Star Trek Online Season 3 ‘Genesis’ Goes Live – Check Out Video Overview + Enterprise Design Contest Now Taking Submissions

The MMORPG Star Trek Online got a big update today with the release of "Season 3: Genesis". Check out details and a video overview below. Also, Cryptic has also just launched their new Design The Next Enterprise Contest.


Star Trek Online Season 3 Online Now

Star Trek Online’s "Season Three: Genesis" went live today, and is downloaded automatically when you log in. The latest version offers a number of new features and content to Star Trek Online, but big things are: the "Foundry" player-created content engine, episode replays, new Borg tech for ships, and a new sector space. More info at the STO site Season 3 page. Here is a video from Atari and Cryptic featuring new Executive Producer Dan Stahl showing off the new stuff.


Design The Next Enterprise Contest Now Open

Cryptic/Atari also just launched their new "Design The Next Enterprise Contest" at You don’t need to be a STO player to submit, just sign into the site and upload an image of your design. The winner gets their design into the game, plus they pick up an Alienware PC. The winning entry will be announced on April 1st.

All the designs can be viewed and voted on at


UPDATE: Official Press release



(Los Angeles, CA) December 10, 2010 – Atari, one of the world’s most recognized publishers and producers of interactive entertainment, and Cryptic Studios, creators of the acclaimed City of Heroes and Champions Online, today announced the availability of Season Three: Genesis, the latest content update for the Star Trek™ Online universe. Additionally, Intel, Alienware, Cryptic and Atari are sponsoring Design the Next Enterprise, a special contest where one winner will add an unforgettable entry to Star Trek‘s iconic Starfleet.

Season Three: Genesis is Cryptic Studios’ latest major content update to Star Trek Online. This new update features a host of upgrades, progressive changes and new features to the game. Key features include:

  • The Foundry Beta (v 0.3) – Cryptic’s player-created content system is now in public beta. The Foundry gives players the chance to design their own missions in Star Trek Online. Players may share creations with friends, and Cryptic’s proprietary content rating system ensures only the best missions are promoted.
  • Episode Replay – In Genesis, every previously enjoyed mission may now be replayed. Some even feature brand new rewards.
  • Borg Technology In Ships – Integrate Borg technology into existing starships! New Borg loot from Special Task Force missions greatly augment a ship’s usefulness as well as its appearance.
  • New Sector Space – Cryptic has revamped Sector Space to give it a more realistic look and feel! 

In addition to Season Three: Genesis, Cryptic and Atari are working with Intel to host a “Design the Next Enterprise” contest, turning over design of a future version of the Galaxy’s most famous starship to fans of Star Trek. Entrants can currently visit the Design Hangar and submit their version of a future Enterprise online. The best design will be selected and converted into a playable ship within Star Trek Online.

The grand prize package includes:

  • An Alienware M11x Laptop with custom Star Trek Online paintjob.
  • Collector’s Edition copy of Star Trek Online.
  • A Lifetime Subscription to Star Trek Online.
  • A 3-D model of the winning ship.
  • Inclusion of the winning ship in Star Trek Online.

Runners-up will receive prizes. The Design the Next Enterprise contest ends January 15, 2011.

For eligibility and official rules, or to learn more about the Design the Next Enterprise contest and to submit your own starship, please visit:

Taking place in the year 2409, Star Trek Online boasts extraordinary features and lets fans both new and old experience unparalleled adventures.  Players have the opportunity to become high-ranking Starfleet officers and participate in missions that take them into the depths of space, across exotic planets and inside other starships. Star Trek Online offers total customization, from a player’s avatar to the ship he captains.

Star Trek Online is a licensed product from CBS Consumer Products. For more information, please visit: and


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Can’t wait to see what some of the designs of the Enterprise we will see. Especialy from the ones who always complain the most. Season 3 looks to be good,

Love the new Sector Space.

Too bad the Design the Next Enterprise contest is US Only.

But oh well, still excited.

That made me think about getting this again. I’m just not a big online gamer, but it looks pretty cool…

The Foundry looks impressive. I’m honestly shocked that us fans are being allowed to make our own missions/episodes. Won’t there be licensing issues if we use names and locations that Cryptic doesn’t have the rights to?

New Sector Space looks really cool. Now if only they could get rid of the borders between sectors, they’d have it just about right.

Unfortunately, if I had to pick between resubbing STO or getting Cataclysm, I’d be picking Cataclysm. It just has far more depth of things to do than STO has currently.

4 Yeah maybe because WOW has like a 5 year headstart over STO. Get real dude.

So Captain Kirk’s birthplace is one of the void states for the design the enterprise comp,

Too bad it’s not a competion to re-design J.J.’s travesty…

Dan Stahl is a class act. Loving STO Season 3 and I’ve never looked back from my lifetime subscription.

I love season 3! And faundry its grate!
We also have new Klingons missions and we can replay old missions too.
And one of the best things its the new carfting, you can do very rare MK XI stuff there now, 400 new items to craft, its grate.

The game has improved. That is for sure. I’ve been back about a month now and I’m having fun.

is star trek online free to play yet?

