Star Trek Online Slots Coming To UK

Star Trek is taking another step into the world of gambling. There are already Star Trek slot machines, and now Star Trek slots are headed online. International Game Technology has announced they are developing an online slot game based on the Star Trek 2009 movie.


Star Trek Online Slot Game Coming Soon

This week at International Game Technology announced at the they are developing a new online slots game based on the 2009 Star Trek game. IGT tell TrekMovie that the game will first become available to gamers in UK later this year. Meanwhile, you can visit new mobile bingo sites if you are a regular casino client and you are interested in the latest news and deposit offers.

Screen shot of Star Trek IGT online slot game

press release

IGT Showcases Star Trek™ Movie Online Casino
Game at ICE

International Game Technology (NYSE: IGT), a global leader in creating the major games that players love and the network systems that improve the player experience, announced today plans to showcase the company’s latest online slot game, Star Trek, at ICE2011.
Based on J.J. Abrams’ 2009 blockbuster movie, IGT’s Star Trek game is a 30 payline slot featuring stunning, authentic visuals that transport the player to the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise. Players can view video clips from the motion picture and enjoy controlling the iconic transporter room.

Immersed in the Star Trek universe, players travel through four futuristic free spin bonuses, each based on a Star Trek officer: players spin until they win and all wins are tripled in Kirk’s Bonus; Wild Spock symbols are added to the reels in Spock’s Bonus; Uhura’s Bonus features super scatter pays; and players earn growing multipliers in Scotty’s Bonus. This game will only be available in legalized territories.

Oliver Lofthouse, Executive Director, EMEA, Interactive said: “Star Trek is a major release for IGT and has been developed as a key project over many months to ensure strong brand and game alignment that will excite players. Branded games are an important part of our

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this looks so…stupid!

2 years too late.

A woeful waste of web space.

It’s somewhat pathetic to see what “Trek” gets between films, and what other franchises get.

NO animated series, NO new toys released for kids. Just absolute shit like this, which is akin to launching “Star Trek” branded cigarettes.

The millions they’ll have to spend to remind the public of the franchise’s existence next summer are being squandered right now by the morons at CBS who license the brand. “Trek” is still the poor cousin to other big-deal franchises that are actually supported between films by quality multi-media content.

“Amateur Hour” in every sense of the word.

I am not sure this is good news. Associating ST with exploiting often addicted gamblers does not appeal to me.

I wouldn’t mind this so much if it wasn’t for the fact that this slot machines looks so freaking generic. They just took generic publicity photos and slapped them onto slots.

If the Brits, who will bet on ANY-bloody-THING, don’t embrace this, it really has to be lame.

like i said, stupid.

@ AJ: exactly! i’m a trek fan and a fan of the transformers. look at the most recent transformers movie. it was horrible! and yet new transformers are in stores every couple of months. while i have no problem with this, i think it is absolutely ridiculous that nothing of note has been added to the star trek franchise since the movie was released (unless you count Online, and whether or not Online is of note is a matter of opinion).

remember back in the time of TOS when there was actually merchandise in stores? back during TNG-Voayager when there were collectible figures in stores to hold the interest of kids? all that we have now is a limited line of crappy toys and a sporadic sampling of retro collectibles that are too expensive to be bought for children. this is what is killing the franchise. there is nothing out there to market to kids!

What I see is the final fadeout of ST09, which was, apparently a successful film, but there’s nothing to show that Trek is being supported as a business.

Of all places, I was in a restaurant in Poland a few weeks ago, and they had a small area for kids where the TV was showing an X-Men cartoon on Cartoon Network, and one of the kids had a ‘clone’ mask on from “Clone Wars.’ My own kids are well aware of both franchises, but once again, in 2012, they’re going to roll out the old discussion about how ‘Trek is coming out of mothballs’ for some kind of new generation of viewers when that was done two years ago.

The fact that every other franchise rolls out the nostalgia/info machine, a la “TRON” years before the film’s release also compares poorly with “JJ’s legendary secrecy,” which creates such a black hole of awareness in the market as to make fans like us question whether there will even be a new film. I’ve read tons more about Damen Lindelof’s participation in the new “Alien’ movie than I have about his alleged already completed work on ST2012.

I agree. This is a disaster! I mean, is this the best Paramount can come up with? Online gambling? Making money off of people who SHOULD NOT be gambling? Yet they cancel the Playmates stuff? I know the Playmates toys could have been better, but it was just one movie!

