Watch Stewart & Dorn TNG Gag In Family Guy Star Wars Spoof + MacFarlane Indicates Star Trek Spoof Is Next

Just in time for Christmas, Fox released their third Family Guy/Star Wars spoof movie, "It’s A Trap", a parody of Return of the Jedi. And just like with past spoofs, Seth MacFarlane worked in a Star Trek gag, this time with voice cameos from Michael Dorn and Patrick Stewart. Plus MacFarlane has indicated he might finally be doing that big Star Trek spoof he wants.   


Star Trek works its way into "It’s A Trap" 

Michael Dorn and Patrick Stewart reprise their (voice) roles as Jean Luc Picard and Mr. Worf in "Family Guy: It’s A Trap". Here is a clip.

MacFarlane indicates Star Trek spoof might be next

Over the last few years Family Guy creator (and huge Star Trek fan) Seth MacFarlane has indicated that he wants to follow up his Star Wars spoofs with one from Star Trek, possibly Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (see TrekMovie’s suggested FG/TWOK recasting). However, MacFarlane later said he didn’t expect to be able to do Star Trek because Paramount wouldn’t give him the same cooperation he has had from LucasFilm for the Star Wars spoofs. Yet now a new interview with MacFarlane indicates that maybe there is a new hope (see what I did there) for Star Trek. Here is an excerpt from TV Squad’s interview:

Next, MacFarlane and company might take on the ‘Star Trek’ movies — but not right away. "These are very tiring to do," he told us. "It’s like doing a movie at the same time you’re doing a TV series. Particularly with animation, that’s a lot of work. We’d like to take a break first."

TrekMovie will keep an eye out for any new developments for Family Guy and Star Trek.


And for more on "It’s A Trap", here is the official promo for "It’s A Trap", available now on DVD and Blu-ray (it will also be aired on Fox sometime in 2011).

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Can’t wait to see a Trek spoof Family Guy style!!

If they move into “Star Trek” spoofs, it should be after a couple of years. Stacking the 3 “Star Wars” spoofs up next to each other, its clear the quality of the writing waned as the series went on.

Ehhh…Seth and Star Trek.
Well, I guess another Star Trek spoof by a Star Wars fan (see what I did there) is par for the course at this point.

Nearly two weeks for this?!??!

Hmm… odd, their Star Trek spoof MIGHT be okay, personally I think that Star Trek should stay dignified and not officially spoofed, but maybe he can pull it off.

If he’s gonna spoof Star Trek do it with American Dad cast. Would be funnier because Patrick is a regular on that show.

As long as it is funny…..

Hopefully there is more than that!

As for a “Star Wars” fan doing a “Star Trek” spoof… Seth is just as much a Trek fan… the man hired Patrick Stewart for crimin’ out loud

I know… the lack of updates was vexing me, too… but i’ll shut up now about that.

Star Trek cannot be seen as “dignified” after some of the crap Enterprise pulled.

No, he should do it as a “Family Guy” thing… American Dad has neither the big-name appeal nor the quality of writing to handle spoofing “The Wrath of Khan”.

That’s my worry, too.

3. Seth was in a few episodes of Enterprise. Taking that into consideration, he’s more of a fan that 90% of the people who claim to be Trek fans…

Seth is a Big Time trek fan like all of us. I for one being the hard core fan i am would love to see Seth do a Trek Spoof. This Star Wars spoof was a lot of fun.

Now ain’t everyone glad that I let Lt Cdr Anthony Pascale out of the Agoniser Booth.

OMG, I would love to see Seth how handles WHY Admirals or Captains MUST beam into hazardous situations!

to all yall wanting to get all pissy about no updates, you have to realize that the guys who run this site have lives outside of the site. They do, trust me. I know it is hard to believe, but it is….alright, that’s enough, I’m done. Anyways, I was a little bummed myself to see no updates for a couple of days, seeing as this is my favorite site on the Good Old Web. However, I do know that there has been nothing about going on hiatus or stopping the site, so it will continue to go.

Thanks to Anthony and the gang for putting up a few articles after so long a dry spell.

@14. Dude, you are jumping to conclusions here. I think all anybody wanted was just a quick post announcing that the site staff would be taking two weeks off so folks weren’t left wondering what was going on.

