Watch: The Big Bang Theory – Sheldon Suggests Vulcan Kolinahr Can Help Suppress Sex Drive

Last night the nerdy CBS comedy The Big Bang Theory once again looked to Star Trek. This time Sheldon suggests that Star Trek: The Motion Picture taught an important lesson in how the Vulcan ritual of Kolinahr can be a way to suppress the sex drive. Watch it below.


Can Kolinahr Control Sexual Urges?  

In The Big Bang Theory episode "The Alien Parasite Hypothesis" Sheldon Cooper says that while he considers Star Trek: The Motion Picture as "terrible", Amy Farah Fowler can find inspiration in Spock’s Kolinahr ritual attempt to suppress all emotion as a way for her to deal with some new feelings she is having.

You can watch the full episode at

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I like how, at the end of the clip, Sheldon has lighting behind him that is reminiscent of ST:TMP. Clever!

Love this show. They always get the Trek references just right.

Yes it’s great! ….loved it!

I love how sheldon always misses the point. This was great!


I agree with post #2. They have a unique way of delivering a joke.

Never thought I would love this show but its great, and just watched this episode, jokes. Its always about the coitus.

4. Ashsprout, agreed.

In another episode they had a great debate about trek movie wether Star Trek the Motion Picture or Star Trek V was the worst. Then it was about which was the best, Star Trek IV or ..”I have three words for you” Wrath of Khan.

Awesome show. My favorite right now on TV.

Why is it always about star trek fans not having any sex or being pedophiles? I’m a huge st fan and I haven’t had this much sex since I was a boy scout leader!

eh, well ;)

Sheldon always thinks he knows and understands more than he actaully does. This is just another example.

People who love TMP, love it because the only point to it existing was Kirk and Spock relationship. People who dislike it, do so for the exact same reasons.

I love TMP because it’s like they just turned on the Enterprise’s flight recorder and gave us the unedited footage from the 1701’s black box. By the way, I edit military operational reports for a living.

I know this post is not bout this debate but, despite its flaws, I’ll take TMP over TFF anyday!

Love BBT but the clip is apparently unavailable now.

Watched this last night XD

I love TMP even thought it was so horrible. But I thought the romance between Ilia and Decker was sweet. And it gave us an image of shaggy haired Spock. And Shatner worked out a lot for TMP (wish he had did that for the other movies…) And all of the shots of the Enterprise were beautiful even if drawn out. I like it over V at least.

I saw this episode “live” earlier this week, and couldn’t help but laugh, particularly at these scenes. Many on the IMDB boards think that adding Amy to the cast has ruined the show, but I personally think that she’s great (you can’t do the “female nerd” jokes with Kaley Cuoco), and that Mayim Bialik is definitely redeeming herself for her years on “Blossom.” :-)

I love both TMP and TFF.

TMP has so many layers to it, and really they all come together beautifully. Yes, it may be a bit slow, and yes, the plot isn’t that original, but the plot wasn’t really the point of the movie. The entire thing is internal conflict.

And TFF? Well… I don’t think it’s as subtly well-crafted, but it has its moments, and the whole thing is hilarious, especially when it’s trying to be serious. I guess I like it because it’s cute?

When I was a 13 year old watching TMP at the theatres, I hated it because I wanted to see more space battles, Kirk hitting people, karate chopping them across the back of the neck or throwing himself at bad guys and I hated seeing where he didn’t know his way through the Enterprise and had to ask for direction or Kirk making a mistake in his orders like the scene with the wormhole but after I grew up I came to understand why those scenes were in there and I came to appreciate it for what it was. It was a good science fiction movie that did not need action or fights to make it good. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the other movies like TWOK or TSFS because I think that Star Trek can have a variety of stories and a variety of ways of delivering a story and they all can be just as good as the next. I personally think that some of the best episodes of any Star Trek series are those with absolutely no action what so ever like for example the TNG episode The Offspring. I guess this is just my long winded way of trying to say that I liked TMP.

Yea same here, ill take TMP over TFF any day any time. And not only is TWOK better than The Voyage Home but I though Star Trek 2009 was better than those crap lousy whales. I love TMP because it was that 70’s style sci fi, TWOK also had some 70’s elements but by the time Star Trek 3 rolled around it was pure 80’s influences. I love 70’s sci fi like Battlestar, buck rogers, Logans Run, THX 1138, Star Wars, Alien. One of the things I would do if I could travel back in time is make sure Star Trek had a Phase II series from 1972-1977, a nice 5 year run.

