Sci-Fi TV Sunday: Fringe, V, Stargate Universe, Being Human, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who + more

It is time once again to catch up on all the Sci-Fi TV news and this week we start off with a big move for Fringe, an original V cast member returns, talk of a 5-year arc for SGU, new shows developing for the CW,  and much more. including the latest television ratings, casting bites and new images and video previews.



Fox moves Fringe to Friday nights beginning in January

Fox has announced their mid-season schedule and one of the key changes includes moving the struggling sci-fi drama "Fringe" to Friday nights. At first glance the move seems like one of the first steps towards cancellation, but Fox and the show’s creative team remain optimistic:

"We are excited," executive producer J.H. Wyman told Blastr. "We think it’s open territory that can be conquered. We really do believe our fans are loyal. I believe they’re going to follow. It’s a chance for us to get away from that statement that Friday night is not an opportune night. [We believe] we can actually deliver like The X-Files did. … I think we both agree it’s a good opportunity."

"When Fox informed us of the move, what was most important to us is we understand that our audience is watching the show, not like a standalone audience watches the show, but their actually watching it as an investment over time," added executive producer Jeff Pinkner. "We wanted to be able to tell our audience that the story, the ongoing, the long arcing story that we have planned for our characters, is going to get told. It’s funny, there are more Fringe fans in the building at Fox then any show we’ve ever worked on before. I think they and we all feel that if we can build a fan base on and carve out some territory on Friday night, we can be there for years."

Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly also expressed optimism, insisting this is not a death blow for the low-rated series:

”We are not killing the show. Over the last week, over 45 percent of the audience time-shifted the show. That’s almost half of the dedicated audience watching it on their DVRs. It’s been such a loyal fanbase. I will be really disheartened if the viewer base decides to not watch because it shifted one night. I hope they go with it, and if not they have the option of picking it up on their DVRs. If it does anywhere near what it did on Thursdays, we can glue that show to the schedule because it can be a big win for us.”

The first Friday night episode will air on January 28, 2011 at 9PM. "Fringe" airs its mid-season finale episode "Marionette" this coming Thursday at 9PM. Check out a promo and sneak peek for the episode below:

Promo for episode 3×09 – "Marionette" [YouTube]

Sneak peek for "Marionette" [YouTube]

CW may adapt DC Comics Raven + Kevin Williamson developing potential Vampire Diaries companion series

The CW is looking into adapting the DC Comics property "Raven" into a TV series. Diego Gutierrez (recently a co-executive producer on "V") is writing and will executive produce the project, which has a script order at The CW thorugh Warner Brothers TV and DC Entertainment. Here are some details on the character [via Variety]:

In DC Comics mythology, Raven — created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez — is the daughter of a human and a demon who has empath abilities to read emotions and divine secrets.

Raven, who’s able to teleport herself and enter the minds of others, uses her skills to fight crime while trying to keep her dark internal elements in check.

In other development news, "The Vampire Diaries" co-creator/executive producer Kevin Williamson is working on a new supernatural drama series for The CW that could serve as a companion series to the hit CW series "The Vampire Diaries". The untitled project is in the early stages of development at Warner Brothers TV, but would focus on a group of people who investigate paranormal happenings. Fellow ‘Vampire Diaries’ co-creator/executive producer Julie Plec is also said to be in talks to co-write the project with Williamson. Because of the project is still in very early stages, it likely wouldn’t be ready until the 2012-2013 season at the earliest.

Original series cast member Marc Singer to appear in V season two finale

Marc Singer, who played Mike Donovan in the original ’80s "V" miniseries/TV show, will guest star in the season two finale — episode 10 — of the new ABC series. According to TV Guide, Singer will play a new character named Lars Tremont: "Lars is a member of a super top secret organization comprised of high-ranking military and government leaders from around the globe, who have long suspected that the Visitors — despite what they tell us — are very much not here in peace." This is the second major original series addition to the series following Jane Badler, who will appear in the season two premiere. "V" returns for its second season on Tuesday, January 4, 2011 at 9PM on ABC. One would assume that if ratings are strong enough to warrant another season, we would see more of Singer’s character in the third season.