Welcome Back Anthony! While you were gone we posted the script of “Super 8”, the x-rated spoof “Sex Trek” and had a toga party. Oh and by the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!


you don’t know what you’re talking about.


read the whole post before you respond. homeboy was being goofy.

too bad the it’s a trap wasn’t that great. hopefully trek would be a lot better with fresher material.

Actually, I was just ‘aving a go at what JJ did with STAR TREK.

A Family Guy spoof of Trek movies should start with the obvious candidate: The Final Frontier. Even though I love all Trek movies, as well as all Trek in general, the multitude of options available would make TFF a terrific choice for satire.

For example, the “God” entity could be played by the “God” character (the one who tries to impress a girl in a bar, for example). Family Guy’s “Jesus” character could play the role of Sybok (literally in search of God, his father).

By the way, everyone: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

“If you ask me, and you didn’t”, MacFarlane has the one up on Abrams….at least he’s a bloody fan. Bring on the spoof.

@ #17

You know, I was just having a laugh, but the idea that I don’t know what I’m talking about? I’ll tell you what, I’ve been watching STAR TREK since the age of four, and I’ll be forty in April. I can count among my friends and acquaintances some of the VERY people who helped make the original show, one in particular without whom there wouldn’t have been even a third season of The Original Series, and some who are continuing the original series in their own and very accurate way. So be for we go off and tell people that they don’t know what they’re talking about, maybe we should stop and concider that someone might just actually know what they’re talking about.
LLAP & Happy New Year!


By the way, where is Beverly Crusher in that It’s a Trap Trek scene? They included Wesley Crusher but not his mother? They couldn’t decide between Crusher and Pulaski? She’s camouflaged as the computer display in the empty space between Data and Worf? What gives?

For that matter, what happened to Tasha Yar?

Seth, explain!

I’d forgotten how many players there were in the TNG ensemble.

With those third season uniforms and judging by Rikers beard…Tasha’s long dead.



Maybe it was a reverse version of the TNG episode “Remember Me”. In that episode, everyone kept disappearing until Dr.Crusher was the only one left. Maybe Seth McFarlane just wanted to do the opposite. :-)

Happy New Years!

Cue loads of people agreeing with me and others arguing the invalidity of my message because of the lack of an apostrophe in the word “let’s”.

#9 – “Star Trek cannot be seen as “dignified” after some of the crap Enterprise pulled.”

Spock’s Brain. Star Trek V.

Don’t hate on “Enterprise”, nothing on that show reached those lows from the TOS crew.

Got it for Xmas. Haven’t figured out what “digital download” is all about. Do I have to register for crappy emails? Why can’t they just sell DVDs that play in my computer? And don’t tell me this fights piracy, because the Chinese not only have this online for free, they’ve used scenes to make 234534089452435095 other movies.

If you listen to the commentary for “It’s a Trap,” one of the producers talks about doing “Khan” very eagerly, so much so that he stops himself (or gets stopped by someone else) a couple of times since he (paraphrasing) “Shouldn’t be talking about ‘Star Trek’ so much while doing a ‘Star Wars’ show.”

Seriously, TrekMovie, listen to it and transcribe.

I’ll hate on Enterprise all I want. Spock’s Brain at least had the charm of a 1950s B-movie. And for all the hating of Star Trek V, that movie had the best motion picture depiction of that friendship between Kirk, Spock and Bones. Story? Yeah, it sucked, but I missed that friendship in the movies.

I will not like Enterprise, though. Sorry if that ruins your goal to have everyone in Trekdom enjoy it. I just won’t enjoy it. Entitle me to my opinion and embrace IDIC.

(PS – I never said TOS didn’t suck in parts… every series had LOUSY episodes. They just didn’t call them seasons.)

23, but the memory lingers on. Besides, I don’t think canon applies.

24, now there’s an idea, and what a good episode that was. I certainly do remember her, too.

Ironic, isn’t it, that Beverly was one of the most dignified, tea-and-crumpet-partaking characters in the show, and yet Seth somehow forgot about her. (Then again, there’s my theory that she’s just camouflaged somehow….)

Hey, the Rose Parade is about to start. I almost forgot about that. I wonder what kind of aircraft they’ll have fly over. These days it tends to be the B-2, I think. Anyway, I just turned on KTLA.

All right, who else remembers the giant Enterprise-D float they had in the Parade?