9. leslie nielsen

I agree, I am not only a trek geek, but batman, tron, video games..etc etc. But I also happen to accept social norms, am suave and debonair, I have style and taste when it comes to my clothes and my home, and I am good looking. Not to gloat but to further leslies point I happen to be a good looking guy with taste but is a huge geek, but I am conscience of my geekness and don’t force it on people or excrete it 24/7. So I agree that there are trek geeks that get laid plenty, regardless of good looks, but sadly most trek geeks still lack many of the social graces or posh tastes and personal style which are complimentary (as opposed to the character of Howard Wolowitz who clearly has is own style but is a sad sad human being). So yea leslie, plenty of “us” get laid but most of use the characters on The Big Bang Theory. :'( :'(

Isn’t it about time we consider including TBBT in the family of Star Trek shows? I can see it now: “Star Trek: The Big Bang Theory.”

The first Star Trek comedy ever produced for television.

Think it over. It has possibilties.


Why Kolinahr and not Pon Farr? I don’t get it.

Kolinahr is about the purging of the last vestiges of emotion to a state of total logic, whereas Pon Farr is about the loss of control and logic through uncontrollable sexual/ biological urges… therefore, Pon Farr would exacerbate Amy’s uncontrollable desires for the other’s ex-boyfriend, while kolinahr would allow her to shed these desires/feelings/emotions and regain control over her biological impulses! Get it?

A very nice and succint explanation of the difference. By the way, it’s Saturday evening and I’m replying to this thread on – what does that imply about me?

As I posted on my FaceBook page, STAR TREK THE MOTION PICTURE is NOT a horrible movie! It’s just Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too cerebral for him…. he can’t understand it!

I love this show.

One question though. How is the lighting Sheldon has behind him reminiscent of ST:TMP?


Check out the original movie posters for TMP and you will then understand….. or paste the link below into your Internets browser of choice :)

All should then be revealed…

I should also like to raise my hand to say that I think the ST:TMP is the best Star Trek film, ever. Even more so since the release of the Directors Edition.

As far as I am aware Paramount have no plans to re-release ST:TMP DE on Blu-Ray, because the new effects were never rendered at the appropriate resolution.

Anyone fancy starting a petition to get this done?

12. Weerd1

“I edit military operational reports for a living”. Aha!!! Are you the WikiLeaks leaker? : )

Sex with one hand has been known to prevent unwanted pregnancy too, it’s logic captain.

I love the first half of TMP. There are a lot of good things in there. The reveal of the enterprise to this day gives me goose bumps and is still my favorite footage of the enterprise. However they filmed the movie without a complete script and were writing it on the fly. As a result the 2nd half isn’t as good as it could be.
TFF on the other hand has a couple of jokes and thats about it. The SFX was horrible. The plot was also not that great. It really doesn’t have anything that I have to have.
I would definitely like to get the directors edition of TMP (and for that matter all of TNG, DS9, VGR, and ENT) on blu-ray properly remastered. If this makes each season $300 to cover the costs of redoing 25 seasons worth of SFX footage, i’ll gladly pay for it.

The Motion Picture was all Gene’s baby.

Remember this was back before Gene was a devout atheist and was an Azmovian Humanist.

The point was “What is the nature of God?”

Today, you and I both know that VGer is not God, but the characters in the story dont know that. First they think it is God, then they find out that it is in search of God at the third planet, then they find out it’s a machine who thinks people are God. All because the audience mis-interprets the term “Creator”

There was a lot of “Searching for God” stories in Sci Fi back in the 70s & 80s when the New Agers came around. Forty years on, it’s all just as goofy as Cthuhlu stories or HG Wells stories or Alistair Crowley stories. This is the time that produced “Chariots of the Gods” (forerunner of History Channels Ancient Aliens show) and Anton LeVey’s “selfish” version of Satanism.

Heck, in the 1980s people thought the Occult was kidnapping and brainwashing their kids. Does anyone remember that? Satanic messages in Motley Crue and Led Zeppelin albums? “Remember?” quoth Spock. I think Phil Donahue may have done a “Satan” special.

SO while todays audience mocks TMP it was a direct response to the times. It’s a product of late 70s philosophies, as much as Its a Wonderful Life was a product of the1950s.

So stop hating TMP. It has its place right there next to shag carpeting, butterfly collars, and The Match Game.

thanks to #30 for his post. I would like to add, that Star Trek TMP is exactly what Gene always wanted star trek to be. Look at the original CAGE pilot. There was a good fantasy fight scene with some alien in a castle, but the show was more about ideas then anything else. It was very cerebral. Gene was always in love with these grand ideas being the focal point (and sometimes the sole point) of a given episode.


I LOVE Amy. I wanna see where “The Shamy leads us to.”

Interesting tid bit…Mayim Bialik actually has a PhD.

agree with 30 and 31. For better or worse, TMP is the purest interpretation of Star Trek, as seen through the eyes of it’s creator. Just as the Cage failed, yet spawned another successful pilot, TMP failed but set the stage for TWOK. If only there could be yet one more modified Director’s Edition, this time significantly reducing the endless cloud visuals. They are such a snore right there in the middle of the show.


