Trek Celeb Trailer: Watch Anton Yelchin Take On Mel Gibson and his Beaver puppet

Anton Yelchin, the new Chekov has been very busy since the 2009 Star Trek movie, with a number of film projects coming out in 2011 and 2012. One of the is The Beaver, a family comedy/drama starring Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster (who also directed). A new trailer is out, watch it below.



See Yelchin with Mel Gibson in "The Beaver" trailer

The Beaver tells the story of Walter Black (Mel Gibson) who is suffering from depression and turns to a Beaver hand puppet to cope. Jodie Foster directs and also plays his wife with Anton Yelchin playing their son.

The Beaver opens Spring 2011. Yelchin has also finished work on three other movies due out in 2011: starring in the the indie romance Like Crazy (which will premiere at Sundance in January), providing the voice for Clumsy Smurf in The Smurfs (due August 3rd), and starring in the remake of the horror film Fright Night (August 19th). Yelchin also has two other projects lined up in addition to the Star Trek sequel, so he is certainly keeping busy.


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I’m so in love with Anton Yelchin!! <3

that looks pretty interesting. it might get mel gibson’s career back on track

Indeed, it seems an interesting movie! … and seems to reflect the Mel Gibson’s “crazy time”, right now! … I want to see the movie! … Anton Yelchin looks great!

Search the web for the re-mix version using Mel’s angry phone calls- actually comes across as a far more intriguing film.

After watching that trailer, I feel like I just saw the entire movie. BTW, Gibson’s Beaver voice reminds me of Michael Caine…

I’m with #5. The art of the trailer is a lost art. We know too much. We see Gibson and Yelchin, who plays his estranged son, hugging. They come to an understanding. Yay. The End.

It does look interesting but the trailer just saved me 11 bucks.

im still really annoyed with Mel Gibson

Mad Max 4 without him is gonna SUCK!

maybe better that Anton didn’t get the Spiderman reboot after-all. this kid has much more potential than what will probably be a bomb and career risk than better roles as that above

screw gibson, ill wait for it to come to ppv and fast forward his parts to Anton’s…its a shame, i like “the patriot”, “what women want” and “signs”, but cant watch them because i have lost all respect for the man


I agree about not being able to watch Mel Gibson’s movies because of his antics. For a long time, I thought he was a decent guy until his anti-Semitic rants after his DUI arrest a few years ago. And his alleged domestic violence against his girlfriend seems to indicate he is a bad person at heart. What a shame. :-(

Got to say I will probably pass on this for the same reasons expressed by the last couple of posters.

I just can’t bring myself to pay out my money to watch him in anything anymore.

Which is a bit of a shame because it looks a genuinely interesting, original film with a great cast. I do include Mel Gibson in that group.

Which is something you do not see much off these days.

Ah, Mel Gibson. Troubled, but talented.

I have similar feeling to him as I do for Ike Turner. Unbelievably talented, and their contributions should not be ignored, but wow it’s shame that who they are taints that.

I prefer not to judge people by the gossip … I mean you never really know the true facts! … and people talk so much nonsense on both sides! … I think that actors should not open to much their privacy because they risk losing credibility. … is a shame because Mel Gibson is really talented! …

I think I can see this movie without problems, after all there are other talented professionals involved in the project, too!


Yes, but with many sources confirming the same story, its clear that Mel Gibson has anger management issues. Not like he’ll ever face charges though.

Mel Gibson can still get work? Wow


It’s amazing what Hollywood seems to forgive. Then again, I’m sure this film probably shot before the spousal abuse controversy. Plus it’s directed by Jodie Foster, and she’s on record that she’s standing behind Mel. Must be nice to have a friend that will stand by you even after you threaten to murder your wife and bury her in the rose garden!

It will be interesting to see what kind of box office this does, and if Mel has finally behaved so grotesquely that the public says enough is enough.

Mel Gibson has not been charged with anything and I believe that, under the law that operates in both the US, Britain, Australia and NZ (I’m not sure about Canada – but I suspect the same applies there as well), a “person is innocent until proven guilty”. Lots of people have anger management, drug and alcohol problems etc, but they still work. Mel Gibson is no different. In fact, for his sake and for those close to him, it is probably best that he keeps busy working.