Heres the error I get, make sense to anyone?

The selected file 1701-Entry.jpg could not be uploaded. The file is 184.25 KB which would exceed your disk quota of 1 MB.

I have no previous entries.

the winner will be announced april 1st? what is this some cruel april fools day joke?

I have to say, thats the “support” feature for STO is a joke.

Well this is all and good if the upload site would work for submissions.
A few out there, myself included have tried to up load our Entries to the contest and are getting an error message.

Mine for example is “The selected file Tourangeau.gif could not be uploaded. The file is 215.31 KB which would exceed your disk quota of 1 MB.

Since when is 215.31KM large than 1MB.

I hope they fix this or a lot of good designers may not be able to enter.

As of now Cyrptic has not responded to my emails for support.

Good Luck to the people who can get their designs into the gallery.

Sean P. Tourangeau

Too bad the upgrades do not include a native Mac OS X version. I mean if the folks at WoW can make one, surely these good people can.,

Support Chat:

Department is currently closed. Our chat support hours or operation are seven days a week, from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm Pacific time. Please use our support page to answer your question or submit a support ticket.

Way past 9 PT, would you trust these amateurs with your credit card info?

Okay, I chatted with support, and the contest site is up and running now.

The support chat is only for billing and account issues, as it turns out. You have to have an account to access tech support… not very well organised, but submit your entries while you can, I say.


Now go vote for your Lord!!

Bailey, Broadway !! Get yours up there!

Here’s mine. Not my best but the only one I could fit on my scanner

Doesn’t give you an option to see all the designs unless i am screwing up somehow

So is STO only available to U.S residents, because the competition is only for them, seriously, i am not happy about this.

Star Fleet Command in the United States even in the alternate universe. That is why people from other countries are not allowed to enter the contest.

“said in a sarcastic tone” ;)

God, theres some horrible designs on there at the moment. I’d say its a mix of 40% crap, 40% existing/stolen designs and 20% which has actually had some thought and effort put into it.

I think people should be aware this is for a game set in the 25th Century as well, i’ve seen a few TOS ent kitbashes and I can’t help but think “WTF”?

@ NX01 Lol, oh well,…just had a look at some of the sketches, I did’nt realise entrants are only allowed to hold the pencil using their nostrils :-(

This game sounds about as bad as Star Wars EU.

Here’s a version I like alot better

They already have the Enterprise 1701-F, it’s an Excalibur Class Starship.

Hope the designs will get better over time – 90% of them is ugly, at best:

dont have a fancy 3-d computer program. doubt id be able to work it if i did. but i submitteted a sketch i did with a 2-d animation program from a couple differant angles. ended up submitting it twice on accident and on the recent upload section the caption has a differant name. i dont know. i like alot of um but most just look like a fancy enterprise e.

i wouldnt consider myself a writer. and not really familliar with the storylines with star trek online but while sculpting the submission i made for the contest, before i started sketching. the letter H popped out at me more than F. i had read up on memory alpha about enterprise J, mentioned on the episode of Enterprise. thought it really intersesting that the federation had finaly left the milkyway and spread threw most of the universe. the letter H (not so much its a great letter) just seems the right time period also. the federation would dispatch from the farthest milkyway outpost and begin exploring the void between gallaxys. seems like a writers dream the senarios with no planets, stars or new species. just an empty depressing void. touching more on maddness and isolation of the crew. would have the unknown aspect of voyager and the dark qualitys of DS9. call it Star Trek H sorry had to get that off my chest. my friends hate this stuff. besides the post above. ive never posted anything here. been visiting the site since the first 09 trailer. cant say im not a fan of anything, besides the books which ive just never read and certain aspects of voyager. probably never gonna post anything again ither so ill just say it. i think prime spock should be the villan in the next movie. having some time paradox vulcan sickness. which could also maybe fix the problem of cameos. some spock flashback talking with data before following nero into the black hole bla bla bla. sorry. everyones got their two cents and trek doesnt take chances like it used to i think.

I think they are limiting entry to US players to avoid dealing with foreign tax laws.

Oh come on, i just saw a drawing of a piece of cheese with nacelles. waaa life’s not fair :-(

There are glitches in the contest gallery, and I’m dubious about the voting system. The “highest rated” group contains entry #979, which is a LEGO-built “Star Wars” model (a variant of the Acclamator-class star destroyer), and #965 is a variant of the flag of Chile.

But don’t worry, rule #7 implies that the fan votes will be disregarded by the Judging Panel if/when they’re obviously bogus. Many of the submissions violate clauses in rule #4 (image must be original; only one entry). And others are plagiarized: I’ve seen the Enterprise-E and the Aventine. The crayon doodles are clearly original, but (a) I doubt they’re from people who meet the contest’s minimum age of 21 years, and (b) worse, it’s near-impossible to tell what overall shape, proportions and details the artist intended.

The Judging Panel’s criteria will be Originality, Adaptability (to Trek history) and Creativity, so I don’t think we need worry about the entries that have non-Trek or non-Enterprise shapes.