For better or worse, TMP is the purest interpretation of Star Trek, as seen through the eyes of it’s creator.

Gene Roddenberry disagrees.

TMP is PURE Roddenberry despite what he says. He’s just trying to distance himself a little from a perceived fail.

He wrote the story, the screen play and the novelization.

It’s a little like Ford trying to deny the Edsel.

There’s a whole school of thought that links TMP, The Final Frontier, “The Magicks of Megas-Tu” to Roddenberry’s God obsession. There’s also this fascinating essay about his lost novel, “The God Thing”:

@32 – I remember reading that. She’s also a mom, with two kids. And, if an episode of that “What Not to Wear” show on TLC is any indication, she’s never stopped dressing like her character on “Blossom.” (They did manage to beat her over the head with some really nice outfits; I wonder if the beating took, or she went back to her frumpy look?)

And for the record, no, I don’t watch that show. The girlfriend does; I happened to catch that episode one day when she was watching it. So keep your stinking paws off my Man Card, you damn dirty apes. :-)

hahaha I love TBBT and Sheldon! And I love Sheldon’s reaction to “cheap science-fiction”!! haha that’s how I get when someone calls Star Trek cheap science-fiction!…though I don’t use Kolinahr…

I love the show, but disagree that TMP is awful; its still better than TFF or Insurrection any day!

I remember TMP quite fondly as a 15-year-old kid back in 1979; I learned what musical scores can do for a film, and began to listen more critically to movie music in general. Despite its flaws, TMP was a movie produced on a truly grand scale, and succeeded in some fleeting ways. Wrath of Khan, good as it was, was an entirely different brand of Trek movie….

Yup i thought tmp was the only trek movie u can call cosmic, although first contact comes very close–to see the enterprise redone to its most beautiful sleekness,movie to Goldsmiths iconic score,hell that alone would have made the movie great–but Spock tries to purge all emotion only to find vger is incomplete without emotion n then embaces same—that is a helluva story arc—the trumball effex,dykstras klingon ships–trek never looked better–all the characters grow–kirk steals command from a capable dekker n nearly gets the whole ship blown up–dekker n ilia journey both sad n hopeful—as dekker merges with vger evolving both humanity n machine to a new level we wish we cud see the results of that birth as bones mentions—its mostly great n brilliant to me–its main flaw is yes too many vger flybys–n fans seemed to think not nuff action or humor etc–but it was cosmic as it shoulda been—long live tmp-sheldons opinion be damned–

@41. It could have been a hell of a movie if they didn’t bring in the beyond his prime Robert Wise to direct it. A great sf story, but a lousy movie.

Seems like a good show.
I will rent them soon on DVD to catch up.

By the way, I liked ST TMP. It is different than the others. Nice to have variety of styles in the franchise.

I remember being 15 (quite young, looking back on it) when TMP came out, and realizing, even then, that it was simply nice to have the crew of the Enterprise back again. The movie was OK, as a movie, but it was Star Trek. I have grown to take the view that the movies are just more episodes; more chances to see the crew in action. Some episodes are better than others, but they are undeniably Star Trek. Which is also why I will always choose any of the original crew movies (including TFF) over any of the TNG movies. I just don’t have the attachment to those guys, even though I know those movies are pretty good, overall.

Ths is why I also enjoy TAS. It is the original crew, doing Star Trek. I still say Paramount could take the voice tracks, give it new animation and music, and sell it again. I’d buy it.

Been reading alot of the comments here on TMP. I agree that it was not an awful film. When you think about the scenario it was Doomsday Machine, The Balance of Terror and The Changeling. It didn’t have to be the greatest Star Trek movie ever made, certainly Wrath of Khan, Undiscovered Country and First Contact can all claim to own that title. I would argue that, in the same way as #44, last year’s movie wasn’t great. It was entertaining but crucially it was our favourite crew back on the big screen.

The similarities don’t just end there. It’s easy to deride TMP’s visual elements but we have to remember that for its day, these were state of the art. Films like this will always have a place in history. Without it, we don’t have any of the other films or TNG and beyond. It’s an ok film, but it didn’t have to be an excellent one.

mj#42–u may be right–i remember how excited i was when i heard wise was directing–how could the director of great scifi like day the earth stood still(anyone who hasnt seen this movie needs to-much better than the keano r. remake)and the sound of music all brilliant movies—have to admit despite great moments–tmp was not greatly directed–


Ah, yes. The spectrum backdrop. Thank you.

sheldon is a n idiot- Star Trek: The Motion Picture maybe wasnt the best Star Trek movie but was a great film in its own right.

@ #17

Longest – sentence — ever!

LOL freaking funny!!!