Leonard Nimoy To Attend 2011 San Francisco Star Trek Con + Creation Plans 9 Trek Cons For 45th Anniv.

Earlier this year Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy said 2010 would be his final year for conventions, but Creation has just announced that Mr. Nimoy is planning to attend their San Francisco con next March. In addition, Creation has a total of nine cons lined up for the next year, celebrating Star Trek’s 45th anniversary.


Nimoy headed to San Francisco + Creation planned 9 cons over next year

Leonard Nimoy made big news this year by again announcing he is retiring from acting, as well as from convention appearances. His last announced appearances were to be in October (in Chicago and Long Beach), but those had to be cancelled due to a last-minute surgery, from which Mr. Nimoy has since recovered.

There was some worry that Nimoy would not make any more con appearances, but now Creation Entertainment has announced the original Spock will be appearing at their San Francisco con, taking place March 11-13th, 2011. Nimoy will be appearing on Saturday the 12th for a stage appearance as well as doing photos and autographs. He will also be doing a separate photography seminar. Other Trek celebs lined up so far for San Francisco include Nichelle Nichols, Connor Trinneer, Nana Visitor, Dominic Keating, Rene Auberjonois, and more. More details at creationent.com/cal/stsan.

Leonard Nimoy
Nimoy at August Creation Star Trek Con in Vegas – headed to San Francisco in 2011 (Photo: Brian Wilkins)

In addition to getting at least one more appearance for Mr. Nimoy, Creation is also planning their biggest line up of Star Trek cons in years. Over the next year, Creation will hold nine official Star Trek cons, including going to a number of cities they have been to rarely or never. Here is the line up, starting with this weekend:

Creation’s Star Trek 45th anniversary logo


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Went to Chicago, missed Nimoy there, so hopefully he comes this year. Great to see the increase in Trek Cons…too bad the movie won’t be out in time for the 45th, but nevertheless it should be a good year for Star Trek.

It would be wonderful to see Mr Nimoy and Mr Shatner in the next film.

Must go to SanFran now. On that weekend. School be damned.

Start planning for Vegas now, I can only imagine what they have in store at the new location.

The Rio is a mighty fine hotel with a lot of bars…not that that is the reason why we go to the Vegas CON.

Would be nice if Star Trek did something big for the 45th but I know they will do something for the 50th. Last big anniversary celebrations were 25th and 30th. 35th went by without a peep as did the 40th.

Hey. Maybe Mr. Nimoy will make one more apperence in Trek. Lets all Hope.

The man is damn well invincible!

He just keeps on Trekkin’.

An inspiration to us all, I am certain.

We love you Big Len and I have no doubt that you will live long and prosper.

Again, No New York. :::Sigh:::

This is old news.

I posted in The Empire Conventions & Gatherings Forum (http://www.klingon-empire.org/forum/showthread.php?t=8281) back on October 12, 2010 that Mr Nimoy was scheduled to appear in San Francisco.

It’s only fitting that he end the conference run in SF. Home of STIV and Starfleet…

I’m looking forward to seeing Mr. Nimoy in San Francisco, loved him in Vegas last year with Shatner. The Vegas Creation Star Trek convention has been an annual tradition for my family for 7 years and we can’t wait for 2011 and the move to The Rio, a much better spot than the Hilton now that Star Trek The Experience is gone.
I’ve already gone to The Rio to check it out, I love the casino!

Parsippany! I’ve been waiting for an excuse to go there! Now I’ve got one! ; )

9. tj

We bow to your superior knowledge.

#12- That was funny! Thanks.

Parsippany, NJ, if Nimoy and Shatner are there, so am I.

Compared to the relative value of Comic Con, Creation Cons are really not worth it, IMO.
The last few I attended looked like glorified garage sales.
The celebrities who attended seemed largely unenthusiastic.
And it’s really too bad too, because the first few I attended in the early 2000s were a lot of fun. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I just got in as it was on the wane; I was still able to see some of the ‘good stuff.’

But the last few? Felt like the party was over. Now I save all of my money for the (barely navigable, but still worth it) Comic Con. When you do the math (ticket prices versus what you actually get)? Creation Cons are pretty much just cons, sadly.

Really? I’d rather go to a Creation con than a comic con. Chances are you can’t even GET a San Diego comic con badge unless you run a website. And good luck trying to get into panels there.

Nimoy is still listed at IMDB.com as “rumored” to be in the next ‘Hobbit’ film(s). Anyone got any dirt on that one?

