Viral Video: Dance To ‘Star Trek Acid Drive’

A Star Trek music video mashup has been going viral in the last week, racking up over 111,000 views in 10 days, mostly in Europe. If you like TNG and you like trip hop dance music, then check out "Star Trek – Acid Drive" below.


Dance to the Star Trek Acid Drive

This Star Trek music video comes from Polish YouTuber lexycon, and combines elements of TNG with Sesame Street, all against a raving house beat. Enjoy

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not my cup of tea.

oh my goodness. what else is their to say

This video only gets funnier every time I watch it. Not sure what that says about my sense of humor but oh well. XD Love Data’s smile in the beginning.



ohhhhh yeah… thats great sh*t. right up there with “the picard song” and the slightly gay yet very uplifting “star trek tik tok” mashup.

youtube is awesome.

Well done.

Somebody pumped Ecstasy into the life support systems.

That was kinda fun!

Very clever!

i like it

I like it but it left me wanting more, seemed too short.

@3 I liked Data’s “get ready to rock” smirk as well!

On second viewing, perhaps it is long enough.

Those two minutes felt like 10.

@1 I’m with you.

Besides the fact that 75% of it was the same visual joke over and over … and over again, it was enough to kill Mark Knopfler, and ‘then’ make him roll over in his grave.

It was fun, but too long.

I think that would solve my problems with 90% of entertainment, though–everyone needs an editor :)

the beat is sick

That is hilarious!!!! Thanks for making my day!

I like how Riker is head-banging in the background! :-D

Sucked. Best Trek mashup ever was TOS/NIN Closer:

I’m guessing that being coked up to your eyeballs enhances the experience…

Where is that B-scene from??

lmao that isn’t trip-hop!


Sesame Street maybe? Just a guess.

It gets funnier and funnier every time I see…and that’s been several dozen times by now.

Funny, but too repetitive. Needed to change the visuals after the first couple of seconds.

But still worth the watch. :-)

I agree with the others – started out
great, and then went downhill quick.
Super effort, though. I look forward
to more…

Folks, it was two minutes.

I thought it was pretty hilarious, personally.

@cleverclogs Glad someone here recognized that wasn’t ‘trip-hop’! Trance re-mix of ‘Dire Straits’ opening chords…sure. Kinda bummed with this clip, as I was expecting more!

@23 & 25
Sesame Street for sure, search youtube under patrick stewart Sesame Street, quite fun, helped my kid learn his letter B.


kinda reminds me of Happy in Paraguay!

by the way, who painted my ass white?