Simon Pegg & Damon Lindelof Trade Star Trek Sequel ‘Spoiler’ Tweet Jokes

The world still awaits news and details on the 2012Star Trek sequel currently being written. Fans are ravenous for any news, and today Simon Pegg filled that void (with Star Trek sequel writer/producer Damon Lindelof snapping back)…but alas Pegg  was just mocking us and our need to be spoiled. 


Pegg spoiler

Tuesday afternoon Simon Pegg sent out the following.

Which must have had many fans excited until they read the whole thing. Regardless, soon after Damon Lindelof joined in on the fun.

It appears that Lindelof has added something new to canon, the Qu’aronian Scrot Flea…a possible movie spoiler? Unlikely, but fans are gasping for anything right now.

Hopefully some real news about the Star Trek sequel will surface soon, or in the early new year.


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Scrote as in scrotum, methinks…

But how can you blame us fans, being that we have to wait until 2021… at least according to the first sentence of this post: “The world still awaits news and details on the 2021 Star Trek sequel currently being written.”

“2021 Star Trek sequel…”, lol!

2021 huh. Are they really having that much trouble with the storyline?

As a person that has been afflicted with Qu’aronian Scrot Fleas, it is nothing to make fun of. Their bites are quite painful and your scrot is never the same again!

The prime directive prevents you from scratching yourself over those alien fleas.

There´s a dillema worth of Picard!

I had a case of ’em in the Navy. Nothing to joke about.

…but you should see how well they perform in my flea circus!

– Harry

9 – Of course yours ran off to join the circus. They had no meat to keep ’em at home.

Slow news day?

omg parts of it will take place in outer space??? Are you freaking kidding me. Thats been done to death, I was hoping for a no enemy/underwater adventure story! with a new engineering section that looks just like the one on Voyager because Im totally fixated on how the new Enterprises engineering section looks well…….like a real engineering section, and we know thats not canon! :[

Maybe, at some point in the next movie we’ll see Scotty in the background having a sly scratch while he thinks no-one’s looking…

At least now we know what REALLY got to Khan all those years, stranded on Ceti Alpha 5…

Anthony must be desperate for news.

Star Trek 12… hopefully the Sith will take revenge. Not Star Trek? Oh, sorry…. ;) No, I was only kidding….. ;) Love trek, but really… I need more stuff!

I think Anthony is holding back the goods for the new year.. I’m predicting something on the 1st of 2011..

@12: You must’ve seen a different movie than the rest of us. The rest of us got beer vats for communications equipment.

ha. 2021. At the rate they’re moving, I almost seriously believed that.

I mean, *ahem* take your time…..

Keeping with the spirits of the previous movie they should title the next Star Trek movie, Star Trek: Revenge of the Vulcans.

All I care about is that Scott and Kirk try and teach Spock how to play Fisbin. I wonder if Bob Orci knows how to play Fisbin and if he would write that in to the Script.

Oh and those pesky little fleas just get everywhere. Makes it hard to play Fisbin.

I loved the last movie the cast were great but I find for an origin story it was brilliant very clever I loved that they altered the timeline that mean new possibilities etc.

Wow, reduced to a “tweet update” for news….I loathe Twitter.

…at this rate, summer 2012 doesn’t really look do-able…

…unless it’s more rushed (and hacked) than the first one… =(

Here’s a spoiler you may or may not know….

I will not reveal my source, but let’s just say that the issue with the fan’s dissatisfaction with the warp nacelles/bud engineering room will be resolved in the next film. Two words “Saucer Separation”.

Take that for what you will…

Damon, don’t be stupid. That would just give Simon Pegg a legitimate excuse to keep touching himself.

I am missing something…… If this is an example of twitter, then they can keep it.

Not that desperate for info….

#26 well in all honesty I was typing that stuff very much Tongue in cheek. I have no problem with engineering at all. Its the kind of stuff JJ Abrams likes to do when he shoots movies, use multiple sets, and if at all possible, real places, warehouses, old factories ect.

And I like that, IMO it adds a sense of reality and rawness to a film. Ridley Scott’s (one of my favorite directors) catch phrase was film it “Raw and Real”.

While we laugh, this may show up in the script. We know the writers are prone to throw subtle nods to past Trek stories. Remember this from ‘Wrath of Khan’:

Scotty: I had a wee bout, sir. But Dr. McCoy pulled me through…

Kirk: A wee bout of what?

McCoy: Shore leave, Admiral.

I don’t know about you all, but I always got the impression from that line that Scotty picked up some heat blisters on the kinetic thruster shaft (Redjac Reunion Party on Argelius…). Maybe Lindelhoff has an in-joke for the script referencing that old scene.

If they wanted a real Engine Room, there is always the USS Ranger

a “nuklear wessel”

It at least would be “canon” and a real engine room! Instead of a brewery.

I want to know what the sequel will be about :( guess it won’t ever be ready

NO 2012 is Doable, most films of Star Trek Calaber are shot in less then 8 months,and Post Proudction takes no time at all, looking foward to 2012

A New Engne Room is Un-likely, JJ liked what he had, and he wanted a diffrent feel for treks Engene room. Also hoping that in 2012 they can raise the bar on what they did in 2009

I was hoping they’d sell a Star Trek anti-matter home brewery kit with Scotty’s recipe for Warp Speed Ale.

Spoiler – the new Trek movie will have lots of references to the Classic series, while being “New” at the same time.

Spoiler: Theres going to be ships flying around in space!

Gosh, why so serious?

I see that a week or so back, there was a sort of mini-Trek actor convention taking place in Vancouver, except it seems the fans never heard about it till afterwards. Coincidentally, Chris Pine, Tom Hardy, Simon Pegg and Bruce Greenwood were all in the Canadian city and were seen hanging out together…

Reasons – Chris and Tom were in Vancouver filming This Means War, Simon was there filming a Mission Impossible sequel but Bruce Greenwood – don’t know, except that he is Canadian, originally from Quebec. If there are pics of two (lots of CP/TH ones to do with TMW – seen them), three, or better still, four of these guys together, maybe Anthony might be able to seek them out…:)
Yes, indeed, a slow news day, well – sort of.

lmao! Love these men.

Anyone know what the BarCode Scanners do yet?

Slow news is good news. If it’s posted, I read it and move on. Keep posting!

Ummm… Can we at least get a movie title?

Bob Orci… where are yooouuuuuuuuu………?

Star Trek: The Search for Flea Powder

SPOCK: “how ’bout a theme park. Thrill rides; thrill rides and dinosaurs. No, no, no , no, that’s been done to death. How about, how about we recreate the future olympic games….”

For the unnitiated, this quote comes from Spock vs. Q the sequel. Is it evident that I’ve listened to it way to much. LOL

I’m thinking some kind of angry jellyfish scenario, one which has gained sentience in order to tell Kirk to stop eying his amorphous wife. Possibly set in Texas, or Mars, whichever one can provide the most aliens.

Aww shoot! Scotty gonna get some space crabs!

LOL, that’s pretty funny.

I think I got Flaming Qu’aronian Scrot Fleas from an Orion slave girl stripper once. :P