Yes, the panels at CC are very hard to get into, but there is a LOT more to do at CC than panels; and your one (or 4 day pass) ticket can get you into any of them (you don’t need to buy ‘preferred gold tickets’ that get you a few rows closer). For the dealer halls and autograph areas alone, a CC ticket far outstrips a Creation con ticket for value.
I don’t run a website, and I still get tickets to CC by the way.

I actually met and shook hands with Leonard Nimoy at CC2009.
There was a line of about 5 people. It’s all in the timing; you bring your schedule, be a little tenacious and you can have a great time.

#8–While I wouldn’t likely make it to a NYC con, I think it would only be fitting to have one there during the 45th Anniversary.

I fondly remember the 3 I attended in the 70s at the Stadtler Hotel (I forget what it is now) and the surprise visit Leonard made to bawl out the fans for pressuring him to do the first feature film/series relaunch–he made a point to tell us that he was an actor first and NOT Spock! :)

And Bill telling his bear hunting stories or dramatic readings from works like War of the Worlds. Of course, George invited all of us geeks to go jogging with him in Central Park (at some ungodly hour like 5/6am!). And just the enjoyable conversational sessions with other cast and guests.

My favorite part was being able to duck into a darken room they converted into a continuous TOS marathon where I could watch episode after episode from actual film unedited like the syndicated versions floating around at the time (and very few of us had any sort of video recorders or the internet to rewatch the shows when we wanted).

Yes, it would only be fitting for a con to be back in NYC where it all started but from the reports on some of the cons of recent years I might agree that it isn’t going to be like those good ol’ cons when Trek was barely a blip on social fabric of the universe and starving fans were desperate for any sign of life in Trekdom. :)


I envy you, your memory of the ‘golden days.’
That must’ve really been something to see….

Sadly, conventions these days are a lot less passion driven, and more like pre-packaged product.

I love the logo.

@ 22 i like the logo too. using the real enterprise over the “fast and cool” abramsprise was a good choice. love the older andrew probert designs.

I think that’s sealed it for me!
I’m planning a con-tour in the US next year, starting with Moy The Great!

The Rio will be nice for the change of venue. Its some what sad to leave the Hilton after going there for the last 6 years but without STTE there is little to keep the con there other than Creations getting a great deal on the halls.

Space Quest Casino, now called Space Quest Lounge since they removed a lot of slot machines to make room for couches, chairs and tables has lost some of its shimmer but not all as Terry the bartender is great entertainment if you sit at the bar. As long as SQ still has the ST Slot machine we will stay there for the nostalgia.

I remember playing the Slot machine with Portland Dave sitting next to me and the crowd at the bar started yelling “KIRK, KIRK, KIRK, KIRK…” when Shatner appeared up on the screens while STTMP played. Then John Povil (assoc Producer on TMP) came by me and I got to speak to him one-on-one. Every CON has given people some great memories.

The Voodoo Lounge at the Rio where the Gold & Cpts Chairs dinners will be held, have a fish bowl drink that is close, if not exact, to the STTE Warp Core Breach…. can’t wait.

The Rio is a great casino resort-only negative its off the strip but there are free buses that go to harrahs and back-its true the hilton wasnt on the strip either but at least its on the monorail route–gamblin wise we did better at paris,ballys,the old aladdin now planet hollywood and harrahs n imperial palace than either the rio or hilton–ahh the rios buffets are in-cred-ible–biggest n best in the world–or the seafood both great–oh yeh for the ladies chippendale guys parade around–n the rio is the only casino i everbplayed slots on that had a leggy miniskirted dancer on top of my machine while playin–their free masquerade in the sky parade is always fun to see–and last but not least no trek fans will be throwing their money at the hilton who basically kicked st the experience out–i probably will not set foot upon the hilton ever again-i swore that whenbi visited the experience to say goodbye 2 weeks before they closed–

FREAKIN’ SWEEET! The Shat returns to my hometown of Nashville (i linked to the sight) after I can’t remember how long it has been…along with Mr Nimoy!! This will more than make up for missin’ the guys at Dragon Con last year.

Going to a GREAT year for the Opryland Holel which just re-opened from surviving the Nashville floods…getting to be part of the anniversary celebrations!!


I agree. 50th will be a spectical to remember. I will bet they finish the 3rd movie with the new crew. Have a number of conventions all over the world. And probably unvail a new TV series.

If anyone is attending the San Francisco con and is willing to have 2 things signed for me, I’ll pay for the autos plus $75.00 for your services. Hit me at scifitoys@sbcglobal.net if you’re interested.
Thanks everyone!

It was just announced that Mr. Nimoy will be attending the 2011 Dragon Con along with Mr. Shatner!