Limited Edition 2-CD Star Trek V Soundtrack Coming Out Next Week

Today La-La Land Records announced they will be releasing a limited edition 2 CD set of Jerry Goldsmith’s soundtrack for Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, which includes 45 minutes of previously unreleased material. More details below.



Goldsmith’s Star Trek V Soundtrack gets extended

Today La-La Land announced (via their Facebook page) four new limited edition soundtracks they will be releasing on November 30th:

NEW LIMITED EDITION RELEASES available from La-La Land 11/30/10 at (1pm PST): James Horner’s JADE, Danny Elfman’s BATMAN RETURNS (2CD-SET), Jerry Goldsmith’s STAR TREK V: THE FINAL FRONTIER (2CD-SET) and John Williams’ HOME ALONE.

They also included this image for the new releases:

More details on all four releases were posted on the Film Score Monthly forums. Here are the Star Trek V Details:

LLLCD 1157
Music by Jerry Goldsmith
Limited Edition of 5000 Units

La-La Land Records, in association with Sony Music and Paramount Pictures, presents the expanded 2CD-SET of Jerry Goldsmith’s (PATTON, THE OMEN, FIRST KNIGHT, THE EDGE) rousing orchestral score to the 1989 Paramount Pictures motion picture STAR TREK V: THE FINAL FRONTIER, starring William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and DeForest Kelly, directed by William Shatner. Produced for La-La Land Records by Lukas Kendall, Mike Matessino, and Didier C. Deutsch, supervised by Bruce Botnick and Ken Hall, and mastered by Vic Anesini at Battery Studios, this comprehensive presentation of Goldsmith’s score features more than 45 minutes of previously unreleased music, including alternate cues. The original 1989 soundtrack release is also included here. In-depth, exclusive liner notes by Jeff Bond and Lukas Kendall take you behind the movie and its music. Bruce Botnick also contributes exclusive comments. Art direction is by Mark Banning. This is a limited edition of 5000 Units.


Disc ONE – The Film Score

1. Nimbus III 2:01
2. The Mind-Meld 2:43
3. The Mountain [Main Title]* 4:53
4. The Big Drop 0:26
5. Raid on Paradise 2:43
6. Not Alone 1:11
7. Target Practice 1:52
8. A Tall Ship 1:43
9. Plot Course 1:46
10. No Harm 2:13
11. Approaching Nimbus III 2:59
12. Open the Gates 3:01
13. Well Done 1:16
14. Without Help 4:55
15. Pick It Up 2:31
16. No Authority 0:30
17. It Exists 1:47
18. Free Minds 3:18
19. The Birth 3:53
20. The Barrier* 2:52
21. A Busy Man 4:41
22. An Angry God 6:57
23. Let’s Get Out of Here [part 1] 3:42
24. Let’s Get Out of Here [part 2] 3:07
25. Cosmic Thoughts 1:16
26. Life Is a Dream [End Credits]* 3:57
Total Disc Time: 73:07

Disc TWO – The 1989 Soundtrack Album

1. The Mountain* 3:50
2. The Barrier* 2:51
3. Without Help 4:18
4. A Busy Man 4:40
5. Open the Gates 3:00
6. An Angry God 6:55
7. Let’s Get Out of Here 5:13
8. Free Minds 3:17
9. Life Is a Dream* 3:57
10. The Moon’s a Window to Heaven † 4:00
Total Time: 42:22

Additional Music
11. The Mountain [Main Title] (alternate)* 4:45
12. A Busy Man (alternate) 4:42
13. Paradise Saloon (source) 2:42
14. The Moon’s a Window to Heaven
(film version) 1:10
15. Vulcan Song/
Row, Row, Row Your Boat
(Instrumental source) 1:33
16. Synclavier Effects 1:54
Total Time: 16:46

Total Disc Time: 59:28
Total Two-Disc Time: 131:51

Music Published by Sony/ATV Melody BMI
* Contains “Theme From Star?Trek (TV?Series)”
Composed by Alexander Courage
Published by Bruin Music Company BMI
† Performed and Arranged by Hiroshima
Produced by Dan Kuramoto


The Star Trek V 2-CD Soundtrack will be available at starting on Tuesday November 30th.


Thanks to Scott and Nick for tip

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Nice packaging!

me first! finally about time CD!

Greeeeeaaaaattt!!! :-D

Does it have the Shatner, Nimoy, Kelley version of “Row Row Row Your Boat”?

I wish I could get the “Final Frontier” and “Batman Returns” cds. I don’t have a credit card, plus they aren’t sold in stores. :-(

This is great news! Cool packaging too.

#5 Red Dead Ryan – if you have a bank account and a debit card, it’s just as good.

Who cares. The less said about this movie the better.
It just shows that some Star Trek fans will buy ANYTHING.

#5, you can go to Walmart or K-Mart and get a prepaid Visa or Mastercard. I use them to shop at websites I don’t trust so only the money you have on the card is lost if the site is bad.
I have the original Trek 5 soundtrack release and really enjoy the music. I will definitely get this one.

8. This is about the score, not the film. The score in this film is regarded by many as one of Goldsmiths best.

Awesome! If there was one thing about this movie that deserves recognition and praise, it’s the soundtrack. It’s in my top 3 favorite Trek movie soundtracks and I’m glad to see it get the treatment it deserves!

Great news! The worse the movie the greater the soundtrack in this case. One of Jerry Goldsmith’s masterpieces. And I also consider to buy the Home Alone soundtrack. It’s one of Williams’ masterpieces.

The movie is the weakest of the Original movies, but the soundtrack is, IMO, second only to the soundtrack for The Motion Picture. Jerry Goldsmith was the best thing about the film and in many ways his soundtrack is what makes the film watchable at all-lol.