Season two promotional cast images [more at Multipleverses]

Promo for episode 2×01 – "Red Rain" [YouTube]

Stargate Universe Producer: Series has a five-year story

"Stargate Universe" producer Joseph Mallozzi told fans on his blog [via GateWorld] that the show has been planned out to air over five seasons, however they could "pay it off over the course of a single season.":

"There are a number of arcs and elements that will figure into the ultimate finale we have planned,": Mallozzi said. "Ideally, we’d get five years to tell the entire story in satisfactory fashion…"

Ratings this season continue to be weak, but Mallozzi says Syfy will take into account DVR-delayed and online viewers when making a decision about a third season:

I think our audience is there but simply growing more diffuse,” Mallozzi said of the ratings. “It would terrific if the television industry found a way to catch up with the modern media’s technological advancements, find a way to make sure everyone is counted in those ratings — but barring a major miracle, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

“The only alternative to ensuring a third season is to bring more viewers to Tuesday nights, be they SG-1 fans, Atlantis fans, or fans of Celebrity Circus.

"Stargate Universe" is currently averaging 1.08M viewers and a 0.5 A18-49 rating. Through the same span last season — 10 weeks — season one had averaged 1.90M viewers and a 0.8 A18-49 rating. That represents a year-on-year decline of 43% among viewers and 37% among adults 18-49. GateWorld notes that Syfy is likely to make a decision on a third season in December or January.

Syfy kicks off 2011 with new original series Being Human, Face Off and Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen

Syfy has announced premiere dates for new shows "Being Human" (Monday, January 17, 2011, at 9PM), Face Off (Wednesday, January 26, 2011, at 10PM) and Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen (February, 2011). The network also announced return dates for "Ghost Hunters", "Destination Truth" and "Ghost Hunters International. "Merlin" will also rejoin the network’s lineup beginning on Friday, January 7, 2011, at 10PM:

Syfy will ring in the New Year with a cavalcade of original programming, from the new series Being Human (Monday, January 17, at 9PM), Face Off (Wednesday, January 26, at 10PM) and Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen and returning powerhouses Ghost Hunters, Destination Truth and Ghost Hunters International (Wednesday, January 5, at 9PM), to Saturday Original Movies led by the highly anticipated clash of pop princess rivals Debbie Gibson and Tiffany in Mega Python Vs Gatoroid on Saturday, January 29, at 9PM (ET/PT).

Merlin, starring Colin Morgan, Bradley James and Anthony Head, will rejoin the prime time lineup beginning Friday, January 7, at 10PM (ET/PT) following WWE Friday Night Smackdown®.

To read the entire press release, click here.

Season preview trailer for "Being Human" [Syfy]

Launch promo for "Face Off" [Syfy]

Darabont may forgo writers room for The Walking Dead season two

"The Walking Dead" writer/director/executive producer Frank Darabont has reportedly let go all of the writers for the hit AMC series. Deadline reports that Darabont will do the second season without a writers room, and will instead assign scripts to freelancers. AMC issued a statement confirming "that there will be changes to the writing staff". However, executive producer/author Robert Kirkman says the report is "unfortunate" and "premature" and says the writing staff changes won’t affect the show:

"It’s kind of unfortunate that it’s being reported that our writing staff has been fired because that’s not the case," Kirkman, who created the comic book series on which the AMC zombie drama is based, told "It makes Frank look bad. I don’t think Frank wants it out there that he’s just firing people off of a successful show seemingly for no reason."

The series has been a huge hit for the network, with an average audience tune-in of 5.09M viewers and a 2.6 A18-49 rating through the first five episodes. Last week’s episode drew a series-high 5.56M viewers and a 2.8 A18-49 rating. The first season finale of "The Walking Dead" airs tonight on AMC at 10PM.

Promotional stills for the season finale, "TS-19" [more at KSiteTV]

A Christmas Carol synopsis + New images

BBC has released the official synopsis for the "Doctor Who" Christmas special "A Christmas Carol".

The thrilling adventures of the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) and newlyweds Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill) will continue in a Doctor Who fun-filled and heartfelt festive story, A Christmas Carol, this Christmas on BBC One.

In the grand tradition of Doctor Who Christmas specials, this year the show has once again attracted stellar guest stars, as veteran actor Michael Gambon (Harry Potter, The Singing Detective) and Opera diva Katherine Jenkins, in her first acting role, join the Time Lord for what might be his most Christmassy adventure yet!

