Rumor Control: Abrams Still Not Confirmed To Direct Star Trek Sequel

Just a quick update related to an earlier post. An errant line from the LA Times interview with Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman has inspired some to jump the gun with articles saying JJ Abrams has confirmed he will direct the Star Trek sequel, however after checking around, nothing yet has changed on the Abrams directing status.


Abrams still ‘expected’ but not confirmed to direct Star Trek sequel

Today is yet another example of how info on the Star Trek sequel is so rare that any inkling of news can get jumped on. Earlier today TrekMovie and many other sites linked to an excellent LA Times interview with writer/producers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman talking about the Star Trek sequel. The intro to that LA Times article included the note that "J.J. Abrams is back as director".  If this was confirmed info, this would be big news. As TrekMovie recently reported, while JJ Abrams has been confirmed to be producing the Star Trek sequel, he has not yet confirmed he will direct. However, some sites took the LA Times article as confirmation Abrams has now signed on to direct as well, and TrekMovie has also received some emails pointing out the apparent LA Times ‘confirmation.’

TrekMovie has done some checking with studio sources and it turns out that this is not the case. Abrams’ status has not changed. Although expectations continue to lean towards Abrams directing, there is still no official confirmation. Abrams will likely wait until the script is finished (or close to finished), before he announces any decision, which is exactly how he approached his first Star Trek. TrekMovie also checked with the LA Times who have now edited the original article and removed the "Abrams back as director" mention and added a correction update noting "No director has been named."

Abrams on set directing "Star Trek" – has yet to announce if he will direct sequel

This pattern is exactly what was going on in early 2007, with competing reports on if Abrams was confirmed or not confirmed to be directing the first Star Trek. As has been said before, the next nineteen months are sure to be full of lots of these little hiccups. And just like we did for the first Star Trek, TrekMovie will be here to keep bringing you the most accurate and up to date news on the sequel.

POLL: Want Abrams back?

Do you think Abrams is the right man to direct the Star Trek sequel or would you prefer a new director to take over?



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Let Steven Speilberg Direct!!!!!


Or Nicholas Meyer!

Well I hope hes back directing it! The best man for the job.

It is surprising that JJ has not confirmed yet.

JJ Abrams or Nicholas Meyer. Best two directors of Trek movies, and they’re friends.

Michael Bey’s STAR TREK!!!

Thanks for the correction. I saw that intriquing line in the interview, and thought a big news story just broke. Again, thanks for checking into it.

JJ started Trek off in this new direction. I say, let him explore this galaxy a bit more. The first lens flare is on me.

Joel Schumacher!!!!!

He’ll direct. JJ is one of the few people left in Hollywood who values surprises…

Frakes and Nimoy are available…

I would rather him not. I don’t think he understands the Trek universe. He was on a feature about ILM just recently. He had a quote on there saying something about “there’s no terrain that Lucas hasn’t already done…..nothing can be done better.” ….or something like that. And said something to the effect that he didn’t know what to do for an alien terrain in the Star Trek movie. I think that says it all. If he doesn’t have any more imagination than that….and if he’s so stuck in the Star Wars universe…then get someone who can. I’m a Star Wars fan and Star Trek fan. But I’ve always thought Trek definitely had a different look and feel; an even bigger, more real scope, if you want to get down to it, than Star Wars. I guess he’s got the muscle to get movies made but get another director with a different and better vision. I didn’t and don’t like his take on the Trek universe.


That was a joke, right?

Abrams is a average director and the series could benefit from someone with more talent.

Thank God Lindelof is in there reign Kurtzman & Orci.

I don’t think there would be a big issue with someone else directing the next one. Hell, why not get Nicholas Meyer involved in some fashion? If there is anyone that could make a good Trek movie it’s him.

Nicholas Meyer .

That is all. LOL

J.J should Direct. Nick Myers would be a good 2nd choice. 3rd Choice would be Nimoy Himself.

David Lynch’s STAR TREK! 100 percent more confusing.

It depends on the alternative. JJ did a pretty good job, but I’m still not all that convinced of his big-screen potential; he’s a great producer, but I’m not totally sold on him as a film director.

But is he a good choice nonetheless? Heck yeah. I’m just open to having someone even better come in…

Star Trek movies have been unique that most of the movies have had different directors excluding a few. I say JJ should direct the next two, hands down.

I’ll take any talented director who has directed a good film of some sort. As long as the story is solid, the director isn’t too big of a deal… unless you get someone like Christopher Nolan… okay that would probably end up being the BEST Trek movie of all time!

I think the story/script is more important. If Mr. Abrams declines, its not a great loss. He’s a good but not great director, and there are a lot of good directors in Hollywood. I just hope that Paramount ponies up for a better director than Stuart Baird.

I’d love to see Frakes back in the directors chair to be honest. I thought he brought the best balance of action and story to the two movies he did. Granted Insurrection wasn’t a great Star Trek movie but I don’t think that was any fault of Frakes.

I miss Frakes, too, but would rather see him put in charges as Executive Producer of Trek on TV with the option to direct some eps. I miss the 24th century and would be open to a live action miniseries or animated weekly series.

ok, i just read some folks say Joel Schumacher and Michael Bay.

My question is, are you insane ?

As long as he does more Webcasts from the “Bridge.”

Although, come to think about it, I might prefer a few webcasts from a newly redesigned “Engineering Deck.”

…(almost) anybody but JJ!!! Favreau?

Joel Schumacher? Eh.

Michael Bay? SPLOSIONS! No.