“Must be nice to have a friend that will stand by you even after you threaten to murder your wife and bury her in the rose garden!” I do not believe that anyone has ever accused Mel Gibson of threatening anything like that. I thought the problems he has had has been between his ex-girlfriend and mother of his youngest child.

Mel Gibson can rant all he likes and even make a complete tosser of himself, but as long as he brings it on where it comes to playing any character he is given, then that is all that should really matter to joe public.


“Mel Gibson can rant all he likes and even make a compete tosser of himself, but as long as he brings it on where it comes to playing any character he is given, then that is all that should really matter to joe public.”

To a certain extent. But when he (allegedly) threatens and hits his wife, it’s too much to ignore. What you wrote is why celebrities get away with things that “joe public” doesn’t. People are sick and tired of the double standards of celebrities getting away with serious infractions and crimes while the average no-name would be thrown in jail.

I guess you had no problem with O.J Simpson walking away a free man after he killed two people, then? Because he was pretty good at what he did.


He’s on tape stating it quite plainly. Her motives for taping the call are questionable, but if your boyfriend has been threatening to kill you and – allegedly – hit you while you were holding your infant, one might start to get a wee bit paranoid and start taping conversations. Even if she edited portions out or egged him on, there’s no magical context for the vile and contemptible statements he made.

Those allegations aside, his racist remarks against African-Americans, Latinos, and people of Jewish decent are offensive enough, in my book, to put him in the ‘strongly dislike’ column of life.

That movie looks stupid.

15 Sean: “Must be nice to have a friend that will stand by you even after you threaten to murder your wife and bury her in the rose garden!”

I am aware of the problems between Mel Gibson and his Russian ex-girlfriend, but I was not aware that he had ever threatened his wife, which is what Sean had stated. In fact, the last I heard, Gibson’s ex-WIFE is supporting him. Mel Gibson is trying to get custody of his mistress’s baby by claiming that she is a bad mother. What a mean b*stard.

I have no idea what the circumstances surrounding O J Simpson were. I did not follow the case so I cannot comment.

The problem here is that these people are often “convicted” or otherwise by the press and public opinion, even before the actual alleged crimes are fully investigated by the relevant, proper authorities. And then, even if charges are filed, the press is all over everything and of course, every “man and his dog” has an opinion, whether they are fully apprised of all the facts or not. Selecting a credible, “uncontaminated” jury must be a nightmare for the authorities. Perhaps if the Press (and joe public) just stayed out and let the proper people do their jobs, perhaps then we could be assured that real justice has been served.

I have heard a little about Mel Gibson’s racist remarks – not much though. I have, however, read of his tirade he gave at his Catholic church to more than a few gobsmacked parishioners, after he was refused Communion as a result of it becoming public knowledge that he had left his wife and was having an affair with a Russian model. Wow – he could start his own “Hypocrites – We are So Cool” club…:).

Mel Gibson was known as a very traditional Catholic; he did not like most of the changes brought about by Vatican II Council (1962-1965)
especially the Liturgy. He criticised what he was saw as too much “liberalism” within the church…It seems that Mel Gibson wanted the church to grant him rights to Communion, which he was all too happy to deny to others if they were caught “fooling around”. Duh. (I am not going to argue the rights or wrongs of the Catholic Church’s position on various topics btw). As a good Catholic boy, which Mel Gibson purported himself to be, he would have known that adultery was a grave sin, required confession/reconciliation made to a priest and the person could only be absolved if they repented and were prepared to stop, ie stop seeing the girlfriend. This is part of the Catholic faith and always has been. Only then, could they receive Communion again. The church has not excommunicated him or stopped him from remaining a member of the parish or going to mass.

I guess Mel Gibson has this strange idea that he is somehow different/better than the rest of humanity and should be treated as such by the Church. Sorry, Mel – that ain’t how it works, at this point in time, if you still wish to be a Catholic.

This was an example of what I meant of Mel Gibson making a complete tosser of himself…

So I hold no illusions as to Mel Gibson’s rather unhinged behaviour and intolerant attitudes. He is showing himself as a hypocritical, angry and abusive person. Still, as I said, if he can do good acting work (and hopefully keep himself busy and OUT OF TROUBLE), then good for him.