4. AJ – January 21, 2011

Have to disagree with you – when you say other established franchises, lets face it, we are talking Star Wars, and it’s a different audience. Star Wars merchindising, either by accident or design, lends itself to selling to kids – light saber duels, rocket packs, X wing dogfights, all the same stuff that made westerns the merchindise in the 50’s. Star Trek has none of that. 3D chess sets, Vulcan harps to kids…not gonna happen. Clone Wars has the good guys and bad guys blasting away at each other, what is a Star Trek cartoon going to offer, another peaceful and successful “first contact”?? Even the title characters speak to a different audience – Han, Luke, and Leia are swashbuckling heros, jumping to the fray when needed. Kirk, Spock, and McCoy (and 5 TV shows to hammer home the point) who are severely constricted by the Prime Directive – SW is action oriented, ST is drama oriented.

Sad to say, this is what happens when you become a slave to canon. I enjoy both franchises, but if you want to market Trek like Wars, someting on Treks side of the franchise management has got to give. 007 has got along just fine without a kids show, and so will Trek.

#11 Phil

Well said indeed! That is exactly the point about TREK, its a different kind of Space/Sci Fi franchise than Star Wars is.

As for a slot machine ruining ST…. I doubt it. We have been playing the WMS slot machine of Star Trek since March 2008 when we are in Las Vegas and that is very popular game. I don’t even feel as if I am gambling when I play because of the bonus games and the sound effects and the little TV screen that drops down to show a short clip from TOS when you line up 4 or 5 of the character icons. Each time you go to a bonus round you collect a medal to unlock the next game. You start out as a StarFleet recruit and go to CinC of SF once you get 100+ medals. It really is a fun Slot machine to play, I wish I could buy one to have at home to play even if it does not pay out money just so I can play the bonus games.

If WMS can make a non-gambing type, home computer based version, it would sell like hot cakes. All our Vegas friends play the Slot machine on a regular basis, but we have to wait until we drive in for a visit. Sadly the Hilton removed the last 4 machines before Christmas time when we were there for a visit with our friends in Space Quest Casino so we have no reason to stay there unless we keep getting free room offers. I hope that the RIO gets a bunch of the ST slot machine for the 2011 CON in Aug.

I do agree that this on line slot looks too much like other simple skots in Vegas that use icons and the same 10, J, Q, K, A symbols.

Bollocks to that… And I as a Brit DONT bet.
I prefer to use money on more useful things…. Like tricorder & Enterprise toys!! :-p

I don’t play slots, so it matters not to me…. a ST blackjack table, now we’re talking!!

A good debate, for sure, but I think “Trek” needs to be re-marketed if it is going to be not simply ‘milked’ as a cash cow, but developed to deliver profits over the near term.

My kids are 10 and 8, and they laugh at “Star Trek” as ‘dad’s show.’

I believe “Iron Man” No. 1 was released in 1968. Star Wars was released in 1977. Spiderman in 1963, Superman is 1938. Why do these franchises endure renewal so much better (meaning with investment from the stakeholders) than our beloved Trek?

The first answer I hear all the time is “Star Trek is too intellectual.” Is it really? I ate it up as a kid, and the animated series is now construed as another way for GR to foist food for thought onto the Saturday morning crowd. Kids are not morons, and mine are not especially. And why do they get Marvel and DC heroes from films as cartoons on TV, “Clones” and no Trek at all?

The second answer is still that “Trek is for adults.” More crap. That last film was good and accessible enough for all generations, and I would have liked to see the message of Kirk and Spock as children succeeding from different and familiar backgrounds as one that could be used in a show for kids. Perfect base for it.

I still think “Trek” carries a higher risk profile than other genre franchises, or maybe the ownership structure of the trademark is too complex to have both TV and cinematic versions at work simultaneously. Someone should fix it.

#14 Phil,

When STTE opened at the Hilton in Las Vegas, the Space Quest Casino had BJ tables with dealers wearing TOS uniforms, male and female, in Science blue. The tables had ST cards (backing only) and special SQ Casino chips. But that was back in 1999 when I first went there after it opened, over the years they dropped the tables. I thing Vernon Wilmer knows the exact time, he and I speak about these BJ tables when we meet up in LV. The good old days….