Lead writer/executive producer Steven Moffat teased the special, which will air on Christmas day in both the US (on BBC America) and in the UK (on BBC): "Oh, we’re going for broke with this one. It’s all your favourite Christmas movies at once, in an hour, with monsters. And the Doctor. And a honeymoon. And… oh, you’ll see. I’ve honestly never been so excited about writing anything. I was laughing madly as I typed along to Christmas songs in April. My neighbours loved it so much they all moved away and set up a website demanding my execution. But I’m fairly sure they did it ironically."

Promotional stills for "A Christmas Carol" [more at Blogtor Who, (2), (3)]

PREVIEW Videos & Images

The Cape

Promotional cast images [more at CapeSite]

Interview with creator Tom Wheeler [Comic Book Movie]

Promo [NBC]


Sneak peek at the Holiday special, "O Little Town…" [Syfy]

Family Guy

Trailer for ‘Return of the Jedi spoof’, "It’s A Trap!" [YouTube via THR]

Watch another trailer here

Game of Thrones

Teaser trailer #3 [YouTube]

Inside Game of Thrones preview [HBO]

Promotional stills [more at EW]

The Guild: Tink

Cover art for the upcoming comic book [io9]

Human Target

Promo for episode 2×04 – "The Return of Baptiste" [YouTube]

Ice Quake

Sneak peek (airs Saturday, December 11 at 9 ET on Syfy) [Syfy]


Promotional stills for episode 2×05 [more at SpoilerTV]

Promo for episode 2×05 [YouTube]

No Ordinary Family

Promo for episode 1×10 – "No Ordinary Sidekick" [YouTube]


Season four trailer [YouTube]

Riese: Kingdom Falling

Season finale – "Reunion" [Syfy]


Sneak peek at episode 3×09 – "Vigilante" [YouTube]


Promo for episode 10×11 – "Icarus" [YouTube]


Character designs for the upcoming anime adaptation [more at SpoilerTV]

Promo for episode 6×11 – "Appointment in Samarra" [YouTube]

Transformers Prime

Behind the scenes with Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman [YouTube]

Warehouse 13

Sneak peeks for the Holiday special, "Secret Santa" [Syfy]


  • Episode two of the fourth season of "True Blood" will be called "You Smell Like Dinner". [E! Online]
  • The final five unaired episodes of the canceled Syfy series "Caprica" will air during a marathon on Syfy on January 4, 2011 from 6-11PM. [E! Online]
  • Kelly Manners ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer") is joining the Starz’ upcoming U.S. edition of "Torchwood" as a producer. In related news, Starz hasn’t announced an exact premiere date for "Torchwood: The New World", but the network reportedly expects to launch the show in July 2011. [the live feed | THR]
  • Episode 1×07 of "The Cape" will be called "Ghosts of Palm City". [SpoilerTV]
  • Episode 6×14 of "Supernatural" will be called "Mannequin 3: The Reckoning". [SpoilerTV]
  • Mark Romanek is in negotiations to direct Fox’s pilot "Locke & Key", from producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" creator Josh Friedman wrote the pilot. [Deadline]
  • …Meanwhile, Jonas Pate has been tapped to direct the two-hour "Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome". [Deadline]
  • The BBC has announced that the fourth game in the "Doctor Who Adventures Games" series will be released in the UK on Christmas day. The game will be called "Shadows of the Vashta Nerada" and will be available for purchase worldwide at a later date. [via Doctor Who News Page]


  • Steven Moffat confirmed that the character Ianto Jones, who was killed in 2009’s "Children of Earth", will not be returning. [Steven Moffat | Twitter]
  • Vinnie Jones discusses his role as Scales on the upcoming NBC series "The Cape": "Scales is the main boss, trying to take over, and he will be trying all different angles to do that," he told SciFiNow. "He’s going to be teaming up wherever he can to try to take over Palm City."… [Digital Spy]
  • …Chad Lindberg has revealed that he will be guest starring on the show as a villain. [via]
  • "True Blood" star Jessica Tuck has been promoted to series regular…
  • …In related casting news, Janina Gavankar, Alexandra Breckenridge and Vedette Lim have been added to the cast. Gavankar will play Luna, "a super-sexy public school teacher and shapeshifter who is first seen attending an informal gathering with others like her". Breckenridge will play Daisy, "a member of a wiccan group founded by Marnie. And lastly, Lim will play Naomi, "a fierce fighter who participates in underground cage matches for money." [Deadline]
  • Miranda Otto has been tapped to star in Fox’s drama pilot "Locke & Key". [Deadline]

SCI-FI RATINGS (Based on final national numbers unless otherwise noted) [@TravisYanan]

CHART (11/8/2010 to 11/14/2010)

CHART (11/15/2010 to 11/21/2010)

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Nice job Syfi, I’ve been enjoying Being human on Space for about a year now…

I do hope SGU continues because other then that, V and Doctor Who there is no genuine sci-fi on tv anymore

Me thinks it’s about time Star Trek makes a TV return, eh boborci?


