Video of the Day: A Trekkie Wedding In Vulcan

Today brings video of two Star Trek fans who chose to show their love for Star Trek and for eachother by getting married at the Star Trek themed Vulcan Station in Vulcan, Alberta, Canada. Check out the video report below.


Wedding in Vulcan

Over the weekend Canadian Star Trek fans James McDonald and Kate Osaso got married in Vulcan, Alberta Canada, which is the official Star Trek capital of Canada. Here is a video report from the event, from CBC (via CNN).

More on the wedding at the Calgary Sun.

And for more on Trekkie Tourism at Vulcan, visit

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I hope they live long and prosper!

“Star track”? wtf… dick butt…

congragulations to them though!

if they were real fans, they would’ve used starfleet formal wear, instead of regular duty uniforms…FROM DIFFERENT ERAS!!!!!

…i kid…i hope they find happiness in their sub-standard fandom together

Best of luck and best wishes to the couple… too bad we don’t have STTE around anymore for peole to marry on the 1701 D bridge.

Star Track? kk.

God grant them many years, and may your marriage live long and prosper!

Presumably, it seemed the logical thing to do.

1 Peace and long life to them!

2,5 Canadian accent with a Great Lakes vowel shift, although it sounds like Track with a short [æ] to our ear, he’s saying Trek. ‘Track’ would have a long [æ:] and sound sort of like Tra-yack….

@ #2 Seriously, WTF is Star Track?!

#3, really? for shame! You know that they must play STO, which currently has no inforced uniform regs at this time, LOL

@4 Uhmm the 1701D never will/would have exist/existed. That’s why they tore down all the Experience stuff. It is gone forever!



Harry,… was that you?!!!

DRUM ROLL…now for the honeymoon night at Vulcan’s only hotel…the Super 8 Bridal Suite…hey honey, is that a cockroach on the ceiling?

Congrats to the young couple!
May they spawn yet another member to the next trekkie generation…

May they live long and have a happy, prosperous life. It is the logical thing to say.


For those negative people who criticise their wedding on Vulcan, Alberta – SCREW YOU! Whether your a yankee or not.

Hey I think this is cool me and my Girl friend are having a Klingon wedding at a convention here in Atlanta GA in Feb.

@16. Ease up, people are just having a little fun with it. Man, don’t take this stuff so seriously, dude. Of course we all wish them well. Sheesh.

Congrats to the happy couple!

Back in 2008, my wife and I renewed our vows on our 20th anniversary with our kids present at Star Trek: The Experience, just a couple of months before it closed. What an awesome experience it was! The minister was a wonderful woman who had appeared as an extra in TOS’s “A Piece of the Action.” She performed the ceremony beautifully. Staff allowed us to roam around the bridge for about 20 minutes before taking us for the backstage tour, free of charge. We’d been there before, maybe 8-10 times, but perhaps because the staff feared it was closing soon, they couldn’t have been nicer. Our 25th anniversary is coming up in a couple of years. Perhaps Vulcan, Alberta, is the next place for us to renew our vows.

#17 wishing you 2 klingons a wonderful life together. Me and my grandkids will be at the convention here in Atlanta. And to the haPpy couple in vulcan. God @ Sha-Ka-ree’s blessings upon all of you!

@19 Very Cool !!!!!

Regarding that CBC piece, how can you NOT like Canada with a story like that? It warms the cockles of any Trekfan’s heart.

Frankly, there isn’t any country that speaks to the future more than Canada, with its endless expanses and its stirring commitment to fairness for all.

I think that many Canadians who love Trek must look forward to the future with the wide-eyed innocence that so appealed to all of us when we were so much younger — lo, those many long years ago.

@22 “Frankly, there isn’t any country that speaks to the future more than Canada, with its endless expanses and its stirring commitment to fairness for all.”

As someone who has traveled fairly extensive in Canada, I would have to disagree with you…at least to the point where you seemingly put Canada on a pedestal of virtue (as compared to us other “limited” countries). When I was last in Toronto I got harassed by some street people, and my associate (it was a business trip) was grabbed by some guy demanding a cigarette. Also, several years back on a visit to Alberta, it was depressing to see how much development the Canadians allow in their national parks, and we noticed a significant trash problem in Banff national park; the general atmosphere and theme of nature prevailing at least in Banff National Park was not what I have come to expect in most U.S. national parks. I do really like Vancouver though — I have been there several times on business, and it does have the modern and progressive quality you mention.

Frankly, I don’t see a big difference between the U.S. and Canada. And both countries are so diverse, you can easily cherry-pick certain regions and cities and make comparisons between the two countries. But it is really moot — there is not much of a difference in my opinion. I guess if you want to get into politics, and you are liberal, you could say Canada is better from your own perspective, but then someone could just as easily say Sweden and The Netherlands are better than Canada in that regard.