Cryptic Announces Details On Star Trek Online Season Three

Today Cryptic announced details on the upcoming update to their Star Trek Online MMO. Season Three: Genesis comes out in December and will feature new items, more space to explore, new adventures, and a way for you to make your own missions. Details below.


Season Three for STO coming in December

In December Cryptic will release their second major content update: Season Three: Genesis. Probably the biggest new element is "The Foundry" which allows players to design and share their own missions. The Foundry will be released as a public beta with Season Three.

"The Foundry" lets you make your own missions

Cryptic is also adding a new "Holodeck Replay" feature where you can replay previous missions, but with new rewards and loot. Players at the Admiral and General level will also have access to New Special Task Force Loot, which will allow you to integrate Borg technology into your ships. The Sector Space feature has also been "revamped" for a "more realistic look and feel."

Replay old missions with new rewards

New sector space

Cryptic also announced a number of new features and additions they plan on adding after the release of Season Three: Genesis, including Gorn Customization, Exchange Improvements, Klingon Content Updates, New Items Sets and more.

For more details visit

New C-Store Items

Cryptic has also added a number of new items to the C-Store, here is a video showing off what you can pick up. 

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Looks better

“looks like fun” CAPT James T. Kirk

I love the look of the TMP uniforms, I might just reactivate my account for them alone!


Are the Wrath of Khan starfleet uniforms available on C-Store?
I really wanted one of those when it was released but D2D only gave me a co joined trill character

looks fun it would be nice if i had the time to play it but i dont


Yes, the “Wrath of Khan” uniforms are available to all players via the C-Store. There’s even an option to open the flap on the front of the uniform, as well as the option of adding the belt to any of the existing uniform variants. You can check out a complete list of all available C-Store items at the game’s official website.

Christ they must have had to pay Mr Ellison a small fortune to be able to include the Guardian of Forever!

#6 I laughed, and then I laughed some more. I’m not sure why Mr. Elleson got into such a stink over things, but It does make for a good laugh. By the way, if he did have a good reason to get into a stink, I’de like to know, since I admitidly don’t know every detail of the story, but from what I do know, it sounded stupid.

I know what you mean TJ, I can understand Mr Ellison wanting to look after his own interests and rightly so but at times it was ridiculous. It was only a few years ago he was trying to sue everyone when someone posted a rumor that the Guardian of Forever was going to be in Trek 09. Maybe Paramount could agree a nice lump sum payment so that his previous contributions to Trek could be revisited whenever a new writer wanted too. Maybe I should just shut up before Mr Ellison decides to sue me!

I’m not sure about the Foundry System but plenty to look forward to in my opinion.
Ever Since Mr Stahl became Executive Producer he’s been vocal and influential over the need to redesign and polish up some of the features in the game.The new Sector Space design is looking really really good, and i’m hopeful that other aspects of the game can follow the same kind of revamp!

I’m optimistic for the future of STO as long as Mr Stahl is in the big chair

So… most of the content that should have been in the base game is now being added into the Cstore… death by a million cuts. Knew it was happening. Good thing I got bored of the game and didnt resubscribe.

@ #2, the correct quote is:

“You know, if Spock were here, he’d say that I was an irrational, illogical human being by taking on a mission like that. Sounds like fun!” -Capt. James T. Kirk. (Dec.)
Obsessive trekkie here, Don’t mind me.

THAT Said, I am stoked for season three. the C-store stuff is looking sweet as well. Love STO.

I cant wait for that Foundry. I’m a fan of StarCraft from Blizzard, and one of the best parts of that game is it’s editor. Hopefully this will be good.

As an avid STO player now, I must say..

I’m so excited
And I just can’t hide it

Hmm, I wonder if there’s a TrekMovie fleet. ;)

Nice guardian.
If the redshirt’s legs were any longer however, he would be a grasshopper.


Player-created missions and the ability to replay old missions are about to give STO a few new layers of depth. I might actually re-sub for a month after Season Three releases.

Me and the kids love this game. And with all the cool new things added, I’m a c-store whore. Lol

Ellison sued his parents for using the name “Harlan Ellison”.

looks really really nice i alway’s thought the uniforms from all good things and end game should have been the uniforms they used in this game and not the new one their using right now

@ #17 LOL

@ #18 Those uniforms exist as well. Players have the option of several different uniforms types.

Props on the new look of Sector Space. The old version was too cartoony.

Now if they would just let us point the bow of our ships up and down MORE then the very limited 45 degrees we can now, we might be able to fire torps at the enemy ships that warp in right above or below us.

I’m glad space looks better, but still why is there a nebula or whatever close to ever system?

If this is the same game from last year have they redone the awful voice of the Guardian who sounded like a southern Baptist minister from Big Spring, Tx?

@20 I’ve been testing on the tribble server and if there where no nebulas we’d not be able to see our ships. Space is very very black and dark and that’s a good thing

@21 last year? This can’t be the same game, it was only in beta testing last year and even the. It was only very late last year. I’m interested however as to what game your referring

Thankfully the Guardian in STO sounds just like the one in the show :D

I don’t know….wasn’t there one just last year that was reported on here? You could go through the Guardian and the voice work was so distracting. I didn’t play it….just remember seeing a clip of it on here.

I CANCELED my subscription yesterday after paying for almost 6 months. I have a VA tac and some other toons, and im in a fleet with fleet rank etc. I became tired of the CRAP with that game. The crap PVP and the crap PVE and the crap Role Playing and the crap DEVELOPERS.

Heres to hoping season 4 has something interesting in it. Maybe sitting in chairs or captaining for the bridge?

I’ve gotten to like this game after thinking it was only so-so at first. The missions have gotten better as I’ve risen in rank, and it seems like they’re putting more thought into the new ones.

The PvP could still use some variety and some balancing, though.

Still, I like the game. If i wasn’t a Star Trek fan, I don’t know if I would, but since I am, it’s torpedoes away.

I haven’t played as much as I would have liked to. But I was wondering, do they still offer the lifetime subscription, like they did when the game was first launched?

I just found my emailed invoice, I paid $239 lifetime with now they charge $299, kinda steep?? I looked at what I bought, it’s been a while and this is what I purchased.

Star Trek Online

Download Game Client
Activated Features
Star Trek Online – Preorder
Star Trek Online Lifetime Subscription
Star Trek Online – Collector’s Edition
Subscribed For: 292.08 days

Not bad if only I would play the game more often.

If the competition with World of Warcraft is as hardcore as I have heard (game has over 60% marketshare of MMORPG’s with 15 million subscriptions), December is going to be ‘come to Jesus’ time with WoW’s new ‘Cataclysm’ package going live on the 7th.

They’ve already got a changing series of pre-“Cataclysm” quests running and pre-launch downloads of the software available. I think Blizzard is still unstoppable in its ability to occupy players’ time and wallets, and Trek will have a hard time getting any share of the market in 2011.

I’m A Lifer I bought the deluxe edition in preorder gotta play in the open Beta then pre launch and I am a Vice Admiral on one of my characters still working on another as a LT Commander and I really hadn’t played my Klingon so much as of yet but the new weekly episodes are nice and fun good story lines.


Lifetimer, made RA, haven’t played in months…..can you sit in your captains chair on bridge yet?

I started playing again two weeks ago. Not bad. They have made some improvements. Though the Klingon side needs more missions still.