New Trailer: Simon Pegg’s Sci-Fi Comedy ‘Paul’

Star Trek’s new Scotty Simon Pegg will next be seen in the sci-fi comedy Paul, due out this fall. The second trailer has just been released, check it out below. Plus check out some location shooting photos of Pegg shooting the 4th Mission Impossible movie.


Pegg’s ‘Paul’ International Trailer

Today was the release of the new international trailer for Paul, the sci-fi comedy starring and co-written by Simon Pegg which tells the story of two geeks (Pegg and Nick Frost) on a road trip headed to Comic Con who encounter a real alien (voiced by Seth Rogen).

Also available at

Paul will be released in the USA on March 18th.

First Look at Pegg from Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Right now, Pegg is back at work on a JJ Abrams production, this time reprising his role as the MI tech guy Benji Dunn for Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. Shooting is currently taking place with Pegg joining star Tom Cruise in Vancouver. Accidental Sexiness has some photos from location shooting.

More photo at Accidental Sexiness.

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol will be in theaters December 16th, 2011.

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Harry Ballz

Now this looks FUNNY!!

I'm Dead Jim!

Almost as funny as that Starfleet Academy Books ad!


Looks pretty decent

Can’t wait!!!! ET, Jeff Spicoli and Belushi, all in one nice alien package

Chuck Watters

#4 Hi Chris , Miss your Dad . I have several autographed pictures and met him on Staten Island at his friends store in New Dorp. He was great at the many Trek conventions I witnessed him speak at.

I hope they answer the greater questions of the possibility of life on other planets in this movie.

Like why does an alien from another world speak as if he is reading dialogue from a bad sitcom script?

I think I’ll wait for it to come out on video. And then ignore it altogether.


Hey, Chris! We gotta get Simon to hang out here, too. Nerdvana.


#6 It sounds and looks like it is meant to be a humorous movie, not a factual one~ relax & have fun!

Erik Parrent

Valentine’s Day?

…actually, for me and the missus, that kinda works. Bring it on!

Capt Mike of the Terran Empire

Looks to be very funny. Like the Consept. Guys going to comic con and meets real aliens. Hmm. Sounds Familer.


Loved the full-length trailer for “Paul”. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are my favourite comedy duo. The alien is a scream. “Paul” is on my must-see list.

I am glad Simon Pegg is getting more screen time as computer expert Benji Dunn in the next Mission Impossible film. He was the best thing in MI:3.


Like why does an alien from another world speak as if he is reading dialogue from a bad sitcom script?

Arrgh, THIS!

I really like Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, but that alien character has all the hallmarks of an obnoxious Dreamsworks character crossed with a douchie stoner.

Jeffrey S. Nelson

Alien would have been more believable if not computer generated.

Phaser Guy

Wow, they finally made the Alf movie.

Tanner Waterbury

LOL I was thinking the same thing Phaser Guy!


Close Encounters of the Harold & Kumar Kind.

Mixed emotions; could be mildly funny, but also dumber than a sack of hammers. I think more humor could’ve come from Simon Pegg and company in a half-a$$ed quest to look for aliens in Area 51, but never finding them.
More “Don Quixote” than “Men In Black.”

As it is? We’ll see. And #14-Phaser Guy is right; it even sounds like Alf.

Buzz Cagney

Looks sucky.
And there endeth my review.

looking forward to Paul!


Memo to Zachary Quinto: NOW THIS IS FUNNY!


Reviving dead bird then eating it: genius.


Kirk, James T.

I’m sorry, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol? bwahahahahahahahaha sounds like some kind of Ben10 rip-off


Looks pretty funny…these two have made movies that I really like to watch!!


Agree. The concept is fine, but if that represents the best of the dialogue they’ve just patch-worked the same old formulaic comedy scripts together. I’m sure Pegg & Frost will be amusing to watch, but its a rental at best.

Lookin forward to it!


One of the biggest scientific mistakes in the 2009 Star Trek movie says that supernovas destroys the universe! So all the supernovas that has happened since the beginning of time….. oh wait we don’t exist, the universe was destroyed when the first sun went super nova!


Edit: typo!

One of the biggest scientific mistakes in the 2009 Star Trek movie says that supernovas destroy the universe! So all the supernovas that has happened since the beginning of time….. oh wait we don’t exist, the universe was destroyed when the first sun went super nova!


hahaha I can’t wait for this movie. Looks hilarious



Hi John,
funny you would say that. I was watching ST 2009 on my iTouch just this week and Spock Prime said: “.. the supernova exploded, threatened to destroy the galaxy…”. I found that impossible also. Is it possible that some supernova would have a cascade effect on other stars? I think the writers indeed messed up.


