NBC Orders Supernatural Cop Pilot From Ron Moore

Veteran Star Trek writer/producer (and Battlestar Galactica re-imagineer) Ron Moore may be headed to network TV with a new genre show. NBC has announced they have picked up a pilot order for Precinct 17, a supernatural police drama written and produced by Moore.


NBC Orders Magical Cop Pilot From Ron Moore 

According to Daily Variety, NBC has given a pilot order to Precinct 17, a a supernatural-themed police drama written and executive produced by Next Gen and DS9 vet Ron Moore. The Sony Pictures project is described as:

an ensemble drama in the “Hill Street Blues” vein, albeit set in the town of Excelsior, where magic and supernatural elements rule over science.

Moore also has a Coast Guard drama titled The McCulloch in development at NBC and a reboot of Wild Wild West at CBS, so there may be more coming from Moore this pilot season

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Precinct 17 looks to be interesting. Maybe he could get some of the Charmed ones to come in and help. But. If he has it in the form of a Hills Street Blues then that could be fun. Looking forward to his Coast Guard Drama and Wild Wild West. But would realy love to see a new Trek Series.

Would love it if Ron More could do a Trek Series but have it set in the Terran Empire. Now that would be fun.

I always think he looks like Al Snow from the WWE back in the day

“albeit set in the town of Excelsior, where magic and supernatural elements rule over science.”

YES. Science is too overrated…:) Like it.

Will there be wands, at the very least, and a black cat or two? Hope so.

Precinct 17: Just what the world needs, more magical thinking.

3. Teddo

Oh my God, you’re right!


Agreed. Terran Empire all the way!

I guess every spin on lawer, doctor, and cop shows has been done… almost. Any new show just HAS to be one of, or a combination thereof.
WHAT has he been smoking?
Same thing as the NBC execs, evidently…

If aliens were truly monitoring our old, analog TV signals they’d think almost everyone on our planet is a lawyer, cop, doctor or forensics examiner!

Or if they watch only our reality shows, they’d think we’re all idiots. ; )

Good for Ron.

“In the town of Excelsior” + Hill Street Blues. I wonder if there will be any cameos from Captain Styles.

he will do good things

Yeah, I want to hear about Wild Wild West and his take on it.

Great, Ron’s gonna bring in some more of his God and religion crap which is his new style.

Just take a look where Caprica went…. absolutely nowhere and down the toilet

At this point I’d check out anything RDM is involved with.

People are morons. They’ll probably buy this.

Seems like it’ll be awhile before there’s another decent sci fi show.

After his excellent work on Trek and BSG, I’d give anything he did a chance. The man speaks to me!

Ron Moore is a gem.

I hope Ron Moore comes back to Trek! We really need him back ! Star Trek needs quality stories !


If it is well done, yes, people will probably “buy this”. That does not make them morons. Science does not and cannot explain everything. It has become the new religion for some, almost a cult phenomenon in itself and frankly I can’t tell the difference in attitude, tolerance (or lack of), or the understanding of something other, between those who think that science often coated with a rationalist/atheist perspective is the be-all, end-all from many of the Christian fundamentalist groups.

You go, Ron Moore. I hope I will get to see his new show.

On a different matter does that mean the prequel that was discussed after Caprica was cancelled set during the Cylon War is not going to feature Ron Moore in any way?

It would never happen but what if Moore, Whedon, Bob/Alex/JJ got together to make a Star Trek series. The talent, styles, and flavors that would come together, I am attempting to conceive it and conceptualize it in my mind and its pretty damn awesome.

@20 Chang

Ron Moore with not be producing Blood & Chrome.

We need escapism. Magical thinking is fine for an hour or two. Of course, that’s why I have lottery tickets in my wallet instead of money.

Will Iron & Wine do the music for Blood & Chrome?

13 – Ron Moore wasn’t showrunner on “Caprica.” If he had stayed along with most of the nBSG writing staff, I’m sure Caprica would’ve been a much more interesting show and it would’ve survived past one season. However, I can understand Ron Moore wanting to move on given other opportunities.

was there not a police show on a few years back, that featured both scifi and the supernatural. set in chicago? special unit soething or the other. I wonder if it will be similar?

I know he may like to go on to new actors to keep his projects separate, but it would be awesome if he could get Olmos to be a cop again (Miami Vice) and get Nico Cortez who played Adama in the flashbacks to be father and son cops on this show. That would be the awesomest nerdgasm ever.

26 – That’s not a good idea. Actors need to play different kinds of roles or they become typecast.