Harrison in it. I think it would be good humor and a great choice, just as Tom Hanks would be.

We saw Kor, Kolos, and Kang once in the TOS series and once in DS9 except for Kang who was in a Voyager episode and Kor who made more than one DS9 appearance. I loved it, and your telling me you do not want to see either of those character re-imagined in the new movie? I am really excited at the though.

Man I want to see a big, heavy armored, heavy duty armed to the tits Klingon battle cruiser fighting the Enterprise, don’t you?

Another note we all know Klingons were the Federations main adversary in the 23rd century, there is no way in the Alpha Quadrant that they will be left out of the film. Just a hunch, just a feeling.

yIDoghQo’ tlhIngan maH!


#25 Tom Hanks is a great actor, but not a great choice for Star Trek. Harrison ford on the other hand would be spectacular.

#21 – Unless you have some kind of inside information I don’t think that Harry Mudd rumor is any more or less valid than any of the million other rumors that are floating around the net in regards to this film.

If you go back and watch the episodes with Mudd the character as well as the episodes arent that great. As a matter of fact “I Mudd” may be the single worst epiode in the history of Star Trek.

One last comment on the Klingons

With regards to the Narada being captured, I would have to agree with the first comment. When I first watched the deleted scenes and heard that wonderful Klingon language being spoke I too got goose bumps.

Once again, do you honestly think they will leave Klingons out of the next movie? Klingons are just as much a part of Star Trek as the USS Enterprise. Don’t kid yourself.

God, I hope they don’t go with Harry Mudd. I love TOS as much as anyone, but c’mon, that guy was annoying as hell. What I wouldn’t mind is the Talosians. They could be a part of an “Inception”-like plot, but set in space.

And when people say they want an A-list actor for the sequel, I say they should be careful what they wish for. We might end up with Tom Cruise!

32. Red Dead Ryan – November 12, 2010

I agree with you on all fronts. Harry Mudd was annoying as hell, a clown. Talosians would be cool. And dear lord Tom Cruise in Star Trek would bring me to my knees crying like a little boy, all hope would have been lost.

Ish toh ku, Klingon ogh na kampo la’ku,

tok’tah oh chu ah chu, etch ti tweh who, hovan rough be chu, baj be’cha.

I am such a nerd, just listening to the Klingon language deciphering the sounds using English. Oh god I so badly want to hear it in the next film. It would be so bad ass!!!!

You guys can suspect Klingons and Harry Mudd and Talosians all you want. . . I’m betting we get a Carol Marcus tie in with a baby David in her arms telling Kirk to make a decision and stick with it. . . That is the emotional rollercoaster going on in the background behind Kirk’s day to day operations of the ship. . . .

@ 22

Humor in Star Trek.

Sometimes the humor in TOS was a riot. What about the final scenes in “Amok Time” or “Journey to Babel?” What about “Trouble with Tribbles?” And what about my favorite Star Trek movie, Star Trek IV with its hilarious fish out of water story? Just remember the best Trek humor comes out of the situation not parody. While Scotty yells in Trek (2009) , “I’m giving her all she’s got” was funny, it came off as parody. But when Kirk is burried in tribbles, with tribbles falling on his head, and makes his last exapserated order, “… close that door”. in context, it’s funny without parody.

I agree that Harry Mudd would not be a good antagonist but I thought the same way about Khan. The story about the possible villains is just a rumor. So we’ll have to wait until the movie comes out. Sigh.

There’s one constant in TOS and Star Trek (2009) regarding humor. Dr. Leonard McCoy. And I am not Karl Urban’s agent, but let’s have more Dr. McCoy. He just seems easy to write for. I watched Star Trek: The Motion Picture last night, and he had all the funny lines. In the later movies, he gets all the funny lines. So let’s have more of the cantankerous, bleeding heart, and funny Dr. McCoy.

TOS villain could mean a Klingon. Kang, Kor or Koloth….

With the new timeline, and the apeal to the gen-pop, the way forward is to bring in The Borg! Klingons are so bad when it comes to stereo-typing star trek, i think it would put people off. The Borg however……!!!!????

Tom Hanks as Commodore Matt Decker would be the best thing for Trek. Have Gary Mithchell on the U.S S Constalation become God Like and in a desperate attempt Commodoe Decker Leaves him in a Shuttle and then Gary comes across the Doomsday Machine and there it has a battle with the Constalation. Then the Enterprise comes to the aid of the Constalation and finds it Crippled but Decker and most of the crew survives. Then they havt to track the Doomsday machine being controlled by Mitchell.

what is taking them so long?

4. I too want more movement I think they are being slow here surely the script must be done by now

If they rush it this much…then it’ll be crap. Just should just let Star Trek die a quiet death.

#23 carlG

I agree. Bruce Greenwood is WONDERFUL as Pike and I really want to see him in the sequel. Not evil, not in a wheelchair, not disfigured in any way. and certainly not dead!!
Pike’s a good guy in Star Trek and I can’t wait to see him again. No reason he can’t command a starship again either. Maybe young Capt Kirk gets in big trouble and needs Pike’s help and experience?? Works for me!

I’m kind of tired of speculating.
At this point? Surprise me, folks! ; )

The fans who have never been in Star Trek

Harrison Ford
Tom Cruise
Tom Hanks
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Quentin Tarantino
Daniel Craig
Ben Stiller
Eddie Murphy
Hank Azaria
Sir Richard Branson
Robin Williams
Rosario Dawson

The fans who have been in Star Trek

Kelsey Grammer
Jason Alexander
Sara Silverman
Andy Dick
Stephen Hawking
Whoopi Goldberg
Christian Slater
Abdullah II bin al-Hussein
Tom Morello
Seth MacFarlane
Tom Bergeron

The fans who should never be in Star Trek

Al Gore
Chris Jericho
Matt Stone
Trey Parker
Matt Groening
Colin Powell
Barack Obama
Steven Spielberg
George Lucas

The only reason Richard Branson is not in the never should do list is because he is helping the evolution of space flight and space tourism. He is a wonderful man doing wonderful things to evolve space travel. Otherwise it would be like putting Tesla Motors Elon Musk in Iron Man 2, it was only a cameo and a terrible one at that.

@44. Sebastian

No doubt, everyone has their breaking point. I am sure I will as well. This year and a half will go by fast enough when one continues the daily routine. The longer one dwells on the subject of the new movie the further away the movie will seem. I remember speculating about the 2009 movie and how far away the 2012 movie seemed and now, here we are, the script a month and a half from being completed and pre production shorty about to start up.

#44. I agree with your list except for one. Why not let Chris Jericho in. Come on he has the Walls of Jerhico he can use on any of the Klingons. Lol.

maybe they show us an alternate enterprise-d!?

I wouldn’t mind Paul Giamatti as Harry Mudd, but as a secondary character. The Muddster is fun in an episode or two, but he simply isn’t strong enough a character to carry an entire movie as the primary antagonist.

If JJ doesn’t want to direct, I’ll do it. I promise I will make it awesome.