More beautiful than any flower, that ship was. :-)

A trek Parody would be nice but i doubt that paramount will let them do it.

Oh, Paramount can be pretty flexible. Look at all the fanfic productions on the ‘Net.

Some of them have actual Trek stars in them (e.g., “Of Gods and Men”).

By the way, I suspect that even though Anthony was “off the grid” for a matter of weeks, this site was never unmoderated.

Call it a hunch.


Still watching the Rose Parade, live from Pasadena, and yes, I was right — it was a B-2.

You know, one of these days I’d like to see a Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental or Airbus A380 do a flyover. Truth be told, either of them would be much larger than the B-2. I’m getting a bit tired of the militaristic connotations of the B-2. Yes, it’s a Stealth aircraft. Ho-hum.

Or make it a C-5M Galaxy, at least. Biggest aircraft in the U.S. Air Force and one of the largest aircraft in the world.

Better still, have the 747-8, A380, C-5, and Antonov An-225 fly together in formation. Together, they’d cast quite a shadow and wow the crowd. Peace and harmony, and all that good stuff.

Oh well. Back to watching the Parade.

Nice to see everyone is back to trashing each other and other people’s particular view of Trek in the comments.

The only time I like Family Guy is when they’re spoofing Star Wars, so I suppose I’d be okay with a Star Trek spoof.

Anthony runs a fantastic site. I love it.
In my opinion Anthony should have written one or two sentences saying there would be a break from the site. I am sure many people were left wondering if our favorite site might have been gone forever. It was uncomfortable and unnecessary. I hope in the future Anthony would consider writing that sentence.
That said, Anthony, thank you for this wonderful site.

@30 “I’ll hate on Enterprise all I want. Spock’s Brain at least had the charm of a 1950s B-movie. And for all the hating of Star Trek V, that movie had the best motion picture depiction of that friendship between Kirk, Spock and Bones. Story? Yeah, it sucked, but I missed that friendship in the movies. I will not like Enterprise, though. Sorry if that ruins your goal to have everyone in Trekdom enjoy it. I just won’t enjoy it. Entitle me to my opinion and embrace IDIC”

Well said — I could not agree more R. Dawson!!!!!

@34 “You know, one of these days I’d like to see a Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental or Airbus A380 do a flyover. Truth be told, either of them would be much larger than the B-2. I’m getting a bit tired of the militaristic connotations of the B-2. Yes, it’s a Stealth aircraft. Ho-hum.”

You’ve got be kidding me, right? Maybe you folks in Pasadena get to see a B-2 flyover every year, but many of us have never seen that. Contrary to that, I have seen all the other commercial jets and military jets many times now…Ho Hum, indeed.

And thanks to all of our servicemen out there for putting their lives on the line every day for us in Afghanistan and Iraq! I have not forgotten their sacrifice, and I welcome reminders of it through “militaristic flyovers” for the Rose Bowl parade, etc. I get to about one military air show per year and wish I could get to more…

Well, MJ, you’ve seen one B-2, you’ve seen pretty much all of them. They don’t look any different the second time around.

And admittedly, I’ve been to my share of airshows. Saw the famous Pugachev Cobra Maneuver in Kalamazoo, I think it was, way back when. Airshows are great.

But if you haven’t seen a B-2 yet, be my guest; next year will probably be a B-2 flyover again.

If we’re talking Stealth aircraft, I’d like to see a formation of Raptors and Lightning II’s next year.

No one is forgetting our people in Afghanistan or Iraq. We just had Veterans Day last November and there was plenty of coverage of that. A mild comment against over-militarizing a parade that has nothing to do with the armed forces isn’t a statement about our servicemembers. Pasadena as a city isn’t particularly military, unlike Oceanside, for example, or Lancaster.

Personally, I’m in favor of cooperation, peace and harmony over displays of our military might.

“Personally, I’m in favor of cooperation, peace and harmony over displays of our military might.”

Yea, but we can see “peace and harmony” aircraft that at LAX or any other major US airport any day, right? :-)

Again, I would love to see a B2 flyover — I don’t think a lot of us have seen this in person, but I would hazard to guess we’ve all seen a lot of 747’s.

I have seen the F-22 at an airshow — extremely impressive — so I am with you on that one at least….and I would certainly love to see an AN 224 as well.

