Happy Birthday, Michael Dorn

Today is the birthday for the man who appeared in more Star Trek than any other. Michael Dorn, who played Worf on TNG and DS9, turns 58  today. So we here at TrekMovie.com wish him a big happy birthday.


Happy Birthday, Michael Dorn

Michael Dorn’s Klingon-in-Starfleet Worf appeared in all seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation, plus four seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, along with the four TNG movies and one of the TOS movies too (Star Trek VI), playing one of his ancestors. And as this video below demonstrates, being that he was the toughest guy around, the writers loved to show him getting beat up.

Michael Dorn’s performance as Worf embodied the new TNG eras redefining of the Klingons into a race of honorable warriors. Back in 2008 The Colbert Report honored Dorn’s Worf and how he embodied diversity.


In the last decade, Dorn has kept very busy, primarily doing voice work for animated video games (including the recent Mass Effect 2, Starcraft II, & Fallout: New Vegas) and animated TV series (including recent Super Hero Squad, Batman: The Brave, and more).

Michael Dorn at 2010 Star Trek Las Vegas Convention


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happy birthday mr dorn

Happy Birthday! Thank you for so many memories

Happy Birthday, Mr. Dorn!
But if anyone out there is thinking of giving him a musical instrument as a gift, think otherwise:



Happy birthday Michael!

Cheers to one of the best actors from TNG, hell what am i saying they were all good but none the less happy birthday Mr. Dorn!

Happy Birthday, Michael!

Did i understand correctly that Mr. Dorn is now a vegan?

Someone should do a mashup of Worf’s victorious battles….

Absolutely love Worf.

I used to really enjoy his expression when he was impressed by another character. The flare of the nostrils and the puffing out of the chest.

Had some great comedy moments too.

Prune juice…’a warriors drink’

‘Nice legs….for a human’

Deep deep joy.

Happy birthday Mr Dorn!

Jeez, even his real surname sounds Klingon

What victorious battles? he was schooled over and over and over, and also over again, until DS9…

Happy B-Day Mr Dorn.

Happy Birthday Michael

Happy Birthday Michael. May you live long and Prosper. Or Die With Honor.

Happy 58th Birthday Michael! BTW: My Dad shares a Birthday with you too! He is now 71.

Qapla To Michael Dorn & My Father too!

Have an Honorable and Glorious Holiday Season!

Andrew Goodman

Happy Birthday Mr. Dorn.

Happy birthday, Michael Dorn and thanks for all the memories of Star Trek!

Michael Dorn looks like Michel Foucault in that last picture.

Happy birthday!

I loved Worf. Michael Dorn did a fantastic job with him. I wish the writers had not used him for comic relief as often as they did, but Dorn worked really well with it. When the scripts were at their best, he really shined.

Happy Birthday Michael!

Happy birthday Michael.

Worf was a great character and always fun to watch at times and always interesting.

Happy birthday, Michael! May your holiday season be filled with honor!

Happy Birthday, Michael Dorn. I particularly liked the way Worf’s character (and your portrayal of him) developed on DS9 — the guy really had gone through hell in his life, often with long periods of loneliness and emotional isolation, but I think Worf really flourished after Martok took him under his wing. It was great how everything worked out for Worf in the end and both Worf and his son found a new extended family in Martok’s clan, especially after the tragic loss of both Jadzia and (in a different way) Kurn.

“This is the story of a little ship…that took a little trip…”


I’m glad that all the hard years of work paid off for Dorn/Worf. When he moved to DS9 not only did Worf have the chance to become a better charicter, DS9 became a MUCH better show. Happy Birthday Mr. Dorn.

You’re the best!

Happy Birthday, Michael! You’re a great CHiP off the old block! :)

Let’s hope that if Star Trek 2012 will feature Klingons, that they (the writers AK & boborci, and the actors they cast) watch your performances as Worf to prepare. You made the Klingons be what they should be more than any other actor or writer. Thank you!

Happy birthday to Mr Dorn and Mr Goodman’s dad.

happy birthday your own day of honor.many blessings to you and your house.

As a vegetarian myself, I commend Michael Dorn for choosing to be vegan. It’s a decision based upon conscience and personal ethics. While I don’t judge anyone for what they choose to eat (or not eat), Mr. Dorn definitely has my respect.

Happy Birthday Mr. Dorn!!!
One of my all time favourite Star Trek characters and actors.
I love Worf, he is in many parts a real role model.

Mmm, Micheal Dorn. I had such a crush on Picard until I saw Mr Dorn out of his make-up.

That is one gorgeous, poised, talented man. May the world be gifted with your sexiness for many years to come.

He came a long way from being a desk clerk in “Hotel” the tv series in the early 80’s. Happy birthday.

@ 29

I remember that. Wow, I watched way too much TV growing up!

I remember Connie Seleca on there too. Mmm. That’s back when she was married to Gil Gerard still….before John Tesh. Wow, I know way too much needless trivia!