Watch ‘Before After II’ – Zachary Quinto’s Latest Viral Video

Zachary Quinto, Star Trek’s new Spock, is back with another viral video, Before After II, the sequel to Before After released earlier this year. The comedy short film features Quinto in three different ‘before/after’ sketches, with a Holiday season theme. Check it out below.


Quinto in Before After II

official release

As the Holiday Season is upon us, the PERIODS. web series wraps Season 1 with a new video featuring Zachary Quinto called BEFORE AFTER II and a brand new website, Victor and Philip Quinaz and Anna Martemucci created PERIODS. The new short, BEFORE AFTER II, is a co-production between Before The Door Pictures, Nomadic Films, and Robinson Films, Inc.

The newest project – BEFORE AFTER II

PERIODS. is comedy series based out of Brooklyn, NY, where historic context and accurate period dress mixes with an extremely modern style of comedy. Their short films include PILGRIMS, a new spin on EDITH WHARTON’S ETHAN FROME, the Independence Day classic FOREFATHERS, Halloween’s HAGS, and two unique sketches called BEFORE AFTER, both featuring actor Zachary Quinto.


And see the original BEFORE AFTER featuring Zachary Quinto here:

PERIODS. can also be found on facebook, and the website once again is

Watch Quinto talk stage nudity, eyebrows & endure bad Star Trek jokes

In other Quinto news, the actor is featured in a light-hearted video interview at, to promote his current play Angels in America. Quinto talk about his on stage nudity, naming of dogs and even endures some bad Star Trek jokes. Check it out at

Side by Side by Susan Blackwell: Zachary Quinto on Eyebrows, Dingers and Star Trek Zingers


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funny man

Pretty Boring. Hope Trek starts filming soon.

Those are brilliant.
Reminds me of ’70s SNL, when they used to have short films and sketches that were just comedic interplay between characters that was more natural and real than the shrieking histrionics that pass for sketch humor these days.
Great work, to all involved.

Nice to see character-based, subtle humor is not dead. ; )

looool. Group suicide and elevator orgy. And the classic kids exploding.

SGU has been cancelled…

This makes me *sadface* :-(

Quinto should stick to being Spock; he shines in that role.

He’s trying to do Jerry Seinfeld and it is not working.

@3. Huh? With all due respect, you would not know funny if it hit you on the side of the head and called you papa. :-))


I know enough to know that your posts are not. ; )

And with all due respect, kiss my a$$.

I just don’t get it.

Nut it goes a LONG way to keeping Zach in star staus.

Some day perhaps I too will be able to laugh along with those sketches.

This is what we’re left with when there’s no new Star Trek?

Come on guys, shake a leg!

Sorry, cynical is not the same as funny.

@9 That’s the spirit! :-)

Who Cares

Watch this!! Just Found it. Greatest 3 minutes of Trek ever and as far as I’m concerned now officially canon

Merry X-mas

Quinto is hysterical. I’m proud that he is so well rounded an actor. Just saw him in Angels in America in NYC, one of the greatest modern plays ever written and he was amazing. This is the guy to carry Spock into the future.

Poor Guy. Goes from Spock to two minute web videos.

#17 Hardly.

Think play – Angels in America and movie Margin Call (among others). Margin Call was spearheaded by Quinto’s own production company and has been chosen to screen at the Sundance Film Festival. I guess Zachary Quinto likes variety!

It looks like Zachary Quinto is just doing these for fun. It’s nice to see that he can just let loose and have fun with his friends.

And it’s also nice when we can enjoy it all, too. ; )


That is how the ending should have been.
This idea of killing of legend characters is stupid (unless there is a way to bring them back).

Even destroying Vulcan and killing off Amanda Grayson was a bad idea.

Guys, ZQ does all of this for fun. D: I honestly think this is a good thing because it means he isn’t caught up in “mainstream Hollywood” life. Well, none of the ST cast are, really.

And saying “this is what we get over Star Trek?” is pointless considering ZQ isn’t the one writing the screenplay for the sequel.

@18. “Think play – Angels in America and movie Margin Call (among others)”

I think you just proved Phaser Guy’s point for him. Angels in America? Margin Call? Not exactly the big time here I’m sorry to say. By contrast, Chris Pine was in Unstoppable, a big event movie that a lot of us actually saw. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with him going artsy-fartsy on us, but please don’t try to convince us that these are major entertainment events…they are marginal (pun intended).

#22 I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything. I hardly think, though, that being a main cast member of a long running play on the New York stage or making the movie Margin Call is no better than making a two minute web video. If making two minute web videos is all Quinto has done since playing Spock, then I would agree, but he hasn’t just done that. Anyway, before he could do anything else, he was still under contract to do the final season of Heroes as Sylar.


He’s just doing this for fun. Hope he makes more.

Lighten up. They are NOT major entertainment events. They’re just viral videos. If you don’t like them? Fine. But you don’t have to try to trash Quinto’s resume to make a point. Big, over-budget, dumbed-down, by-the-numbers popcorn movies may be YOUR thing, but not everyone thinks so, OK?

frustratingly glitchy web interview. ARGH. I refuse to believe my office connection is that bad. Oh, wait, I shouldn’t be looking at this at the office. Nevermind.