First Look At Star Trek: Expeditions Miniature Game

This summer WizKids/NECA will release their first Star Trek miniature game, titled Star Trek: Expeditions. The game will be themed around the 2009 Star Trek movie and TrekMovie has a first look and details. Check it out below.


First Look at Star Trek Expeditions

WizKids’ Star Trek Expeditions is a cooperative mission game for 1-4 players using detailed miniatures. The game was designed by Designed by award winning game designer Reiner Knizia. 

Star Trek Expeditions miniatures and box

Here is the official description of gameplay:

Players take on the roles of Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Uhura responding to an invitation from the Nibian government to open discussions about the planet joining the United Federation of Planets. However, now that the Enterprise has arrived, you find the President of Nibia less happy to see you than the invitation suggested, and Mr. Spock has detected evidence that another starship may have recently been in orbit.

Lead your away teams made up of crew and resources from the Enterprise to solve the major story arcs plus key side missions before the Klingon Fleet arrives or the lone cloaked Klingon Battle cruiser in orbit destroys the Enterprise and her crew. Three difficulty levels, random side missions, player strategies and a unique branching mission tree ensure every game will be a unique memorable experience.

The contents of the set include:

  • 6 highly detailed, painted HeroClix miniatures

  • 1 game board (23” x 24”)

  • 14 Stardate cards

  • 42 Energize Cards

  • 21 Captain’s Log Cards

  • 25 Captain’s Log Supplemental Cards

  • 15 Regular and 5 Major Discovery Tokens

  • 1 Score Tracker, 4 away team cards, 4 turn order cards

  • 3 Custom dice

Star Trek Expeditions cards

Star Trek Expeditions playing board

Star Trek: Expeditions has a retail price of $49.99 and will be released June 15, 2011.


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Way cool! I’m still waiting for Trek Legos.

its a board game that looks promising. I would likke to know is where is Scotty?

I was wondering if this was going to ever come out, hopefully they’ll still do the Starship game too.

Is it sad I would buy this just for the ships and figs? lol

love the figs, love the ships, but the board is so boring. I’ll still buy it of course.

to number 4, the answer is no. those figures look really good, and if that’s what you like to collect, then I say its worth it. It’s like, I got six great figures, and a free game to go with it. Cool huh.

Won’t get it, but they get brownie points for putting Bones on the box.

Wow! This looks like a winner! Has anyone here heard anything about a Star Trek Mr. Potatohead that is in development. I saw something on facebook mentioning that one was on the way!

I’m with the rest of you, I’d get this purely for the figurines and ship miniatures too!

Awfully expensive if you ask me. I know there’s a lot of other stuff, but fifty bucks for six figures is a lot. ESPECIALLY since NECA’s track record with WK isn’t all that great yet.

I’ll have to wait until it’s clearanced.

I’m in!

We only saw it for a few seconds on film, but I really liked the new Klingon ship design. Glad to see it getting some love. :)


Although the provided images are small, the miniatures look very promising.
But where’s Scotty?

The Enterprise doesn’t look all that good, but the Klingon ship looks awesome!

Finally, some Star Trek junk that I might actually buy — looks pretty cool!

That’s a high price for some low cost figures and cards, compared to Mechwarrior or Heroclix. Guess they know they got us anyway. Hopefully “highly detailed” is what we get. The promising thing to me is the figures on a clix base. Although I do not like card games. Maybe this will be a good mix.

Game looks interesting. I’m just such a massive fan of the box-art designer putting McCoy in his proper place – next to Kirk and Spock, not some 4th tier character.

Also, odd observation, but it’s very obvious how ’empty’ the bottom of the ENT looks from that wide angle with no text emblazoned on it.

Arnt these the same retarded who fornacated away battletech with thier Dorkage Clicky-tech game a decade ago? Fools dont learn, do they?

#14. Yeah, I’m tempted to get this just for the new Klingon Battle Cruiser which never got a really clear shot in the movie but looked awesome.

This looks cool. If it only were prime universe.

What about the miniatures combat game that was slated to follow the boardgame. I hear nothing but ho-hum response to the boardgame, but more enthusiasm for combat. When the boardgame inevitably bombs, they’ll cancel future products!

$50 – no thank you.

You know, that’d make a fantastic Trek story for the new film!

