CBS Launches Online Starfleet Academy Campus Store

It may be just a dream to be able to attend Star Trek’s famed Starfleet Academy, but starting today you can at least shop there. CBS has launched The Starfleet Academy Campus Store, offering a wide array of SFA branded products just like any other campus store. More details below.


press release


Modeled After University Stores, New Online Shop to Feature
Starfleet Academy Apparel, Accessories, Memorabilia and More

NEW YORK – November 16, 2010 – Ex Astris, Scientia (From the Stars, Knowledge). You may not be an alumnus of the Starfleet Academy yet, but that’s no reason you can’t pick up the best Starfleet Academy gear. Today, CBS Consumer Products launches the Starfleet Academy Campus Store on offering everything from t-shirts to dormware for would be cadets of Starfleet Academy. The store is an interpretation of items that might exist in the Academy’s campus store with a little tongue-in-cheek insider humor that is sure to please fans the world over.

“For years, Star Trek fans have wanted to attend the famed Starfleet Academy.” said Liz Kalodner, Executive Vice President and General Manager of CBS Consumer Products. “Now, they will be able to take home the same gear that their favorite Starfleet alums would have had in their dorm rooms or worn around campus.”

The Starfleet Academy Campus Store will launch with a range of branded gear including sweatshirts, t-shirts, mugs, accessories, memorabilia and more. The imaginative designs and concepts will focus on general Academy themes from class subjects such as math and science to sports and extracurricular activities. The Starfleet Academy Campus Store launches today at .

The new Starfleet Academy Store


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I like this.

I could first, but I won’t.

MMCLXI, “2161”. Accurate even!

I have just got my little boy and girl a cadet t-shirt each from ThinkGeek. They are damn cool!

I will now have to indulge myself and my wife with something from this site. Hopefully they will deliver outside of the States!

Keeping that Trek alive and passing on the torch. Oh yes.

Keep on Trekkin’ people. Keep on Trekkin’!

Looks nice. Shame I can’t order ANY of it because I’m 3XL, which isn’t a unique size amongst Trekkies. Smooth move, Paramount.

Can’t wait for the Defense Force Academy store!

Gotta get me some of that!

This made my day. I love it.

I love the Red Shirt Cologne. Packaging has a Red Shirt with crosshairs on him…

Tag line:
“As Security in Starfleet, you could die your first day on the job, or any day after that. Live for today and smell good tonight. Wear Red Shirt Cologne: because when you wear this color, tomorrow may never come.”


I am going to be spending some cash here.

wonder if I can convince my school to let me use Student aide money there…. :P

Kobayashi Maru shirt…thats for me.

I wonder what football is like in the 23rd century?

fighting phoenix? refresh my memory, please.

Wish there were kid sizes. My daughter wants to wear a Starfleet shirt to school on College Day.

Me likee.

I like very very much.

As long as there doesn’t turn out to be a big Star Trek logo on the back of the clothing (as there often is on this sort of merchandise), I’d be very interested in getting some of these in-universe items…

Now, if they can just make a Parrises Squares shirt instead of just a mousepad. :)

Oooh, I see new coffee mugs in my future…. :)

kool but i still like my enterprise coffee mugs the same kind as archer drank from in the series-from star trek the experience vegas-only place they were ever available–withe the little stte auth. user on it–i am not as fond of most sfa stuff

@12 Cochrane’s first warp craft was… the Phoenix

Actually, now that I think of it, I’d really like one of those uber-posh Excelsior teacups that Sulu was drinking from at the beginning of Star Trek VI….

If only the shipping was cheaper for the UK. A shame, but nevertheless, this stuff looks excellent.

Hey this looks realy kool. I like the Red Shirt looks to be to Dangerous. Especialy for a Star Ship Capt. I do hope though they get something from the empire.

Their credit card system has been hacked.

@4 I agree! I’m a 5XL with a growing man-fupa and I’m appalled that there isn’t a muumuu option under sizes! Way to drop the ball Paramount! I’d pick it up if I could see around my growing man-fupa! Looks like another attempt at Hollywood to make everyone think they need to look like an anorexic 2XL!

“like an anorexic 2XL” wow…!

What? No Klingons? And no Security?

Awesome! Brings me back to my college days! Boy did I garner a collection! This is going to be fun I would love to see eventualy put in stock. Text books of the acadamy cirriculum. Let’s do this all the way! Work all of this into a academy 2nd life role play. Oh! The possibilities!

And let’s not forget the lectures,quizes,exams. And Fraternities and sororieties! Let’s not forget the Annual senior PRANKS! Like I said the possibilities are endless. A Campus store w/ academy 2nd life the whole expirience.

One thing missing Class Rings

When I was a young nerd I had one of those school letter decals on my car window that said STARFLEET ACADEMY. Bought it at a “Vul-Con” s/f convention in New Orleans.

was Fighting Phoenix ever mentioned in a show??

Could all this Fighting Phoenix stuff be a teaser for the new movie? Maybe we’ll get another few minutes of academy time in 2? Also, did anyone notice that the Zefram Cochrine library shirt has a picture of the building Kirk and McCoy come out of right before the Kobyashi Maru test?

Why don’t they have the “cool” departments like “Weapons and Defense”? LOL.

Personally I scan the logos off “Mr. Scotts Guide to the Enterprise” and make the shirt myself….

I have to admit, I’m surprised. And somewhat shocked. This stuff not only looks cool, but it also looks good. Obviously, the marketing department actually put some thought into these products instead of the usual, “Oh, the hell with it — just silkscreen Star Trek wherever and those nerdy geeky dweeby fans will buy it!”

So kudos and qapla to the fine folks at CBS Paramount marketing. My Christmas wish list now has a couple more items on it.

*sigh* For those complaining about sizes too small, I have the opposite problem. Sizes are all too big! I need someting in XS petite for women. Those “one size fits all” things always overwhem me. I would love to get a sweatshirt, but not if it goes to my knees.


Great – more ways to milk money from a franchise from fans with too much money to burn!

Don’t buy anything from this store as it is insecure and your credit card data could be stolen