Chris Pine: JJ Abrams Is Like ‘Kid in Candy Store’ Regarding Star Trek Sequel Story

Today brings another brief comment about the Star Trek sequel from Chris Pine, Star Trek’s new James T. Kirk. In an interview promoting the opening of Unstoppable in the UK, Pine discussed talking about the Star Trek sequel with producer (and possible director) JJ Abrams, who is apparently quite giddy about the movie.


Star Trek Candy store

Chris Pine’s new movie Unstoppable opened this week in the UK, and British site Digital Spy has a video interview with the star talking about the film, but they also talked some Star Trek, here is what Chris Pine had to say about the sequel:

I don’t know a goddamn thing. I do know it is going to take place sometime next year. I have spoken to the producer [presumably J.J. Abrams] and I will say that he is so excited by it he is like kid in a candy store, he was so excited about the initial meetings about the story. But those guys – I would be the last person to find out, but I put full trust in them.

While not anything major, Pine’s comments about JJ Abrams are another good sign for those reading the tea leaves regarding Abrams decision on whether or not to direct the Star Trek sequel (just like Abrams’ recent comment about the sequel having a "really cool" story).  Abrams won’t make up his mind on directing the sequel until the script is handed in in early 2011. He is currently shooting Super 8, which he also wrote.

Here is the full video where Pine also talks about his Unstoppable stunts and his latest project, This Means War.

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I would be a kid in the candy store too if i could shape trek history

Well, you won’t be the LAST person to find out…

Can’t wait!!!

I can’t wait either:)

Just saw Unstoppable a couple of days ago….terrific movie. Chris Pine and Denzel Washington did a great job. I might just get the blu-ray copy of that one for my collection.

#2 “Well, you won’t be the LAST person to find out…”

Yah, that would be us…


No,it is the people who go see the movie that don’t lurk sites like these.

I saw Unstoppable a couple of weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised at what a good flick it was. Not quite as good as Tony Scott’s Crimson Tide, but it was his best since that movie. Anyway, Chris Pine and Denzel were terrific together—good acting all around.

Yeah, the fact that JJ is excited is a REALLY good sign.

Yes, “baby blue eyes’ …. I believe in you! .. Hmmm ..

And yes “Unstoppable” is a good movie!

The Reasons As To Why JJ Abrams is Excited About The Script:

1. The Star Trek Sequel is a crossover into the Star Wars franchise
2. The Enterprise converts into the millenium Falcon
3. George Lucas has a secret cameo
4. Captain Kirk isn’t really Captain Kirk. Its really Hans Solo in disguise.
5. Maybe the mirror universe in jj-abrams universe is the Star Wars universe.
6. Anthony Pascale has a cameo. (just kidding)
7. Bob Orci will be the new nurse Chappele.

Obviously i’m just kidding with all these points.

And you guys hear that? … if my ears did not deceive me! .. CP has a crush on Reese Whitherspoon! … OMG! .. I need to handle this! LOL ..!

Chris pine still looks about 17 at times!

If JJ is excited, then it means that it likely has a LOT of action (His writting indicates this), big action! And thats always a good thing. And also some twists and tweeks on more of the original concepts of the franchise. Deep emotional conflict might be in there to. Sounding good to me. :]

“I do know it is going to take place sometime next year.”

Hmm. Does he mean the *plot* takes place sometime next year? Are we talking another time travel story…?????

(haha! Worry not–just rumor-mongering…) ;-)

“I put full trust in them.”

Star Trek. Hoping to rival amount of “Yes Men” that Lucas has.

I think JJ will be pleased there’ll be no strike so the cast can keep shaping the script and putting input into characterisation each day. Should make the sequel feel quite different, as XI was such a tightly plotted and scripted film.

Yes, Unstoppable was a pretty good movie.

Jeyl, you actually never have anything to say…do you? You simply post occasionally to remind everyone how irredeemably bitter you are and how personally you take disliking a movie.



4. Chingatchgook
I just saw Unstoppable on Saturday and thought it was fantastic as well. I recently saw Skyline and RED. RED was pretty funny, Skyline was terrible, great special effects but the story and characters were SHIT!. Unstoppable was fantastic, great characters, good story without the need for violence or profanity, it kept me on the edge of my seats.

7. Vultan I agree, Pine and Washington were great together, pleasantly surprised.

18. Dennis Bailey
Interesting observation, I have noticed that too, Jeyl among others. If people post nasty things about the new star trek they should at least post one good thing they like about it as well. One should always strive to achieve balance in any walk of life.

JJ was excited by the first movie, and granted they are just words and hype but the fact that he mentioned its really cool and that he is giddy like a kid in a candy store is great. and exciting. #10. jas_montreal did jokingly make star wars references but if I were to choose a reason why JJ is excited, its because it movie is going to be about the Klingons, which yes – 13. Hugh Hoyland – means lots of action. JJ loved the Klingons, after going back and reading the dozens upon dozens of news articles from the time of production and post production of the first movie and all the behind the scenes interviews and clips one thing JJ referenced the most, loved the most, were the Klingon aspects. Granted I may be wrong, but I have just been doing my own research and deduction and would rather believe my own rumors then someone else’s. I can’t ignore this feeling that Its going to be mainly Klingon oriented, they are the original Star Trek adversaries.

Well isn’t it to up to Jeyl if he doesn’t personally like Abrams Trek?

In regards to #16. Alientraveller’s comment – what script changes would they have made if the writers’ strike didn’t prevent them? Curious…

What a beautiful white chocolate man!

@15: Yeah, he should totally call JJ an unlikeable douche that he can’t stand to work for. Employment — who needs it?