I beg to differ. Why bother with a remake? Why not just air the original?
It’s not like they’re not speaking English.
…And from a purely shallow POV, the original actors are so much better-looking.

A Game of Thrones is going to rock this joint…trust me.

It’s too bad that they’re getting rid of the writing staff for The Walking Dead. Makes no sense, the show’s done great, why the sudden change? Either way, I hope it doesn’t take them too long to come out with season 2 because this first season was awesome. It needs to be a lot longer, though, 6 episodes was insanely short.

@2 — Personally, I find the situation more acutely, because in my opinion (and that’s all it is, no disrespect to anyone else’s) Stargate Universe is the only Sci-Fi show currently worth my time (besides The Clone Wars, but that’s different because it’s animation).

I deplore all the cancellations of shows that I cared about, like Caprica and Flashforward. In fact, I’d like to boycott SyFy, but I like SGU too much.

The article entry on SGU is poignant for me, too, because I’m one of those viewers who can only watch it online on Hulu.

People, I had the luck to watch the last five episodes od Caprica, get on with it, watch it, tell your friends, make some kind of an audience record, so Syfy should get their grip around. Those were the best 5 episodes of the series …

Stargate Universe will never get 5 seasons. I think it would be a wonder, if it gets a 3rd season. A season 2 average of 1.08 million viewers is just horrible. In comparison Stargate Atlantis got 1.62 million viewers in its 5th and last season.

Medium pulls in around 7m viewers a week. No reason to cancel such a good show!

Nobody points out that the SGU TV time slot shifted.. used to be Fridays. Tuesday is a rough time slot for pirme time Sci Fi TV, with all the major network competition, in my opinion. They should move the series back to Friday and I bet ratings would shoot back up.

I am just glad to see that some networks are beginning to give weight to the DVR market–our family rarely watches a show “live” anymore because of work schedules and other things that make it inconvenient to watch a show when it is broadcast. In fact, there really isn’t any show currently on that we get so excited about that we would even feel compelled to watch it live–although we might feel some anxiousness to watch the DVRd episode soon after if there was a cliffhanger the week before! :)

The networks really need to work out the demographics on people who simply don’t have time to watch programs when broadcast but do eventually watch it somehow (especially in this economy when the people fortunate enough to work are probably killing theirselves with crazy work schedules to stay ahead). It is time they really begin to recognize the changes in viewing habits and mediums to more acurately gauge a show’s success–perhaps fewer of our favorites would face cancellation so quickly or at all.

Maybe Trekmovie could explore this area more thoroughly (and accurately) in a forthcoming article?

Since when is 10 episodes considered a season? How in the world do you build a good TV habit based on 10 weeks a year? Come on!

SGU continues to fall just short of awesome. I still think they’re trying too hard to be BSG and not concentrating on becoming their own animal. I wish they’d figure something for the women to do. They’re dull. Just dull. But, I keep seeing potential, and hope they come up with something that clicks.

Really wish SyFy would get back in the game. If we wanted a wrestling channel, we’d go find one. Please stop buying every crappy cgi snake movie and spend a buck on some quality shows, like the new Doctor Who series or something. Really, weekends have become unwatchable. How many movies did Lou Diamond Philips make opposite a cgi bug anyway??

Did i ever mention how pist off I am at the fact that Caprica was cancelled ?

As of now…. Sy-Fy is dead for me….

I can’t see how SGU can survive even to a third season with numbers like that. It’s flogging a dead horse at this point to even try for another season. People didn’t like the show, they tuned out. Since it is more serialized than the previous two incarnations of Stargate, it would be hard for a new viewer to just tune in and watch.