Also, you may not be aware of this, buy the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena was once the leading developer of ballistic missile rocket technology in the U.S. and played a huge role in defense technology. Also, a little known fact is that many of the engineering and manufacturing personnel at Northrop who built the B-2 bomber in Palmdale in the 80’s and 90’s lived in Pasadena and made the one-hour daily commute to Palmdale.

I cannot stress enough how much I love JPL. It’s one of my ambitions to actually visit the place, which is bizarre because you would think that since I live within easy commuting distance of it, I would have done so long ago. But strangely enough, I haven’t.

I guess it’s like how the ice cream man doesn’t want to eat ice cream.

I’ve gone all the way to Edwards AFB to view the very first landing of the very first Space Shuttle, the Columbia, but I haven’t visited JPL. (I even have Super 8 videotape of the event, somewhere.)

As they say: Go figure. ;-)

As an educator, I get invites to JPL periodically, but again, I haven’t taken advantage of them. Again: Go figure.

For the longest time, I was a member of the Planetary Society, but sadly have let the membership lapse.

In any event, I’m glad we agree on peace and harmony.

The Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental, by the way, hasn’t appeared at any commercial airport. It’s the largest airliner ever built in America, and longer even than the Airbus A340-600, which is currently the longest airliner in the world. (Yes, the A340-600 is actually longer than the A380 double-decker superjumbo jet.)

And I haven’t seen the A380, ever, so it would be new to me. Nor the Antonov.

It would be nice to see these flying overhead. It would be the closest would could ever reasonably expect to see to having the Enterprise overhead.

Speaking of which, am I geeking for actually looking at my odometer and passing landmarks as I’m driving at freeway speeds to get a sense of how incredibly large the NuEnterprise really is?

Somebody please help me….


^^ Super 8 film, not videotape. D’oh.


I’ve seen a B2 Spirit fly over during an air show. They’re dead silent until they fly directly over you and even then they’re just a low hiss. Amazing.

Its about time, I loved the family guy star wars spoofs, can’t wait for the trek spoof.


Paramount really isn’t that lenient. The web stuff is allowed because they aren’t making any money off of it. If for one minute, they thought they were losing money, they’d pull the plug faster than you can say “Viacom.”

Though, they have gotten better. There was a time when they threatened to shut down fan sites for using Trek images.

It could be done… as parody is fairly well protected. However, the images could not be as exact, nor could the music be used without Paramount’s cooperation.

Lucasfilm, on the other hand, is very lenient.

Paramount/CBS need to lighten up and smell the money that WILL be made if they allow McFarlane (and others) as much creative control over Star Trek as they have been given by Lucasfilm – It’s high time Par and CBS got off their high horses and got the BRAND NAME out into the public domain – one, two maybe three JJ Abrams films isn’t going to cut it. Nor is giving a license to produce shit to back-street company’s like DST and Playmates, spread the word, give the license to big, popular companies and come on, make the words Star Trek cool again.

They could learn a lot from Lucas about how to market Star Trek.

@42 While I am for the US to lead in aerospace, the 15 foot longer 747 that Boeing is building seems like kind of a gimmick to me so that they can just claim that their biggest jumbo jet is as modern and is on par with the Airbus, when in fact the Airbus A380 is still significantly more massive than the 747-8. But I think the primary business case for Boeing is to have a more attractive freighter option of the 747 to compete with the long delayed A380 freighter.

Anyway, I doubt most people seeing a flyover fairly high up over a parade would be able to tell the difference between a 747-400 and a 747-8.

BTW, if you ever use LAX airport, there is usually a Quantas A380 parked every day between late afternoon and late evening. I’ve seen it several times from the plane I was on which was taxiing around LAX to takeoff or land.

@47. Well that is assuming that we really that type of expansion…I’m not sure I really want to see that for Trek. I am kind of fine with where we are now.

We’ll never see a “Family Guy” Trek spoof because neither Paramount nor FOX would want to split the Blu Ray/dvd revenues. FOX wouldn’t want Paramount profiting off of “Family Guy” just as Paramount wouldn’t want FOX to make money off of “Star Trek”.

And Paramount may end up losing the “Star Trek” film rights in a few years if CBS has its way. Paramount may only have a limited number of years to make Trek movies according to the deal it signed.