I just checked. They only take credit cards.

The soundtrack is much better than the movie.

Red Dead Ryan,

On the “Shipping Info” page it says:

Alternate Purchasing Methods

Making purchases through

For check or money order
Order Form

I’m sure you can get both albums that way

15. If only Paramount had allowed Shatner to revisit his film for a Director’s Edition a few years back. Worst entry in the series or not, the camaraderie between the original cast is second to none.

I recall seeing some YouTube footage by a talented fan, of the model work completely replaced with CG.

Seeing is believing. so…when all the original star trek movie scores are released…Hopefully it’s time to release the rest of the original series music.

I think they should allow the Shat to do a Directors Edition like they did with TMP. It would be a great thing to see the quality of the FX and I think overall would help the story. The Story was not great but the music was fantastic.

Awesome !!!

I’ll be ordering this on Tuesday, along with Batman Returns !!!

#8 — The MOVIE Star Trek V may have been crap, but JERRY GOLDSMITH was an excellent composer and I did love the music to this film! I’ll be getting this one for my collection! The packaging is awesome too!

@19: Seconded! Glorious music, dreadful movie. Jerry Goldsmith is (was –sniff!) the Maestro.

I actually thing some of the best songs in ST are in this movie.


Great news! can’t wait to get it.

Merry Christmas to me …

Home Alone??? Awesome.

Score alone is 10 times better than the film.

thats great but what about star trek iv or vi? i would appreciate those much more.

Thank you! thank you! Thank You!!!!!

I will be ordering!

Is there no way to preorder?!?!!?!?

Cool, now we have II, III, and V on newly mastered CDs. I will be ordering at the earliest opportunity.

22b – Wires Make Catwomen Fly

16c – 23rd Century Fart Jokes

28a – How Many Decks?

I agree the music is good, but it brings back some bad filmgoing memories. At least the cable cut removes some of the most glaring mistakes in the movie. What’s left is easier to watch in pieces.

Anyway… yes, the music is good.

Holy frak!

I was listening to the original CD just this morning on the way home from (1AM) Thanksgiving wishing, for the millionth time, that someday there’d be a full release and it’s finally here. Am I dreaming? Seriously.

33 Simon – That’s awesome you were listening to the score today!!!

I am very surprised by the news and the fact that it will be out on Tuesday as well!!!!

Maybe life is a dream? LOL!!!

“Am I dreaming? Seriously.”

Kirk did say in this very filmic adventure, Life’s a dream, so there you go.

Love the music, hate the film. Saw the premiere on my 18th birthday – what a let down!!

If only Nichelle had done the fan dance 20 years earlier…

Ah, it might have been…

I had to snicker @ the music company’s name: La La land! That’s hilarious!!

37 – Yep. They’ve been around for a couple of years, and are a really good label for soundtracks.

They’re actually based in LA too :)

The soundtrack was certainly better than the movie, but it wasn’t as good as say II or VI. Will there be special editions of those?

One of my holiest of holy grails! This was a complete surprise. There had been rumors of this coming out but I figured we’d get it next year and especially not so soon after the last Trek release.

For those of you that don’t follow soundtracks, La-La Land Records is a boutique record label based in LA that specializes in film scores, just like Film Score Monthly (the company that released Star Treks II and III). Unlike FSM, they also release scores for new films, not just catalog titles.

Among other geeky things, they’ve released soundtracks for Battlestar Galactica (all seasons, plus the miniseries, The Plan, and Razor), Caprica, Human Target, Independence Day, Krull, Alien: Resurrection, Batman (1966 and 1989), Big Trouble in Little China, Dragonslayer, and Night of the Creeps.

Some of their limited editions are also long sold out, including Godzilla (1998), Innerspace, and a two-disc compilation of music from Batman: The Animated Series (if you can find this on eBay, BUY IT!).

I don’t work for them; I’m just a fan. :-)

While Star Trek V was an average film, the soundtrack by Jerry Goldsmith was magnificent. There are great themes here. There’s the seafearing motif as the Enterprise is about to breach the barrier. The Klingon theme is here. Of course, there’s the majestic main theme of his Star Trek scores. So great, that it was used for the Next Generation. And by the way, this is the first time he weds Alex Courage’s fanfare with his own main theme. It worked beautifully. This was a great score.

This is a pleasant surprise!

I hope that FSM releases an extended CD of Star Trek IV next year.

A bit late for Thanksgiving, but an early Xmas!
Such a great score. AND, a film that- yes- I believe gets better with age.
The only slight downside is that with this one he started repeating the “da-da-da-DAAAA-da” motif (with slight variations) with his following Trek films.

How about some Enterprise, DS9, and VOY on blu-ray CBS!!!! I only ask for those because their cg effects are still pretty good, but not sure if they have the same problem as TNG and the VHS quality crap.

I can’t wait for the extended score for First Contact. There’s been some bad faked CD’s out for a number of years.

# 16 John

Thanks for the link! You wouldn’t happen to know if La La Land take euro cheques, do you?

Great. I’m buying this. Just like all the other guys, it’s about the soundtrack, not the movie…

Yes, let’s see some kind of CGI upgrade for the thing.

But, more importantly, let’s see some more original Star Trek background music that those Phase II people get to use in their productions?

Why do they get access to it and not us?

More music by Jerry Goldsmith is a good thing.

People love to beat up on this film. It is dreadful in some ways but it has some really good points. The relationship between the characters was wonderful in this film. Moreover, the theme of the individual thinking for themselves, even if it means enduring pain, over mindless worship is very true to the Star Trek philosophy. And then there’s the excellent music…


If your Debit card has a Visa or Mastercard logo (and 99% do) then you can use it as a Credit.