Anton Yelchin: It Would Be ‘Bizarre’ For Abrams To Not Direct Star Trek Sequel + Bob Orci Soliciting Steven Spielberg To Help Convince Abrams

As previously reported, producer JJ Abrams is awaiting the script for the 2012 Star Trek sequel, before deciding if he will also direct the film. However that isn’t stopping others involved from weighing in. Star Trek’s new Checkov Anton Yelchin says it would be "bizarre" without JJ Abrams in the director’s chair. And co-writer Roberto Orci says he is trying to solicit Steven Spielberg to help convince Abrams.


Yelchin "doesn’t know anything" about Trek sequel – but  wants Abrams back

Speaking to MTV at the Sundance Film Festival, Anton Yelchin says "I really don’t know anything" about the next Star Trek movie, which should start shooting this summer, but Yelchin is sure that he would like to see JJ Abrams return to the director’s chair. The actor notes it would be "very, very bizarre to do it without him."

Watch the clip via MTV:

Yelchin explains his view thusly:

"I think the reason [‘Star Trek’] works is because he’s so wonderful and he’s such a bright, bright fantastic human being and he just has this amazing energy, and I’m very grateful to him," Yelchin said. "It’s each director: [‘Like Crazy’ director] Drake [Doremus]! Drake crafted this movie, he picked those moments so well. Seeing it on screen, you see that touch of picking the right moments, and J.J.’s like that. He picked the right moments, you know, and I think that’s why people liked ‘Star Trek.’ "


Bob Orci trying to get Spielberg’s help to convince JJ – says it isn’t about money

Abrams decision on whether or not to direct the 2012 Star Trek sequel mirrors discussions from 2006 and 2007 when he also talked about awaiting the script for the first Star Trek to make his directing decision. In that case Abrams and the writers later noted that he had a lot of encouragement from those close to him, including his wife and one of his personal heroes, Steven Spielberg. So our report last week about Abrams waiting the script for the Star Trek sequel are par for the course.

And it appears there are those who are trying to replicate more from that period. Commenting on the TrekMovie talkback, Roberto Orci (when giving an update on what he is up to) says he is again trying to convince Steven Spielberg to help:

BobOrci: I’m multitasking. currently in the editing room of Cowboys and Aliens with Steven [Spielberg] and Jon [Favreau], telling [Steven Spielberg] to help us convince JJ [Abrams] to direct Trek, like he helped us convince him last time!

Orci also weighed in on the supposed idea that Abrams decision is about money:

BobOrci: read a lot of posts wondering if JJ is holding out for more money. You should know that all of our deals are pre-negotiated, so when JJ says he just wants to make a decision based on making sure he is right or the material, he means it, and we should all respect him for that.

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I’ll weigh in too, saying, I really hope JJ directs the next movie. He did such a great job starting it off, love to see him get it going in the right direction.

Well, if J.J. Abrams passes on it, I nominate either James Nguyen or Tommy Wiseau, who are masters of their craft.

I hope he’ll finish what he started. =]

I’d be very surprised and disapointed if Mr. Abrams doesn’t direct the film. He did a tremendous job (as did everyone involved) on the first film and in the process saved the franchise.

Whoever directs I ask one thing: can we kill about half the lights on the bridge? It was lit so brightly and everything was so white that it had a plastic/sterile look to it. It just had no atmosphere on the bridge. Such a contrast from the Kelvin bridge which had atmosphere to spare. Honestly, this was my only gripe (other than the nacelles, but I don’t want to be “That Guy” :) ).

All the same, hope JJ comes back.

It’s either J.J Abrams or no one. Can’t see anybody else being right for the job. If J.J doesn’t want to do it, Paramount would be wise to shut the whole thing down.

Has Yelchin been inhaling smoke from rubber tires? Boy that voice sounds hoarse and gruff. Isn’t he not even 20 yet?

So…shooting in the summer, and release a year later…preproduction should be starting soon….as soon as the script is finished and approved.

I would love to have JJ direct the next one simply because he did such a great job on the first…it should carry to the second. The last person I would want to direct is Michael Bay or McG. Christopher Nolan might fare well with Trek but being busy with The Dark Knight Rises… my vote is still for JJ.

J.J. Abrams is a talented director with a great eye for beautiful visuals. It would be interesting to see him direct the second movie in 3-D. He would have limitations, lack of hand-held camera (yea, tired of getting dizzy) but also have a new toy to play with in 3D assuming Paramount is going to allow filming in 3D. And why not? Spider-Man 2012 is being shot in 3D. Got to keep up with the Jones. This fans agains says no conversions.

I would love Tarantino to direct if Abrams can’t. He knows how to milk a scene.

If J.J. doesn’t want to do it, I dont’ think Quentin Tarantino is busy. After all Star Trek 2009 was his favorite film of 2009. (Trekmovie line below) Yeah, a Tarantino Star Trek would have the Mexican standoff with Kirk-Spock-McCoy drawing their phasers with Klingons. Maybe some F-bombs thrown by Uhura. Perhaps a discussion of how to say Romulan Ale in French. But seriously, he is a good director. See Inglorious Basterds. (2009) And he is used to the parallel universe thing because of Basterds.

Unfortunately, David Fincher and Chirs Nolan are busy. Just saw the fantasitc, “The King’s Speech.'” What about Tom Hooper? Steven Spielberg looks really busy, producing. Here’s an interesting one. How about Francis Ford Coppola? He’s still making movies. I liked his Dracula. (1992) What about District 9’s Neil Blomkamp?