Cant wait for its release over here (UK)

Huh, I like the storyline; sounds like a TOS episode. That’s the kind of story we need to see in the movies; something layered and interesting, not more of the same old “Super Powerful Bad Guy That We Need To Blow Up” crap.

WHAT…no Scotty!!!!

Cooperation! Now that is a breath of fresh air compared to all the online games where everyone tries to annihilate one another.

haha YES!

this looks so nice! And look at that, McCoy on the front of the box beside Kirk and Spock, where he should be! I’m in!

Is it me or since when did the communications officer (a LT. No less) replace the Chief Engineer (Lt. Cmdr.and third in command) in prominence?


It’s called political correctness. If they did Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Scotty, a number of Trek fans (including someone whom I’m tempted to mention but will refrain from doing but you all know who she is anyway) would have been up in arms in an outrage, accusing the makers of sexism and racism.

But Scotty should have had a figurine. I guess the game calls for a maximum of 6 pieces so someone had to be left out. On the other hand, definitely good to see McCoy not only get a figurine, but to also be included next to Kirk and Spock on the cover. Just like he should have been on the posters and dvd covers.

I’m sure there will be expansion sets including Parallel-Scotty.

That picture of the new Enterprise racing away from the attacking Klingon cruiser makes me hope we see an ILM version come summer 2012!

Whoa, 50 bucks? Dang…


I know what political correctness is, which makes my point. The public, fans and people in general pay the price all for the name of ‘political correctness’.

Btw, I don’t think the public would boycott wizkids if they had Scotty instead of Uhura for the reasons I stated above.

At least there is a different story. I look forward to seeing more stories taking place in the new universe and I don’t mean just stories that give a different perspective on the movie such as IDWs “Nero” comics which was a good comic, I just want new and different stories.

…I want a closer look at that Klingon Battle Cruiser!! =O

Wow! I am impressed. It’s NOT the over-played “Bird of Prey” from ST IV.

And, they still have dice games in the 23rd alternate universe future?

Yes, the inclusion of Uhura was entirely because of political correctness and had nothing to do with the fact that she was a more central character to the story of the film the game is based on, going so far as to be Spock’s love. Obviously.

Regarding the actual game, I think it’s great to see the new arm of the franchise getting merchandise like this. Only the price tag seems unfortunate. It just doesn’t weight out against the entry cost of a pen & paper RPG.


Scotty saved the Enterprise from being sucked in the blackhole at the end of the movie. Uhura’s role was bigger, but Scotty’s was better. End of story.

Yes, that was towards the end of the film. Very observant. However, if you want to talk about importance to their survival then without Uhura’s information Enterprise would’ve been flying unprepared into a trap like the rest of their force. The actual point is that some people are Uhura fans and with good reason.

Star trek Marathon starting Sunday through next week on SyFy. All of the movies (minus Insurrection and ST09) and numerous TNG episodes.

It is a Reiner Knizia game… It is going to be great!

With the sudden outpouring of new Star Trek merchandise in the last year, there has been a disappointing lack of swag from Trek 2009. I am glad to see Whizkids went new with this game, and hope it signals more to come. Maybe some company can do action figures, and do them right this time!

And what exactly is the Nuhura figure supposed to do in the game? I don’t think “get laid to boost career” is an option.

44 – oh, but it should be.

I wonder what they based the Klingon D-7 Battlecruiser on? There wasn’t one in the Star Trek 2009 movie.

Oh let’s bring up Starfleet’s fraternization regulations!

If Uhura and Spock are dating, they can’t serve abord the same ship let alone the same department! Looks like Uhura gets a transfer in the sequel!

46: Actually, they had Klingon “warbirds” which was the not paying attention way of calling them Battlecruisers, but they were in the simulation screen during the cheatin scene. That is what the game pieces are based on, which is really just a revamped look to the TMP Klingon Battlecruisers.

I was not a fan of the Spock Uhura thing. Now Spock is a cheater, considering that he is “engaged.” Highly illogical the “romance” was..especially because it was implied it was going on while he was her instructor. I did not think we needed a romance between any of the characters, especially as an excuse to give the secondary characters more screen time.

any sequel news ? I’m dying to hear even silly rumours. I want more trek !

Way over-priced. They must be nuts. Don’t they know we’re in the throes of the Great Recession?