I think it needs to be either Sam Raimi or Uwe Boll.

@4. Who is Michael “Bey”?

Frakes directing a real big movie like this…you guys have to be kidding, right?

@27. Uwe Boll? Is that a brand of beer?

@11. Andy, I respect your opinion. I will not however that only 9% agree with you according to the survey here.

Two words: Werner Herzog

@32 It’ll never happen in a million years, but that’d be a helluva movie. Werner has a mischievous streak, too, and I bet he’d be open to the prospect!

By my vote is also for Meyer. One thing for sure that would appeal to Paramount, he’d bring the project in on time and under budget. Not so sure Lindelof, Orci and Kurtzman would want him on board, though; he’d surely take a whack at re-writing anything they’ve submitted – no doubt for the best…

@33 Meyer hasn’t directed a theatrical movie in 20 years. It would be too big of an adjustment for him to get back into directing now….remember how poor behind the times Robert Wise screwed up Trek 1…i.e. “The Motion Sickness”

I’m 55 and even I don’t want to see any of the “old guard” take over the directing duties. JJ got it right with the last movie. That’s the pace we need.

New director, less lens flare.

@34 Terrence Malick had twenty year gap between “Days of Heaven” and “The Thin Red Line” , and IMO, that didn’t make him any harm. Not saying that Malick should direct the sequel…

It is probably best that JJ Abrams direct the sequel, but please no more talk about Star Wars.

There are four things that get my goat – talk about Khan, Borg, Carol Marcus and Star Wars. UGH!


I guess First Contact wasn’t a big Trek film, huh?


Abrams can be the man for the job if he’s given quality material. I’m more confident in him than the writers, sorry. If he could do away with the shake-cam, I think he could do a bang-up job. He’s got the chops, but I think he’s yet to prove it.

@8 yeah, Joel Schumacher… with close ups on asses and nipples when Kirk and Spock put on their uniforms, but with no nipples on Uhura…

Remember Batman & Robin suckfest?

Woody Alllen’s STAR TREK now with more awkward pauses.

I happen to like Star Wars well the original trilogy was by far the best:)


So, you’re ruling out William Shatner? :-)

I definitely agree that J.J Abrams should direct the sequel. He returned Star Trek to pop culture in a big way. I think the reason why he hasn’t committed is because a lot can change in the next year and he doesn’t want to make a promise he can’t keep. Judging by how he said he fell in love with the characters and cast last time, I’d bet in his mind he has decided to direct. And that can only be a good thing!

Take that, anti-J.J Talifans!


Notice how apart from “Phantom Of The Opera” Joel Schumacher hasn’t been hired to direct anything? Though I wouldn’t be surprised if he is part of the “Spider Man: Turn Off The Dark” production based on some of the flamboyant costume designs. :-)

I think most of us here like Star Wars as well. But please keep Lucas’ and Roddenberry’s visions separate.

I was watching Encore’s recent ILM documentary, and JJ Abrams spoke for a few minutes about the new Trek film. Unfortunately, he spent part of the segment bemoaning how Lucas had already “done everything” with his Star Wars movies. He went on to say that someone reminded him that Trek came first and he said that really didn’t help him.

Sorry, but for me those comments didn’t exactly inspire a lot of confidence in him. I mean, for a guy with such big glasses—where’s HIS vision? (rimshot)



Oops, sorry for the extra emoticon.


Glad to hear that!

Hmmmm…. Mr. Abrams should just stick as the producer.
He is one of the best producers out there currently, but when it comes to directing, he’s more of a Tony Scott then a Ridley Scott. If you know what I mean.

I seriously don’t care who directs the next movie as I will be seeing it.

However, if Uwe Boll or Michael Bay end u directing it I will scream bloody murder as that will really ruin new Star Trek for me.

At least no matter what the Star Trek I love will always be there.

And if JJ Abrams is directing then please DO NOT ruin every single shot with a lens flare. One or two is cool but not 20 million in every single frame.

I totally agree about your assessment on Abrams. I think he knows how to make a fun movie but I am not a fan of his shooting style in which the camera is shaking in most frames and the pace is so relentless that you don’t have as cool character moments as you had before.

It’s a sign of modern Hollywood, who seem to think that a shot longer than 10 seconds would bore the mainstream. I don’t like this mentality of things being dumbed down in Big tentpole movies these days.

JJ Abrams is great at making a fun movie but as someone who likes directing, his style is not my style if that makes sense.


Star Trek First Contact WAS A BIG MOVIE, Hell it’s still a better movie than Star Trek XI in my opinion.

The new movie is only bigger in the sense it got a bigger budget but none of the past movies were considered low budget movies.

The Wrath of Khan is the closest to a low budget film but to me that is still a big movie with a big scale.

And I believe that a bigger budget DOES NOT mean a better movie. Take TWOK in case for that one.


If JJ Abrams had to be reminded that Star Trek came first then “Oh dear Lord!”

He did a great job with the last movie but if he tries to inject a lot more Star Wars into Star Trek XII to the point that it feels more like a Star Wars movie and has no resemblance of Star Trek then I will be unhappy.

Star Trek was a fun adventure set in a time where we have ended war, famine, and are all working together without racism and bigotry. It was a dream of a utopia future and one we should aspire to.

Star Trek was a show about ideals and Spock was also used to great effect to explore humanity by his observations and his quips with ‘Bones’

If these elements were lost then it would not be Star Trek anymore.

Sorry just my two cents on why I don’t too much Star Wars injected in because they are two totally different franchises.