Win QMx Star Trek Enterprise Replica At Official Star Trek Facebook Page

The official Star Trek Facebook page is holding a cool contest where you can win a QMx 34" Artisan Replica of the USS Enterprise from the 2009 Star Trek movie, valued at $4000. More details below.



Star Trek movie Artisan USS Enterprise Replica contest

press release

Just in time for the holidays comes an “enterprising” contest that would be “illogical” to miss. Simply by visiting the official Star Trek Facebook page and submitting an email address, fans have the opportunity to win a genuine U.S.S. Enterprise Artisan Replica from QMx worth $4,000.

The famous ship featured in J.J. Abrams’ 2009 blockbuster film is screen-accurate in every way, from the subtle airbrushing to the special lighting effects to the detailed hull plating. This replica boldly goes where no Enterprise replicas have gone before.

The Star Trek Sweepstakes runs until December 27, 2010. Contestants may enter at


NOTE: For those interested in purchasing the U.S.S. Enterprise Artisan Replica, visit the USS Enterprise page on the QMx site. They have not yet started taking orders, but you can sign up for a waiting list. Being that CBS is about to give one ship away, it appears they are close to getting this long-anticipated product out to the Trek collecting public

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First! Done did! Hope I win! Sorry, but I am gonna be greedy with this one! :D

Winning would be the only way I could get one! $4000?!

Too bad FACEBOOK registration is required.

how very cool!

I believe that you are only allowed one entry per FB i.d. You can enter as many times as you like but it will only accept one entry and will d.q. additional entries I got my one in so good luck to the rest of youse.

Ok. Im in. Would be so Kool to win this. Would be a total Geek Out.

Done and done.

Master Replicas did the TOS 1701 and now this fancy QMX replica of the “2009” 1701. Would be nice to see the 1701-refit or A get a similar treatment.

8. There is a way to do a 1701-A replica. Get a Polar Light 1/350 Scale (just about 3 feet in length) and you got a good looking ship. I have one underconstruction and I did everything with paints and templates, no aztec decals for me. It looks pretty sharp as well and only ran me about 200 after paints and glue and templates.

The QMx looks really, really sharp but 4000 is wayyyyy too pricey. I’d get one of their smaller replica’s that has been advertised.

The new Enterprise is a beauty, that’s for sure. Not on the level of the original and the refit, and it DOES have it’s flaws, but I love it.



4000 big ones? Is it made from solid Tritanium?



So, completely OT but in response to something you posted, just what’s the deal with those Aztec decals? Do you have any tips for me? I’ve had to buy replacement sheets to get the Cadet series Enterprise-C done.

What are they doing?

Absolutely LOVE that profile shot. It’s too bad that wasn’t our first view of the ship in the movie.

Instead we got that weird fish-eyed view that made the ship look deformed as hell.


Afraid I’m going to have to be happy with my little $20, 12″ version I bought at Toys R Us last year (with lights and sound effects! Hee hee…. ; P).

Shhh, you weren’t supposed to post that here, my chances of winning just went down :(

Is it offered to people in Quebec? Most contests aren’t… :(

@12: Hey, I have that model too! :)

I had the same problems decalling the small Enterprise-A until I finally broke down and bought decal setting solution. The type I got worked pretty well; it comes in 2 parts: Micro SET and Micro SOL.

Brush the area where the decal is going with Micro SET and then silde the decal onto the model. Brush more Micro SET onto the decal to make it soften a bit, then let it sit for ~5 min.

Press down on the decal with a paper towel. Don’t wipe it — I learned the hard way when I accidentally ripped apart the big saucer decals and had to paint the damn thing by (shaky) hand. :)

Brush the decal with the Micro SOL and let it dry completely. If there’s still any place where the decal isn’t flush with the model (i.e. grooves in the plastic, air bubbles, that kind of thing), poke it with a needle, press down on them with a damp paper towel, and apply more Micro SOL.

Hope that helps — good luck with your model!

Then talk to your local MNA. Best not complain about things that can be changed when you aren’t doing anything to change it.

@18: I know, I know, I was just grumping out loud a bit.

Can it even be changed? I always thought it was cause of our genius language laws — the companies holding the contest didn’t want the extra expense of re-printing everything in French.

Wow. I was wondering when these were becoming available, and at what cost. $4000.00? And here I thought my Master Replica’s Enterprise was a wild extravagance at about one quarter the price. But I’ll still take it any day, as the QMx model, while a wonderful piece of craftsmanship, is still a very accurate rendition of a very ugly ship.

4,000?!! Well I guess that makes sense seeing as how they are only making 500 of them. Still, thats fracking expensive. I’d rather make my own version of the model with lights.

Can i just have the $4,000?

The worst-Enterprise-ever replica feels like a boobie prize

The new Enterprise is a beaute. (Whistles) Though I can’t afford the QMX model. I’ll just have to be happy with the Playmates version. :-I

Hmm… almost makes me regret my decision to never have anything to do with Facebook.


