Watch Last Night’s Big Bang Theory Star Trek Neutral Zone Gag

Once again the nerdy CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory delved into the final frontier with a Star Trek gag. Last night’s episode had the Federation/Romulan Neutral Zone work its way into a bed-time talk, watch the clip below.


Big Bang Theory – Violating The Neutral Zone 

In last night’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, "The Love Car Displacement", the gang all found themselves staying at a hotel for a conference where eventually Penny and Leonard ended up having to share a bed…evoking a discussion of "the neutral zone." Watch the clip

Watch the full episode online at

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“My Shields are up!” Epic!!!

BTW: First!

There’s a Bird of Prey joke missing there somewhere.

Funny stuff.


“Oh My..Intelligence reports Romulans now using Klingon design”

“Oh, Yessssssss”

Oh!… Howard, Rauge and Seldon Oh Myyyyyyyyyyy!

LMAO Shields are weakening captain!

I’d go at Kaley Cuoco until something fell off, I swear. She is a Grade A Sexpot.

Congratulations to Jim Parsons by the award of the golden globe! …. and yes funny always!!!

Yes, Big Bang Theory is brilliantly funny. Finally, something I like to watch is actually a ratings success on network television! What a relief!! Also, did you see Kaley Cuoco on Late Night with David Letterman discussing her horrible injuries from a horse accident a few months ago? Amazing! She’s not only stop-traffic beautiful and a perfect-timing comedienne but an incredibly strong person emotionally to come out of an accident like that with such a funny and positive attitude. Wow!

That cameo by George Takei from a few weeks ago was hillarious! I love all the TOS Star Trek references in this show.They’re all tastefully done and very,very funny.

Parsons deserves his golden globe and emmy—he is the linchpin of the show—his line delivery n his smirking body language-he is funnier than almost anybody else in a sitcom—cleverly written show too—actually last nite was also the funniest blank my dad said so far–the shat n jean smart were hilarious n had great chemistry–

Big Bang Theory is great. Good alternate to the lame talk to the camera shows on NBC.

This show keeps getting better and better. Sheldon is the best character but I like that the others have started to be developed more.

Love it, thats all I have to say

We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your hips.

One of the best epis.

and proof positive that Trekkies get the best sex :)

God I love that show! Wish I could get a girl as hot as Kaley Cuoco! LOL.

Kelley is Hot. Loved her on Charmend and now on Big Bang.
Ok. A lot of Jokes one can make.
Capt!! Shes packing quite a wallop. Shields Weakening!!!!.
If you Violate the Neautral Zone it will mean an Act of War.
Long Live the Empire.

Quotes On Kelley from Big Bang.
Que Scottys Voice. Eye the Wee Las has the Goods.
Que Spock. Fasanating. Intellegent and Beautifull. A Rare Quality.
Que Checkov. Shes as Beautifull as any girl from lennengrad.
Que Dr. Mccoy. I wsure would love to Examine Her.
Que Sulu. Oh My. But not my Type.
Que Uhurah. Shes nice but Spock is Better.
Que Capt Kirk. I would love to Explore all aspects of Kelly.

Yes, #11 I enjoyed Blank My Dad Says….he was the old Jim Kirk that I remember….so suave when he was rubbing Jean’s foot….really sexy too….I just cracked up when she sighed..Sweet Xmas…then at the end he kissed her and closed the door on her….great chemistry…they will have more scenes together…mark my words….funny show….