McDonald’s Ireland Commercial Features Star Trek Beaming

A new commercial for McDonald’s in Ireland doesn’t mention Star Trek by name, but it sure does evoke Trek, with wooshing doors and patrons "beaming" into a 23rd century McDonald’s. Check it out below


Beaming into to Ireland McDonald’s 

This commercial is currently running in Ireland to promote their new "Eurosaver" menu.

Unlike the 2009 Burger King campaign with the Star Trek movie, McDonalds Ireland seems to be borrowing from Trek without actually doing an official licensed tie-in. McD Ireland also has a website for the campaign, which includes news from the 23rd century, including "news" of a "transporter malfunction.


Thanks to Ronan O’Flaherty for tip.

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Sliding doors and transporters … Trek for certain.

Transporter malfunctions: no trousers. Too funny.

Oh crap! I guess if they have Nokia, why not McDonalds? I hope their burgers taste better though. McDonalds NZ have stopped making the Kiwi Burger…:( However they have replaced it with the MORE expensive Angus burger – not too bad. I miss the beetroot.

Well. Sounds like Mcdonalds is alive and well in the 23rd Century.
I can hear Picard in the 24th at a MCdonalds saying.
Big Mac Hot with fries Hot.

It’d be just a bit more “Star Trek” if those lads were all Scots instead… : D

Ok yea…but how long before the 2009 movie did viral marketing start?

What’s the big deal?

McDonald’s does beaming here in Russia ;-)



Yeah but then they’d be completely retarded. I’m black Irish and I’m offended by your statement.

i like it

All i could understand was the word “McDonalds”.

@ 2. keachick – McDonald’s Australia did exactly the same thing – they scrapped the McOz burger (also with beetroot) and introduced the Angus burger. My local McD also has transported pads.:)

oops – transporter pads.

Beetroot that is one thing AMERICAS Mcdonalds has never had..what did it taste like? What was the actual burger made from and what sauces were on it???? Now I am curious….sounds healthier than meat hahah

The McDonalds Kiwi Burger was based on a burger produced by a local company called Uncles (it was a franchise here). I don’t know if there was an Uncles in the US or Australia. Basically, it was your usual burger bun, sometimes topped with sesame seeds, a thick low-fat beef meat pattie, a fried egg, freshly grated cheese, fresh lettuce, tomato pieces, beetroot and lightly fried onions. The sauce was usually tomato sauce. The buns were bigger and the helpings were more generous than they are today. You often ordered hot chips as in the thicker wedge like potato chip to go with it, not fries. It was a meal in itself. You got to watch it being cooked as you waited. Just so yummy. I don’t think that it was until McDonald’s that we got gherkins, which I personally never really liked.

I actually really like this ad and they do more of them so you can check them on Youtube. This Kiwi Burger sounds imense. Not something I would have expected McDonalds to do at all.


Relax. We’re all fleas on the same dog.

Besides, I was making a joke. As in Star Trek’s “Scotty” was Scottish.
Didn’t mean to inflame your bigotry.

What the hell….


‘We’re all fleas on the same dog’

Lol, that’s awesome. I can use that!

why is it that americans think ireland is a country with like 4 villages and leprechauns. unfortunately we do have mac donalds, burger king, nokia, iphone etc etc just like every other country in the world thats lost its own culture and been americanised through the media


Ah! Give over! Sure I’m only amazed that when the suggestion to “head out” was made that the first thing to come to mind was McDonalds.

Déarfhainn fhéin go mbeadh fonn orthu imeacht amach le h-aghaidh deoch nó trí!

But I suppose Romantic Ireland is dead and gone,
It’s with O’Leary in the grave.

19. Niall Tomás Mac Eoin – January 22, 2011

Google translate didn’t help much. Something about drinks and women…

A burger chain here in the US has the tag line “if it wern’t for us, some guys would starve.” If it’s dinnertime and you need to eat, McDonalds might be the first place to go. I’m sure there are other fine establishments to do dessert….

The Burger King tie ins have been, and still are a bit creepy. Can’t beleive that market research still hasn’t revealed that a lot of people think the “Burger – giant plastic head – King” is a bit of a perv….

Shels would probably beat City NOW.

It wrecks the cheese? They’ve obviously never been to McDonalds.

# 16 – Hey, you forgot about Chief O Brien ;)

I quite like this ad, i mean, when i think of futuristic, i think of Star Trek. Its all in good fun. But the food is far from good in Mc Donalds… What is the crap they use instead of cheese? Think we need Spock to run a few scans on it.

What is the last thing the guy says after being asked why they don’t just beam the food back?

something the cheese………

I like the cheese?

I rake the cheese.

I caked these peas?

i faked my pees

It wrecks the cheese (beaming would destroy the cheese)

The 3 guys on the couch are “city boys” discussing the fact long ago, English soccer teams were better than Irish teams.

The “country boy” comes in and says we’ll go out, and they decide to go to McDs. City boy 1 says “we’ll beam in”, country guys says “you can do that?”. City boy says “you’re not in Longford now!” (In Ireland, Longford would be seen as a backward area even when its not)

At McDs they as why not beam it up to the flat, and they laugh “sure it wrecks the cheese!”


I think it’s one of our old sayings basically it translates as “would you say she’s up for a drink or three?” I think, it’s been a few years since I’ve needed to speak Irish so I’m not 100%

Subtitles, please.

Most people don’t get the Dublin accent.

Lmao, im living in longford at the min, i was wondering if the advert was different in other areas of ireland? i was just assuming it was ‘localised’ for each county??

I just think that it’s funny that even in the 23rd century Cork still isn’t the capital of Ireland.

2 Euros for a Double-Cheeseburger is like double the U.S. Cost for the same thing – which is $1.29-$1.50.

says it all lol… supersize me!


“Dublin, 2222”
“The English football teams used to be much better than the Irish ones”
“So City could beat Shelbourne?”
“Well, not City. But the good teams.”
(guy comes through door)
“Are we heading out, lads?”
“Are you driving?”
“Nah, we’ll just beam in”
(couch folds away to reveal transporter pads)
“You can do that?”
“Ah, yeah. Sure, you’re not in Longford now, Flynn”
(they beam to McDonald’s and sit down to eat)
“How come we don’t just beam the food up to the flat?”
“Don’t be stupid. It wrecks the cheese.”

The joke partly depends on the main character having a Dublin accent (ie from the biggest city in Ireland) and the other a rural, Longford accent (ie he’s only recently moved from small town Ireland to the Big City)

Do people really need subtitles for this ? …really ? o.k. i am Irish but i have never had trouble with american, scottish , south africa , new zealand etc accents. I mean in the end its always english.

I guess maybe its because i have friends from those other places i have seen tv shows or movies with those accents in them. Maybe we need to export more Irish tv shows or something.

Isnt that a starfury in the fake news add?