I’ll give you $20 for it.

Amazing, and it even comes with len flares!

Wondering about QMx. They announced they would be producing Warehouse 13 items back at Comic-Con in July. Six months later, all they have come out with is Farnsworth blueprints. I’m just sayin’.

Sorry, I’ll pass on this one. I think anyone who sees this design as graceful needs a new set of coke-bottles. I’m hoping the first shot of the new movie finds the Enterprise in drydock undergoing a major refit, including engineering.

What #28 said, in a big way. I just keep reminding myself the old girl went through a refit between Pike and Kirk in TOS.

I’ll stick with the original Jefferies Connie, this abomination looks like a hybrid preying mantis/fruit bat robotic abortion.

Which would make a great name for a rock band.

12: That’s why I skipped the Aztec decals and bought some Aztec paint templates. Works like wonders. I had a small scale 1701-A and did the decals and it turned out glossy.

The extra work for the templates may seem like alot, but it works wonders.

Both kits, the big and small, are amazing Trek toys.

As it’s been said, I don’t do Facebook and I’m not keen on paying the taxes on a $4000 prize.

#30- LOL!! Yes!!
I’m warming up to the new E (and sorta seeing the 60’s architectural aesthetic), but how I (we all) would’ve loved to see the Jefferies E on the big screen… alas.

At $4000, I think I will pass. I still think it was classy that Shatner made a YouTube video telling everyone that he liked the new design, despite what the naysayers said!

751 meters long and its own van Nuys Brewery to boot!!

Chomps Picard’s tiny pansy E for breakfast

Still not as ugly as the D. The D was the slouth of the Enterprise’s. Dropped one too many times as a child. I always thought the C would have made a nice D as it resembled the original a bit more. I always hated how wimpy the story writers would make the D. The E was badazz in FC, but shortly afterwards it fell back into the underdog role.

Funny the shots used in those promo shots are the ones that they should of used for its reveal a year or so ago since it looks a hell of alot more like the TOS enterprise from those angles than the one they used.

Robman The D was not ugly, it was just abit overloaded in the front with the width of its saucer section and they put way too much detail on the saucer section of its 4 foot model which made that particular rendition of it look ugly from certain angles

and that’s the one they used the most throughout TNG’s run past the first two seasons because of how cumbersome the 6 foot model was to shoot

the C also looked unbalanced and needed a little work yet with its engines and engine pylons, but it is still a good looiing ship, atleast with the ent c rendition of it.

they made the same mistake with it they made with the four footer of the D after its first appearance. they overdetailed it and put too much crap on it and they also screwed up the height of the right pylon which made the ship look even more unbalanced.

$4,000.00 worth of ugliness!!

38: I guess….I just have a hard time taking the D serious. I give a big fat thank you to the writers for that one. I mean, they couldn’t even have it go out in style…had to get whipped by a class of Klingon ship that was almost destroyed by a heavily automated and crippled original Enterprise.

Ever hear of something called an ALPHA STRIKE, hu RIKER! Just fire all ten million phaser “strips” you have and launch tons of spreads of torpedos and maybe your pansy ship that was always one hit away from destruction would have survived.

Now the “All things” D…that was awesome. A bit improved on looks but with a killer phaser cannon.

The new E is cool. Not as pretty as the original E or the refit, but it works. It was obviously designed before Paramount pulled the extra money on the Engineering set, but that can be fixed. The warp engines feel like engines to me..big constructs that have the task of creating warp energies that propel the ship at such speeds.

I Understand and Indeed I always thought if the D had to go out (it shouldn’t have) it should have gone out like the USS odyssey and the all good things Ent D was badass too.

I kinda find it funny that after looking at the new enterprise shots from St 09 and looking back at this one that the model actually looks better than the ship in the movie (they made it look way too blue in the film)

Even at $4000 its still not ‘screen ready’ as a movie prop..

33. Dr. Image

“60’s architectural aesthetic”? What the F are you talking about?

How can you have a physical model replica of a cgi image. They used zero real models in Trek 2009.

Ryan Churches sketch is not perfect in the art of book and his production painting. But it is far closer in that to the original. JJ had to add those stupid 747 turbines engines on the back, and wanted it to look like a hotrod.

Star Trek is not star wars. If we wanted a beat up hotrod we would watch star wars and Han Solo”s millenium falcon.

Its a shame I don’t like this Enterprise in comparison to the original and refit model.

The nacelles are too large. But I don’t hate it like I did when I first saw the first pic of the new design.

Now I like it but no where near as good as the original.


The Enterprise D and E I prefer over the new Ryan Church designed Enterprise.

The D was cool and I loved the E.

I am a big fan of the original and refit of the constitution class Enterprise. THe nacelles ruin the new one for me.

Despite not being my fav I have decided to enter it


Kind of like banging an ugly woman!