‘Girls on Film’ Recreate Star Trek 2009 Scene – Recasting Kirk & Pike With Actresses

Have you ever wondered what Star Trek might be like if James T. Kirk was female? (Jane T. Kirk?) Well The Girls On Film project has, and decided to take a crack at it by recreating a scene from the 2009 Star Trek movie with actresses playing the parts of Kirk and Pike. Check it out below.


Girls on Film take on Star Trek

In short, "The Girls on Film" project describes its mission thusly "we take great film scenes between men and recreate them with women." So far the fledgling project has taken on scenes from The Town and Fight Club, and this week they released their third scene, one from the 2009 Star Trek movie. They chose the "I dare you to do better" bar talk between young James T. Kirk and Captain Pike. Here it is:

The Girls on Film version is pretty impressive. Here is the original for comparison

The Girls on Film team is comprised of actresses Ashleigh Harrington (who played Kirk) and Cat McCormick, along with director Jeff Hammond. For the Star Trek scene they brought in actress Katerina Taxia to play Pike.  

In an email to TrekMovie, the GoF team talked about why they do what they do:

What is the goal of The Girls on Film?

Ashleigh: Part of our goal in creating The Girls on Film was to satisfy our own creativity and passion for movies by putting ourselves in their leading roles and director’s chair and making ourselves a part of the work we would like to be involved with.

Flipping the genders reflects our collective quirkiness; we want to have fun with our work! Additionally, we want to give our viewers a fresh reason to tune into our episodes. Go online and you can see tons of movie recreations people have filmed on handi-cams in their basements, so lets approach the recreation thing from a new angle: what would a female Kirk be like? I wonder, if Pike was a woman, would she be bitchy or motherly?

With the popularity of Youtube and social networking over the last few years, as storytellers, we have this incredible gift of an audience at our fingertips that is hungry for great entertainment and looking for it 24/7. We want to cater to those people and make something unique and of quality.

Jeff Hammond: The Girls on Film concept is awesome and will inspire viewership. Because of this, people are going to be able to see that we can act, we can direct, shoot, and create professional work. There are multiple ways to get into the Entertainment industry and we’re just taking a new approach.

Q: Why chose Star Trek and this particular scene?

Ashleigh: Star Trek has been at the top of our list since we started dreaming up this project. Its such an iconic, positive story that has inspired and entertained generations, which equals great work for us to try our hand at and a large audience to reach out to.
Jeff, Cat and I are huge fans of JJ Abrams. He is such a talented director and his skill at balancing action with character driven story is unparalleled. His influence along with the smart writing and acting made this movie a clear choice for us.

This particular scene is such an important moment in the story and Bruce Greenwood and Chris Pine do an incredible job. It was an easy pick mainly because of their talent but also because of the simplicity of the set. Recreating the bar was a much easier task for us than building a bridge set!

As our budget on the series increases we plan on doing one or two more scenes from this movie. You can count on seeing Spock on The Girls on Film in the future!

For more and to see other clips, visit  www.thegirlsonfilm.com.




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