The movie looks a lot like a live action prequel to “American Dad” (not that a rude, substance abusing alien is original to that show either).


@28 & John: Well, we just assume that the Hobus supernova was something peculiar: let’s just say the Nexus collided with Hobus or something like that, and Old Spock didn’t mention it to the 2258 era since it wasn’t yet important *why* or how supernovae could threaten the galaxy.

I'm Dead Jim!

Who ya gonna call? GHOST PROTOCOL!!!


I tend to take anything in star trek with a grain of salt at times. So what that the supernova did what it did. It is Sci-Fi not Sci-NonFi. It is a universe with Warp Speed, Starships and Klingons. It is a universe in which the FLAGSHIP of the entire Federation, more times then not, seemed to get it’s @$$ kicked by some weak petty thugs such as the Son’a (I’m lookin at you, TNG writers).

It works because it is ungodly entertaining and alot of fun to discuss with others.

I'm Dead Jim!


– “It is a universe in which the FLAGSHIP of the entire Federation, more times then not, seemed to get it’s @$$ kicked by some weak petty thugs such as the Son’a .”

Yeah, I love TNG but I always got so aggravated at the snail like response to attacks from enemy ships we would often see.

As for the supernova threat, I do wish it had been more grounded in actual science. I know things in Trek have to be made up, like starship propulsion, etc., but I look upon this as a mistake. Maybe the writers won’t stretch science to the breaking point next time.



True, True.

TNG writers always made me mad at how they turned the Enterprise into a weak TURD more times then not. I felt that it was made badazz in All Good Things and First Contact. Other then that, it seemed to be a giant turd. I mean, Riker had to resort to the USB joystick to help the big E best some intergalactic ugly slugs. Weak indeed.

The way the D perished was just a symbol of how the writers made that ship a turd. A Bird of Prey, the same frickin class of ship from Trek III, which could barely stand up to a crippled and automated original Enterprise, took out the D. I saw plenty of times that the D alpha striked a borg cube…why not do the same to the BoP when it showed that the shields had zero effect.

Also, I thought the starfleet ships went to modulating shield frequencies since the borg came about. Hmm…..


Takes me right out of it.


Is it just me or is that a Godawful trailer?

I’m not saying that means the movie will suck by default, because trailers have been misleading before – but JEEZE …. it looks like it stinks more than Jeff Buckley after he went amateur scuba diving.


See, when I was in the cinema, I kind of ignored that line and gave Spock the benefit of the doubt – I just assumed he was being metaphorical. ie. the supernova would piss the Romulans off, meaning that they might go ballistic and start a big war, which would drag the rest of the galaxy into the war … not literally destroying the galaxy, but figuratively.

Again – that’s just how I saw it when I watched it. If the writers really meant “destroy the galaxy” in the most literal sense, then they’re total buffoons.


I wonder if the Federation, thru knowledge by Spock, will allow the new timelines Romulas to be a fitting Karma thing for Vulcan being destroyed, even though the new timeline Romulans had nothing to do with it. Interesting.

Don’t worry…in the world of the original Trek there were like hundreds of planets that looked just like Earth, so there are bound to be a dozen Vulcan like planets just sitting there.



What a well-crafted zinger! Too bad his mom doesn’t read this site, I’m sure she’d find your ingenious references to her son’s accidental drowning at the age of 30 utterly hilarious.

Dr. Image

Pegg: Funny.
“Paul”: Painfully UN-funny.



Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer had an awesome trailer. This trailer is better than that whole film.

Ben R

Love it! Can’t wait to see Paul and Pegg in Mission Impossible.


How’d the supernova thing fit in here? Anyway, I agree that it seems shaky — I always wondered whether the technical consultants knew something we don’t or if the line was a result of the writer’s strike. Sometimes the don’t explain too much principal works well, but yeah.

In The undiscovered country, McCoy had a line about how gorkon was the last hope in the universe for peace. A little hyperbole. Would guy who works in space say something like that? Meh.

“Paul” looks hilarious. Could be Super 8’s Dr. Strangelove.

Paul should do a cameo in the next star Trek. :)

Jorg Sacul

“Paul?.. That’s a person’s name, not an alien!” — Adam West


Lol at all the maladjusted canonistas getting all pissy at the writing of a piece of fiction and talking about scientific principles that they know NOTHING about.

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