Images of the Day: Star Trek As Childrens Book + Steampunk TOS Crew

Today there are some Star Trek-themed image mashups going viral. First up is Star Trek re-imagined as a children’s book. Then we have the steam punk versions of Kirk, Spock and the original crew. Check it all out below



Star Trek – but not as we know it

College Humor has taken a look at five sci-fi franchises and redone them as Children’s novels, here is the Star Trek version. (go to CollegeHumor for BSG, Star Wars, Doctor Who and Dune),



Another set of images going viral come from photoshopper Rabbittooth (via Retronaut), which show off the original Star Trek crew re-imagined in the Victorian era.

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Ain’t PhotoShop grand?

Well done, all.

Too bad they didn’t have the budget in the 60s; this Victorian era Trek would’ve made a great three-parter.

absolutely brilliant!

Spock has quite a whimsical gaze for a half Vulcanian.

Uhura looks more like a Victorian Borg than a communications officer!

Sulu and Checkov look like lovers and Kirk is giving us all those come to bed eyes!

Is Scotty holding a fart in?

I think McCoy should have had a bigger coat though.

All added to my picture folder…love it!

I’ve seen most of these before…great stuff.
I love the feel of these.

Not to be self aggrandizing BUT!….I couldn’t help but post this.
I used the Next Gen crew for my steam punk vision.

It was drawn and colored by me and inked by the uber talented Derrick FIsh!.

DeviantArt is gold!

Some of my favourite art is done by those fellas (and fellaettes of course!)

Anyone notice on the kids’ book that Spock is doing the Vulcan hand salute incorrectly? (Thumb pulled in, like Zoe Saldana did it in “The Terminal.”)

Ugh. Can’t believe I just complained about that….

repost of the old crew pics.

Like the steampunk stuff.

The kid’s books are gold. The Dune one even shows the shadow of the kangaroo rat (muad’dib) on the one moon.

Off topic. The Shat lost the wwe Slammy Award. Recount. Pretty Good on the Kids book.

Scotty needs more brass goggles. It is steampunk after all… :)

RE: #2
I second that!!

I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but isn’t doing this to images that are owned by a studio, and then posting them on a public website, a case of copyright infringement?

Stu pid.

@13: I think it’s only if you were selling them.


“Stu pid.”

Brilliant self-description of your own post!


So, you enjoy boring pictures?

#2: YES!

Though the McCoy pic looks out of proportion, everything else looked great.

ALSO: A little late: The steampunk images have been around for about a month already.

As a person who knows the ins and outs of Photoshop, as edits go, these aren’t the best. The heads when compared to the rest of the image don’t look as aged and just look tacked on.

Only Scotty’s and Spocks are decent and look believable.

for 0nce i realy would like to see a real star trek childrens book published instead of paradies of them. often you wonder why kids dont relate to trek. you have to introduce it when they are little. yes books for teens and tweens are out there. but not alot for the littlest trekkie. i cannot find evan coloring books. awhile back they used to have these.


Only boring people get bored.

A month? YEARS, more like! (I have copies saved to my hard drive that are dated December 2008. And I know I didn’t find ’em the minute they were put online)

@19. I’m no Photoshop expert, but the Scotty head looks less convincing than the Kirk head on those bodies to me.

@14 Mor on

La me.

Hey, I kind of like this breaking-words-into-syllables thing you guys are doing. Let me try one:

“Gee, I can not wait to see the new Tron.”

Darn. I don’t seem to have a knack for it. Oh well…


@22 Yeah, I saw the steampunk photos a couple of years ago and I think probably found them through this site since I don’t really look at other Trek sites for my news.

So, not la me, just ol d. (did I do that right?)

Okay, so they already came out before and some of you saw them. Goody for you guys, but some of us didn’t catch them the first time around. So thank you, for bring them back. It was NOT stupid or lame. Please.
@ 4. Manny – nice work! Thanks to you, as well.

Bones’ and Scotty’s noggins look too small, but otherwise it’s very well thought out and executed. Yes, steampunk trek is cool.


GTFO Troll!

Slow news day, I guess.

Especially on the “Steampunk TOS” pics…those have been out for YEARS. I first saw them back in 2007.

The Civil War uniform quite suits Shatner (no pun intended).

..well, for everyone that HAS seen the steampunk pics there is at least one, like me, that hasn’t. They are appreciated and have been properly deposited into my Trek misc. folder. Thanks!

I have not seen these steampunk pictures either. I think they look great! Thank you, Anthony, for posting them here.

That picture of my dad has been around for years!! Love it


Your dad’s head has replaced one of the greatest Victorian engineers Isambard Kingdom Brunel I do believe. Very fitting!

I must have missed these the first time they came out.

I think they are great even if a couple of them are not perfect.

Ke ep on Tr ek in’

hahaha I love these pictures! Thanks for a good laugh.

This is so trekkie of me, but I love how trekkies fight over things like this.

@25. lol

man I lo ve this site :)

25 – sorry you like boring stuff.


Sorry you have to vent your 2nd grade frustrations here.

Hey Phaser Guy:

Your comments are a reflection of your personality. That is to say, condescending and without any reasoning behind your criticism. You come off as a troll. Is that what you were going for? Because internet troll is just about the lowest form of person that inhabits talkbacks and chat forums. The general picture one get’s is of a person that lacks social skills and only shows up to make negative comments to satisfy their own sense of self worth as they lack real self esteem and feeling of accomplishment in their lives.

i don’t believe you are a bad person. Maybe just a bit mis-directed in your motivation. Of course it’s a free site so make whatever comments you feel. But don’t be surpirsed if AP lowers the ban-hammer on you.

I just think the pictures are boring! Do I have to like everything? Jeez people, they’re just pictures.

Of course you don’t have to like everything.

But you’re right; they’re just pictures. Why did you feel compelled to bag on them? What was the point? Maybe it’s better to just ignore something so trivial that you dislike as opposed to pointless snark. I was probably not going to comment on this article at all. I have seen the pictures before and thought they were interesting but didn’t need a comment. So I left it at that.

Again, I’m not trying to insult you or anything. It’s just that you weren’t coming off too well. Little food for thought is all.

@41. Agreed. I think the main problem I have with his posts are the single phrase comments. If the pictures bother him so much, then at least take the time to explain why. Otherwise, it just comes across like a 12-year old’s ranting.

Steampunk is lame. I can’t wait for this fad to pass.


I sense some troll-like bandwagon jumping is oc curi ng.. …. .

I love how Uhura’s earpiece has a cord coming out of it now. You know, to make it period-accurate.

Why does Kirk look like a Roman soldier?

I really can’t understand the need for some people to bitch about an article they don’t like or don’t care about when they could just as easily ignore it and move on!


He looks nothing like a Roman soldier. More like a late 19th century naval officer. And why do you care anyway? Didn’t you consider this to be “stu pid”?

@46. Dude, if you are trying to be witty and clever it is not working. That uniform is not even close to what solider wore in ancient Rome.

@47. Hey RDR, I doubt we’ll hear from him again tonight, as I think his mommy just tucked him in.

Kirk looks like a bell hop!


I’ll go along with that one.

The red uniforms in the TOS movies were a little bell hop-ish, too. Though, they’re still among my favorites. Can’t beat that “flap” that Kirk kept buttoning and unbuttoning. I bet the TNG cast were a little envious, as actors are always wanting to do something with their hands while they’re moving around a room, and you can’t do much in a jumpsuit! (other than suck in your gut).