If Fringe is cancelled there will be nothing good on TV to watch! It is the best show on TV since Star Trek Enterprise ended… every thing else is Sh*t!

maybe if there wasnt 700 stupid channels, then id might watch more than TnT or CN…

and doesn’t DVR not record avertisements? thats the only thing that neilsons even care about, if your watching who’s paying THEM…

I hope the zombie make ups will improve fo the next go around. With very few exceptions, the look of the walkers — well — sucks.

On the other front, i miss Caprica as well. Smart, well-written science fiction drama. Figures it wouldn’t last.

That game that Bob Orci and Alex K are playing looks like the old style arcade pac-man or mario bros versions. I am jealous.

Oh, and the mo-cap scenes were awesome. “do the robot”

Will Clark fly?
What do we think, Ballzy?

Does anyone know how the CW casts their shows? I actually want to try to audition for Raven.

Regarding “V”, and “Marc Singer, who played Mike Donovan in the original ’80s “V” miniseries/TV show, will guest star in the season two finale”, come on!

Realistically it isn’t the season two finale, it is the last episode of the entire series. The show was barely renewed, its ratings are abysmal, and there’s not a chance in hell it will be back for a third season. The writers should wrap up the storyline with this last batch of final episodes.

I think Smallville is the best of the genre on T.V I love that Michael Shanks has been doing some Eps and as the season gets closer to the end it will be better and better. I do hope that either they give us another season or a new Series with Clark being Superman. Or on the next Movie have Welling be Superman and recast Lois. Excited about V. Getting Mark Singer in there is wonderfull. I do hope it survives for a 3rd season and more Epps.

re: DVR Viewers and Advertising
In the past advertisers claimed that most DVR viewers fast forwarded through their ads, and did not want to pay for DVR views. A few years ago the networks and advertisers came to a compromise called C3. The C3 is a roughly a measure of how many DVR viewers watched the commercials within 3 days of the original airing.

I’d be real curious to see if the average SG:U viewer watches more or less commercials than other shows. Its performance in this rating may be key to its renewal. On the other hand, it may be renewed simply because Syfy may wish to keep it on the air until it can develop another ‘space-based’ show.

There’s just not a lot of sci fi on TV I care to watch anymore. Stargate is on it’s way out, and I can always watch Smallville on DVD.

I’m always eager to criticise SGU, but last weeks episode was science fiction at it’s finest!

After Smallville ends, wait a year or three, then give us a brand new Superman series based on the awesome Zack Snyder movie! The same year we get the new Star Trek series set in Prime 25th century!
Ah, to dream…

During the entire article I kept thinking about how there needs to be a new Star Trek series.

Hit me.

I’d love a ST: Vanguard series, but it would be too repetetive to have another space-station-as-focus Star Trek series.
So, how about getting Faran Tahir to play Captain Robau’s twin brother, Commodore Robau, Commander of the Kelvin-class USS Fahrenheit, NCC-0451? A prequel series to just the Star Trek ’09 movie, set 5 years before Nero’s Second Return. You could even work in Simon Pegg for a 3-parter to explain his beagle experiments, etc. And you’d still have Vulcan as yet destroyed, but be close enough to the movie’s final timeframe to take advantage of all the sets, uniforms and props.

I’m glad that the producers of “Fringe” are optimistic. I hope they’re right.. So far, “Fringe” has been smart science fiction. It was created by Star Trek’s J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman and a frequent visitor to this website, Bob Orci.

The real answer about Friday night is that it’s called the “Friday Night Death Slot.” The reason for the name, is because people go out on Friday and Saturday nights and these are graveyard slots. According Wikipedia, Star Trek (the original series) was moved to Friday night during the second season. There it died. “Enterpirse” was sent to Friday night and died there.

According to Wikipedia (link below) Fox is notorious for sending programs to Friday night to die. One notable exception is the X-Files. The good thing is that Fringe is inspired by the X-Files. So, let’s hope lighting strikes twice. If the show fails, let’s hope that another channel picks it up. AMC? TNT? or SyFy? (Ugh, I really hate that moniker. Is it possible for them to change it back to SciFi? I promise it won’t affect its ability to run wrestling.)

If you are an actor or want to study acting. Watch John Noble in Fringe. He acts the way Judi Dench does. I can read his emotions without him saying a word. I’m sure we all first saw him in The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. Watch how he plays Walter Bishop in both universes. Compare that with his performance in ROTK. It’s just amazing.