Unfortunately the merchandise based on ST2009 is not doing particularly well. The Playmates action figure line suffered an early cancellation; four 2009 alternate universe novels were discontinued after completion for undisclosed reasons, and, just recently, Round 2 removed the small model kit of ST2009’s USS Enterprise from its website. My take is that, while ST2009 sold lots of tickets, it did so by appealing to, and reaching, many people who are not very interested in enjoying Trek past viewing an exciting action movie. Hopefully the next movie will have more meat on its bones.


“When STTE opened at the Hilton in Las Vegas, the Space Quest Casino had BJ tables with dealers wearing TOS uniforms, male and female, in Science blue.”

That makes sense. Giving a good “BJ” is a science, especially in Vegas!

17. Kev-1 – January 21, 2011

For most of the new audience, namely, the kids, ST09 was the their first exposure to ST, or they are aware of the older shows through their parents. They know Patrick Steward from the X Men movies, not TNG. ST’s core audience is older, hence slot machines and no cartoon shows for the kiddies. If there were one, it would look more like Dora the Explorer then Transformers anyway….

I don’t understand what the complaining is all about.

Has anyone actually played the Star Trek slot machines in Las Vegas? They’re actually pretty good, at least in the beginning. (Lately they’ve started to tighten the payouts, or so it seems to me.)

The Star Trek machines in Vegas have it all over the Star Wars ones. In spades, so to speak.

The thing that saddens me is the sense of nostalgia I feel whenever I visit the space that used to house the Trek attraction at the LV Hilton. (Or, rather, the area adjacent to it, since the actual area has been boarded up.)

Speaking of which, aren’t we due for an update on the alleged “new” Trek attraction near Fremont Street? The one at or close to the Neonopolis?

Are they still waiting for financing, or what?

I’m not holding my breath waiting for CBS/Viacom/Paramount/site owner to get their respect acts together.



Good point. Yet to say “ST’s core audience is older” is simply nailing up the coffin for any franchise.

‘Star Trek’ is the show with the positive vision of the future, spaceships and bumpy-headed/pointy-eared aliens.

JJ’s film made it accessible to kids in the 21st century, and, regardless of the ‘Star-Wars-isation” many accuse him of, I cannot get my own young kids to watch it.

My kids love R2D2, Yoda, and CP30 They are the ‘entry-drugs’ for Star Wars. Trek needs to bring in the youngsters with a cartoon that can acclimate them to “Trek” and lead them into the wider world that we all know.

God, i sound like a tobacco executive….

star trek’ 09 is a mute failure. I don’t dislike it, but my rating of it is waning with time. I don’t think it’ll hold up well after 5, to 10 years at all. I still rate ‘trek 2 and 8 much better. And I find more entertainment in 3, 4, 6, and yes, ‘generations’ is probably ahead of trek 09 for me well despite its flaws.

I don’t approve of Star Trek being connected to gambling. I can’t see the BBC approving of a Doctor Who scratchcard. So why are CBS/Paramount/whatever allowing this franchise’s fans to be fleeced? Merchandising is fine. You get what you paid for. A toy. A book. Something with an appreciable value to the buyer. Gambling just exploits the poor, tantalising them with the prospect of getting rich quick… and as Quark might say, “House always wins!”

23. Christopher_Roberts – January 24, 2011

I’m not promoting vice, but gambling is as old as prostitution. Poker and dice games were prominate social activites on TNG and DS9, and the DS9 holosuites gave more then a passing nod to virtual orgies. Something I’ve never quite figured out, ST has given lip service to having risen above the petty squabbles of the 20th century, yet all the vices that gave rise to those petty squabbles seem to be alive and well in the 24th century. Except for demonizing religion, just what has ST society risen above?

I have been a collector of Star Trek merchandise for 42 years from prop, screen used uniforms , toys etc. I am also a gambler and have been that for 35 years and live in Las Vegas. Will this slot be played…yes if you go to the MGM,Luxor Flamingo etc or any of the off strip properties the Star Trek machines are always full. Why I cant tell you, they NEVER pay off, and regarding why we are not getting any toys in between the movies is because they didn’t move off the shelves for the latest movie. Target put them on sale..RED TAG still no movement, TRU did the same still no movement finally they were moved to Big Lots where they still did not sell. The mainstream audience that went and saw the movie liked it but as they were saying as I left the theater.”I liked the movie but wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a Star Trek shirt” Welcome to the 21st century my friends.