Rosario Dawson Wants To Be ‘Sexy Vulcan’ In Star Trek Sequel

As previously reported, actress Rosario Dawson is a big time Trekkie who is interested in being in the Star Trek sequel. However, apparently she is going about it in a very subtle way, admitting she didn’t even lobby for the role when she met J.J. Abrams, but she is hoping to get the word out that she would make a "sexy Vulcan".


Rosario could be one sexy Vulcan

A  Hollywood Reporter article "Rosario Dawson’s Bid: Sexy Vulcan in Star Trek 2" quotes the actress saying that she didn’t bring up her goal of being in the Star Trek sequel with producer (and possible director) J.J. Abrams when she ran into him on a recent flight to L.A., saying they "ended up talking about politics and t-shirts." The actress also didn’t reveal her inner Trekkie to her Unstoppable co-star Chris Pine, waiting until the publicity tour when she says she "geeked out on him."

So while the actress has stated she is interested in being in the Star Trek sequel, she appears to be trying to not be too pushy about it. As THR states:

Her hope is to keep "making the rounds" in an effort that the right people will know that she would be "one sexy Vulcan."

Recently Star Trek sequel co-writer/producer Roberto Orci appeared to reveal that the team were considering actresses for a Vulcan female role…so it seems only logical to consider Dawson.

Dawson – a sexy Vulcan?

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Hot, hot hot!

Any downside to this? Nope!

Simple. Cast her as Tpring. Spocks Wife. That would be the way to go. Also. Bring in someone to Play Nurse Chapel. Hmm. a 3 way dance maybe.

She is beautiful…I’d love to see that!! More sexy people on Star Trek hehe

She’s got my vote. I still think she would make a great Uhura. Sorry, Zoe, but you’ll always have James Cameron’s Smurf planet to call home.

Wait a minute! T’Pring, Nurse Chapel and Uhura! 4-way “dance” maybe…

only logical me thinks!

Vulcan? Hell, she could play a Horta and be sexy!

What crap! So a “celebrity” wants to be in Trek, so some of you fawn over her and act like teenybobbers. This isn’t what Trek is about. Grow the hell up! I am more interested in a well-written story than in who is a guest star.

T’Pring vs. Uhura – with Imperial uniforms :D


Shut up and get lost!

the word is teeny boppers

And Rosario Dawson can sit on the bridge in a standard uniform and read the phone book and she’ll have my attention.

“Sexy Vulcan”? Sounds like bad fan fiction.

9. Heh. I get that everyone’s kidding around, but I kind of agree, very generally, on the trouble of casting an actress/actor for Trek mostly on sex appeal — hello T’Pol and Seven (although both, especially Jeri Ryan, were okay in their roles). Maybe I’m thinking that because their outfits were kind of ridiculous (same with Troi’s early on). Actually, as I write this, I’m now realizing that the sexy female guest star wearing nearly nothing was EXACTLY what TOS was about.

I don’t really know Rosario Dawson’s work (I’m sure I’ve seen her in things but don’t really remember her, which is kind of telling), so dunno, but she’s definitely lovely. Zoe Saldana is also darned sexy, but she was also pretty great in the role and right for it.

That noted, I’m all for Kirk getting his shirt torn off as much as possible.


Do us a favor. Pull the 12ft stick out of your a** and for once enjoy yourself and let others do the same. Do what Red Dead Ryan suggested.

Dead ringer for T’Pring.



Usually I’m not one to agree with sexy elements in Star Trek, like Jolene Blalock as T’Pol or Jeri Ryan as 7 of 9, since it’s just a contrived and manipulative way to get the attention of male viewers. Just give us a good script and we’ll watch your show but don’t take us for mindless sex-starved grunts.

However, my opinion on this is in the vast minority and, quite frankly the producers just do what needs to get done to get ratings. It is what it is and those who complain about it should just get out of their parents’ basement and see the light of day.

So now to conclude this very confusing post, let me add my stamp of approval to Red Dead Ryan’s post, #11.


There was pretty much as much sex appeal in the original series as there was good writing

Too bad she’s a terrible actress.

21 Lol this article IS about a cute actress voicing her desire to be in Trek, this IS the place for people to comment on silly stuff like this. Sorry to grind your gears. I vote T’Pring. Now move along home.

Belanna Torres in Star Trek XII?


I know… I know…

I like Rosario – but I really wish she would shut up! I think its kind of silly for her to keep begging to be in ST. I swear every star wants to be in the next ST. Enough already. I would like to see some talented unknowns; not a movie full of stars. Please. Just. Stop.

