Cryptic Announces ‘Design The Next Enterprise’ Contest For Star Trek Online

Have you ever wanted to make your own USS Enterprise? Well next month you will have a chance, courtesy of Cryptic who have announced a new contest to design the next Enterprise to be used in Star Trek Online, with winners win a bunch of prizes. Details below.


You can design the next Enterprise

Cryptic and CBS have teamed up with Intel for a new contest for fans to submit designs for the next USS Enterprise. The best submitted design will be used in the game, and the grand prize winner will also win an Alienware gaming PC and more prizes.

There are also additional prizes contestants can win. Here are the prizes available:

  • Grand Prize: Custom, STO-painted Alienware M11x laptop; STO Collector’s Edition; STO Lifetime Membership; and a 3-D model of the winning design.
  • Second Prize: Alienware laptop (no custom paint job), STO Collector’s Edition and an STO Lifetime Membership.
  • Third Prize: STO Collector’s Edition, STO Lifetime Membership and an Intel Core i7-875k processor.
  • Fourth Prize: STO Collector’s Edition and an STO Lifetime Membership.
  • Twenty-one Honorable Mentions: Standard-edition copy of STO and a Star Online poster.

The contest opens on December 9th with the release of Star Trek Online Season 3: Genesis. Cryptic have set up a holding page for the contest, and on December 9th the page will be updated with rules for the contest and more details, so you have time to get your design ready.


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cool…would this be the enterprise G? 1st!!

A perfect task for all the nitpickers who have griped about the 09 Enterprise! Let’s see YOU do better!

I’ve only played this game for a short period of time but I think I will be back on board for this! Designing a starship, no less one of the most famous starships of all time, will be a tremendous amount of fun.

I’ve nothing nice to say, so I’ll leave it at that :P

Nice of Cryptic to finally admit they’re terrible at designing starships :V

OH and Captain Crunch, your cereal cuts up the roof of my mouth!!!!!!

#6 Let it sit in the milk for 2 minutes before you indulge.

Would STO make a good Trek TV series?

how about design the next sto game haha

I don’t play STO but I think I may have to take a shot at this.

Ok. For everyone who always complains about the Big E being wrong. You now have the chance to show us how you would fo it. But be ready.


except they don’t.

Would this be the Enterprise-F or Enterprise-G?

If CBS are happy for STO to design a new Enterprise for the prime universe then I guess that is the nail in the coffin for future Prime Universe ENterprise adventures.

I would like to think that the Enterprise-F will be an Excalibur-Class Starship as this is an updated version of the Constitution-Class.

But is STO canon? (I shudder to ask that).

Why can’t Trekkies accept a multiple-thread franchise, like Marvel’s Ultimates line, which takes place outside of the continuity of the other imprints.


I was thinking the same thing

Should be noted that it’s a US only competition.

Can i participate from VENEZUELA????????????? ANTHONYYYYYYYYY

#15 – In “my” Universe the Enterprise NCC-1701-F is an Vesta-class (Aventine) starship.

#14, #17: This is no different than any other non-canonical work, be it novel, game, or comic. It’s never binding on anything CBS or Paramount might choose to do in the future. The general feeling seems to be that the 24th century is an open playground for licensed works right now, but that doesn’t mean they’ll never return to it.

oh yes! i will be giving this a go for sure!

Is it really US only? Don’t see that written anywhere.

Seems like a bit of shame. Why exclude everyone else that plays the game?

#12 but they are

#20 Mmm… Vesta-class Starship…

According to the email we STO members receieved, this is to design CBS’s next CANON USS Enterprise. Fancy that.

#2, that would be a no-brainer. Here’s a big improvement:

Maybe a USS Enterprise NCC-1701-F, Pacific-class starship!

They have clarified the particulars of the competition in forum posts. This will be the official NCC-1701-F in game but will not be considered canon by CBS. Also, due to legal restrictions, the competition is only open to participants in the United States.

Tried to design the Titan a few years ago with their contest, didn’t place sadly. Maybe I can try again this time around.

Let’s make the Enterprise-G look just like the Millennium Falcon, that’ll get die-hard Trekkers in a frenzy!

may be they should talk to DJ curtis his enterprise F is awesome

@ 32

I was thinking the same thing!

Here is the link to his ship on BCFiles:;82748

I vote for that.

As per usual, no love for Europeans ;)

Shame. I have three pretty designs in my head. I guess I’ll just go ahead and model them anyway.

33. That’s too old fashioned. It should be something that will appeal to younger gamers as well.

Dear god, help us…the worlds greatest thankless task (next to screenwriting) is upon us all….a million experts, and not a good design to be seen.. :-)

What’s so hard? Two nacelles, a saucer, and a pair of chrome cajones hanging off the back of the hangar deck. pffff. Easy.

Oh, and don’t forget the flame decals.

Alright, I just might have to squeeze this in. I’m already doing a pitch to be in the SOTL calendar. Trek out time.

Oh, no, did Deanna Troi crash ANOTHER Enterprise?!

#40. And she just got her license back to…go figure

Here’s another where Kirk and friends, rescued from the timeline and made young by Q, versus future evil Nazi alternate universe Picard

Lord Garth – I like your Enterprise concepts.


Wouldn’t the real challenge to be to make a worse one?

Thanks Brother!

Good job Lord Garth, keep it up!

Anthony Thompson – November 18, 2010
A perfect task for all the nitpickers who have griped about the 09 Enterprise! Let’s see YOU do better!

No problem. A monkey with a crayon could design a better Enterprise than that monstrosity!

November 18, 2010
I don’t play STO but I think I may have to take a shot at this.

Vektor, I LOVE your redesigned TOS Enterprise. I first saw it on trekbbs and it is one of the most amazingly faithful re-interpretations of Mr. Jeffries’ design I have seen. Your enterprise should have been used in STXI. Ryan Church could learn a thing or two from you my friend. Keep it up!