Chris Pine has a crush on Reese Whitherspoon? He & many others (myself included).

I am looking forward to seeing ‘Unstoppable’, I read bits on the true story of this & though I’m sure there is a bit more drama in the movie than the real event the movie looks good.

#21 Chadwick, its possible he digs the Klingons (who doesnt eh lol). And I wouldnt be suprised if they dont at least make an showing or are the main antagonist. My initial reaction to the possible villian based on the “leaked” comments were the Talosians.

But Bob has since said no to that. So Im throwing a dart and guessing Gary Mitchell. But thats a guess and could be wrong to of course.

I like that JJ is excited about the script mostly because that increases the chances that he will direct the movie. Not saying another director could do a good job, but I think hes the best man for the job at present. And my reasoning behind the guess of “lots of big action” ect being in it is that is his style of story telling and scripting from what I’ve read of JJ’s own writting.

He likes BIG ACTION in his story lol. or at least his action/adventure ones, no pulling punches. And usually faced paced as well. He also likes strong emotional stuff, so its possible we could see something quite dramatic, maybe a couple of moments of Those. And on top of it he likes to add “twists” to the original concepts. Adding something new and different to them without changing the basic characteristics. Pretty cool, and I like his style, although the split dialoge stuff gets on my nerves sometimes lol

Star Trek II – Kirk runs a candy store.

22. trekprincess

Don’t defend the negative, encourage the positives….princess

Star Trek Return of the Candy Machine. Lol. I hope J.J Directs.

22. trekprincess

And no, its not ok! If Jeyl doesn’t like it, he can get out of here!

I kid I kid :P :), your too kind but im sure Jeyl is a big boy or girl and can defend their views and can rebut for his or herself.

27. Hugh Hoyland
When did Bob say no? Not to imply you are wrong. Also when has Bob not used misdirection? :P

@ 28. Phaser Guy & 30. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire

Lmao no no no, not candy.

Star Trek II – Kirk Runs a Donut Shop or
Star Trek II – Scotty Discovers Donuts

Star Trek II – The Food dispensers go crazy and flood the ship with candy.

#10: Respectfully, I don’t want ‘Star Trek XII’ to crossover with ‘Star Wars’, for ‘Star Trek’ is owned by CBS while ‘Star Wars’ is owned by Lucasfilm. Of course, I was once a Trekkie and a Warsie myself.

Chris Pine has a crush on Reese Witherspoon? Better not tell Harry Ballz. He doesn’t take these things well!

As for Jeyl bitching about “Star Trek”, well its clearly in her nature to do so whenever an opportunity presents itself.

I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that she will hate the sequel even more than the first even if #12 is superior to #11.

@33: I remember a Trek novel where a starship computer went slightly nuts and flooded an escape pod with milkshake, so it’s not totally out of the question…

Well don’t you think that the bitching has gone on long enough:/

I’m guessing JJ’s excitement means he’s that much closer to being officially on as the director for this installment? Right?


What happened to philosophy of IDIC on this site. We all embrace differences.

It’s a bit fascist to insist that every Star Trek fan must like the new movie and not spew hate of it on this site.

Yet its ok to spew hate on Star Trek: Voyager or Star Trek: Enterprise on this site and no one criticises that. Although not my fav show I have enjoyed rewatching Voyager again.

Now in regards to the new movie it is a good fun movie and I rated it 4 out of 5 but the movie does have its flaws.

I am just pointing out it seems people can be a bit hipocritcal on this site. If you can’t stand a few people not liking the new movie, how do you think fans who do like all of Trek feel when people bitch about Voyager and Enterprise.

I get annoyed at people who bitch about TNG, but am I meant to be okay with that when apparently you get penalised for having a similar opinion on the new movie.

I love the new movie but I still love what came before.

And if this sounds like a repeat then I am sorry, I just wanted to point out how HYPOCRITICAL people are on this site.

Hope that ‘kid in a candy store’ excitement is a feeling we in the audience will share when the movie comes out.

Fingers crossed… ; )

It’s recently occurred to me that Denzel Washington might make a very good villain (or anti-hero) in a Star Trek movie — given his brilliant previous performances in ‘Training Day’ and ‘American Gangster’, for example.

Somewhat different personas in both of those films, of course, but Denzel can do the swaggering, charismatic bad guy thing very effectively indeed. You can imagine him psychologically messing with Pine’s Kirk and deliberately trying to intimidate the hell out of him.

The varieties of religious experience will be different for each individual, but I am a believer that art is a type of ecstatic creation. A great movie can be as positive, eudaimonic, and fulfilling as anything experienced in a religious environment given the right circumstances.

A movie can change lives.

If so, then let’s hope JJ’s candy store has something pretty darn sweet for all of us.

One more thing: I noticed that Pine talked about a project with Tom Hardy, who is apparently another one of those young actors who have that Hollywood buzz about them. This is the same Tom Hardy, I think, who played Shinzon.

Small universe.

I am looking forward to the next movie.

I am sorry for my rant in the last post but I do happen to prefer a lot of past Trek.

I hope that while it has lots of action that I hope that Abrams does not lose site of the ideals of Trek.

captain_neill. Can you like the new movie and hate TNG? :)

#39….”And if this sounds like a repeat then I am sorry, I just wanted to point out how HYPOCRITICAL people are on this site.”

…sounds like a repeat? Naahhhhhh. :)

captain_neill if you prefer past Trek that’s great you don’t have to apologise


As long as no one involved is “PLEASED” with anything, we’re good ;-)

Yes, that was a slam at B&B, deal with it okay ?

Please no time travel, JJ.