@ 29

Sorry, I forgot to link the wikipedia article on Fox’s treatment of shows headed towards Friday night. And check out the article for the story of Star Trek on Friday’s night.

We need a revival of the anthology format, like Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, amazing Stories and such. ABC tried it a couple years back and never aired all the shows they made – but the ones I saw were awesome! There’s gotta be a new Rod Serling out there who could bring us a new anthology series. What’s Chris Carter doing these days? His scripts for X-Files were some of the best.

That Transformers Prime video was pretty funny, although the style of animation in the show itself will take some time to get used to. Wait, what am I saying? I don’t even get “The Hub.” Maybe Cartoon Network will pick it up in a few years.

The Transformers Prime cartoon has really cheap animation. I like watching the older shows on Hub, though.

19. “Will Clark fly?”

When pigs…, never mind! :>)

@ 29: I hope you’re right because Fringe is definitely quality science fiction.

And John Noble is simply brilliant, Fringe would not be the same without him.

Fringe is awesome. If it did die on Fox, I would hope another network would pick it up.

But I don’t think it will. It still has a lot of momentum.

I hope Fringe will be okay. I’ll follow it, and I’m loving it more than ever now, but history is against us here. It’s FOX. And even with a network exec saying they’re committed to the show… well, that’s what the Poor Literacy Is Cool Channel said about Caprica several months ago.

SGU is quite good! I hope they don’t cancel it, if SGU leaves, that will leave on Fringe as good TV…

and that…just plain sucks!

*rollseyes* Please do not persist in referring to SyFy’s “Being Human” as an ‘original’ series. I can tell from that preview that the pilot doesn’t even have an original script!

Only 10 episodes for V this season? :(

My wife and I have enjoyed FRINGE since episode one. It features a fine cast with interesting and intelligent writing and storyline. It is the only network series or show we both watch.

For whatever reason, Fox refuses to air new FRINGE episodes with the continuity the storyline of the series needs. Two or three episodes get aired, then the show goes MIA for several weeks in favor of other programming.

Keeping up with new episodes requires an effort the casual viewer will not likely make. So the show can’t gain a bigger audience.

If Fox would air the show on a regular basis like most series, it would help the show draw and keep a bigger fan base/audience. Fox is killing the series, plain and simple. Damn shame.

I’ve purchased a season pass to Stargate Universe on iTunes. I get the episodes in HD. I’m amazed that kind of subscription is not factored into calculating the audience. I know several people who watch the show that way. The revenue from such subscriptions must be substantial. Why doesn’t that matter in deciding to keep a show in production?

It’s a good thing Erica Durance was in last Fridays episode of Smallville. Someone had to make up for John Glovers excuse for acting.

The ‘new’ V is such a boring take on an amazingly cool concept…

I hope “Walking Dead” (my only ‘must watch’ TV at the moment) maintains the intense quality it has shown in the first six episodes (so far). In all honesty, I wished that they wouldn’t tamper with an unbroken engine; especially when it’s firing so well on all cylinders…

It’ll be nice to see Marc Singer return to “V”; with he and Jane Badler back, it’ll be almost like old times (now someone call Faye Grant’s agent…).



I didn’t see it. What, was Glover bad? That would be a first.

On the contrary I though Glover was the best thing in the last episode, reminded me of how much I missed the good old days of the show with some real and mature actors on the cast…

I just hope Michael Rosenbaum pops up before the end as lex. I still don’t get why he isn’t jumping on the bandwagon, almost all of the other previous regulars made some sort of appearance on the later years of the show. It’s not like he is doing anything too important these days. Oh well we can only hope. :D

And I miss RDA on SGU this year, it was great seeing him last year hope he makes more appearances if SGU gets a third year.

I say if Sgu gets canceled and this is the last year then make it a 2 hour finale with the cast of Sg1 and Atlantis and Sgu for a big time send off.

The last Caprica episodes were outstanding- please do some two hour direct to DVD stuff SyFy-

Yeah, Glovers acting was quite hammy wasn’t it?

Even Durance outshone him.

Perhaps the way he has been written back in is not the best piece of writing I’ve seen.

My wife was excited by it though. She loves his character.

I personally thought it was a bit cheap, but it obviously is a good vehicle to get Clark pushed into the role we all want him to develop into…