“Rosario Dawson Wants To Be ‘Sexy Vulcan’ In Star Trek Sequel ”

I could live with that.

Do we need a T’Pring? I thought Spock got his lady in Uhura. Adding T’Pring could make the film a soap opera. Are they trying to develop a romantic triangle to appeal to a larger demographic, i.e. more teenage women? Going for the Twilight crowd? I’ve got no problem with Rosario Dawson in Star Trek. Unless, they try to make her into a Tellarite.

But what about half Romulan-half Vulcan Saavik? Forget the strict canon that Saavik would be too young. Star Trek (2012) takes place in an altenate reality. My choice for Saavik is still Olivia Wilde. (Cowboys and Aliens) Check out her picture in the link below. Pretend she’s got Vulcan ears in the photo. Want to give her a romantic partner? How about Keenser, you know Scotty’s four foot alien buddy? ……. I’m joking. However, Leeta did marry Rom on Deep Space 9. Okay, she would date Chekov. : ) Why can’t Kirk be celibate for once?

My choice for Saavik… Olivia Wilde

Beautiful. Talented. Fan.

Good combination.

Bring her in, Supreme Court.

Sexy actresses were a staple of TOS. It is part of what made Trek what it is. Rosario Dawson would be an awesome addition to any Trek story.

As I stated. Cast her as TPring and most of us will be very happy.

Perhaps she could take a fancy to McCoy & get him hot under the collar & he’d have to go to Spock advice on Vulcan women lol

Oh please peoples! The plot surrounding Spock
loving Uhura, and already being betrothed to T’Pring
(if she is one of the Vulcans who survived) could
make a GREAT background story to further the
Spock character. And Rosario could certainly pull
it off! What a HOT trekkie!

Dawson, yes! A sub-plot with T’Pring killing Uhura over Spock in death match would be great twist to Bob’s twisted Trek universe.


Sometimes the fan boys around here are just so ….


Trek Lady. Boys will be Boys. Or Fanboys in this case.

I’ll take any story that puts Quinto front and center. I think we’re going to get another great ensemble flick.

She’s bringin’ on my pon farr… and it wouldn’t take her 7 years to recharge me, either.

I’d bring back Joan Collins as a sexy Vulcan.

Yes! Make it so Number 1. Make is so!!

I liked Dawson in “Unstoppable”, but I’m not onboard with her being a Sexy Vulcan (Sexy Human is fine with me!) and having T’Pring being part of the 1/4 of 1% who survived Vulcan being eaten by a Black Hole just strains credibility beyond the breaking point. Worse, it just takes Trek right back to telling the same stories (Amok Time revisited) when the point of Vulcan going kablooey was supposedly so that Bad Robot could start telling NEW stories.

Vote: Yes on Dawson, No on T’Pring

9 was probably also in the audience of Trek 1 saying “no, that didn’t happen! ”
But anyways, I think she is playing it smart by not being pushy. I just hope her agent stays on top of things. As for her conversation with J. J., if she spoke logically and intellectually, she will stand out in his memory when casting.
38, agreed!

Dang mobile, I meant 36

considering the post-vulcan survivors are the basis of at least the back ground tension for the federation (and a great opertunity for NuSpock’s acting skills), having Tpring show up would be great… but what are the odds she survived? better to be a new toon for Dawson to protray instead, thus avoid alot of potentional drama-back firing if Nuspock & NuUhura cant pull it off…

She could be a sexy anything…

Count my vote for her as T’Pring.

Just give her a cameo. That shouldn’t be a problem.

And I really hope, that there won’t be T’Pring in the next movie. Just pretend she died with Vulcan.

I take back what I said on the last article about her. It sounds like she is not just a J.J. Abrams fan but a Star Trek fan all the way around. She would make a very sexy Vulcan but she would make a very sexy anything. Maybe Warner Brothers ought to consider her for Wonder Woman.

That sexy pic of Rosario brings a tear to me eye.


Me so happy. ;)

I think Andorian women are sexy looking, too.


Jeez, we watched TOS (us males at least) with the glimmer of hope that those outfits the female guest stars were wearing would just slip off at the right moment (sometimes they did, but DAMN the camera angle)… WWT used just the right amount of fabric, tape and or glue to get the job done. He was a genius.

For people who don’t know her work, I’d say her most memorable turns were in Kids, The 25th Hour, Rent, and Grindhouse.

She also did a good job in Unstoppable.

Beyond the shallowly eye-rolling reasons people do and don’t want her in the sequel, her track-record goes a bit beyond 7 of 9 and T’Pol.

…Just saying.

Not bad. But not as good as Sofia Vergara! Put Gloria in Trek 12! JAY!