The Q man really likes Star Trek 2009.


I would hope to speak on behalf of most of the people who loved JJ’s directing in the 09 film in saying that it would be most disappointing to not have him direct the next one.

Funnily enough, when I saw the thumbnail of Yelchin, I thought for a split second that it was Tarantino. Possibly my eyesight is going.

Anton Yelchin was born on 11 March 1989 in St Petersburg, Russia, which makes him 22 this year.

Quentin Tarantino as Star Trek’s director? Sorry, no way. Every film I’ve seen of Quentin Tarantino’s I have not liked. They have a horrible, almost evil feel to them. He makes gore fests…Not nice. Something not right with that man…

Star Trek is a whole different genre. Don’t let that man anywhere near Trek. He may have liked the latest Star Trek movie, but that is not enough to convince me he would know what to do with a Trek script, except possibly turn it violent and demonic.

I know this may not read as being very rational on my part. Call it a strong intuition, if you like. Perhaps a warning…

I would like to see James Cameron, Peter Jackson or Ridley Scott direct a Star Trek movie. JJ was great in Star Trek 2009 but if he’s not available, grab another big fish.

I hope you direct the sequel Mr Abrams.

No, I, respectfully,DEMAND that you do it.


I thought Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill was pretty good, yes they are a different style and genre to Star Trek but who knows. I rather keep a open mind then to prejudice Tarantino.

This is starting to get weird, like when Del Toro dropped out of the Hobbit.

Is anyone actually in control of this thing?


I like all of those directors, as well as Quentin Tarantino, but “Star Trek” needs its own kind of treatment. I’m not sure those guys can provide it. J.J Abrams is perhaps the only director currently able to respect Trek canon yet shake up the established lore.

As I have said earlier, its J.J Abrams or no one at all.

I have no doubt that it is not about the money for J.J I’m sure he has plenty of money. I believe it is about the love of Directing a Fantastic Movie. Maybe if J.J passes we could get Steven Spielburg to Direct. or maybe Ron Howard. But. J.J would be my choice.

Great minds think alike? My better half thought that they should get the Scott brothers, Ridley and Tony, to do the next Trek. Ridley for the intellectual side and Tony for the action. Chris Pine has just worked with Tony Scott …

I’d love it if Peter Jackson could direct Star Trek and do some of the filming here in NZ (my planet Menosia – sigh… dreams are free, I guess), but he is too busy working on the Hobbit, which is, of course, as it should be, down here in Middle Earth!

Perhaps, I am prejudiced but I have learned not to ignore the powerful feeling/intuition, call it what you will, that I had when I first read of Tarantino’s name being mentioned in connection with directing the Star Trek sequel.


While you’re “DEMANDING”, he’s probably waiting for a good script (story) before making

any decision.

Calm down.

I hope Abrams returns as well; his gift for breakneck pacing was crucial for papering over a lot of the script issues with the last film, and lent it the energy it needed for the kind of movie it was.

We need to get out of the J.J. Abrams is a Trekker and is the only one who can direct Star Trek 2012. Abrams liked Star Wars more than Star Trek and was spoiled on Star Trek by Galaxy Quest (1999) (Entertainment Weekly, 10-24-08, pg. 28-29) Abrams said (on Trek 2009) , “We weren’t making a movie for fans of Star Trek. We were making a movie for fans of movies.” Id. at 30, 31. HELLO TEENAGERS.

That being said, J.J. Abrams is an excellent film diirector. If he’s not interested, then so be it. There are many directors available. Just remember Star Trek is Gene Roddenberry’s vision. It’s not Star Trek unless it has adventure, heart and INTELLIGENCE.

@ 14 Keachick

You hated Pulp Fiction? Yeah, ti wasn’t a happy ending. But if you’ve read anything about writing a screenplay, Tarantino and Roger Avery broke all the rules. QT wasn’t making a film to appeal to the masses, he was making a late twentieth centrury film noir. And trust me, I was upset wih Inglorous Basterds destruction of history, alternate reality or not. So, I’m not on Tarantino’s bandwagon.. But he’s a skillful director. I got a feeling he likes Star Trek. That might make him the perfect choice. Remember that Harve Bennett learned to love Star Trek by watching all the original series episodes. Since QT loved Star Trek 2009, I think QT understands Star Trek.

@24 Agreed! Abrams is no trekker. In fact, I’ll take things a step further and say that Abrams StarTrek 2009 was a great little action in space adventure film for kids, but it had little to do with Roddenberry’s vision of Star Trek, which was essentially a collection of moral fables set in space.

One new Trek story every 4 years?

Just make the frakking film.

Yeah, Star Trek is a lady, not a “one night stand”.

Now you must marry her and have four kids.

Take Rick Berman, that´s a gentleman.

If Abrams doesn’t direct the next one, it will be interesting to see how much of the “feel” of the new movie had to do with him, and how much was the script and cast. I wonder if it could still feel like it fit right within the newly established universe with any other director?

If JJ doesn’t Direct, then how about Nicholas Meyer or Johnathan Frakes? JJ created a new universe but it would be interesting to see what Meyer or Frakes could do with it. It may even give the new Universe a more classic feel and bring more of the older fans in who hated the first film because they fear change.


It’s not just your eyesight, I thought it was him too!


You may want to calm down Aurore……I’m not sure you truly read @16′ post. So when you condescend with little words such as ‘calm down’-when no one was showing any kind of high emotional state-its easy to come to the conclusion that you have a very difficult time with basic comprehension.


Hey, JJ, if it’s just too much for you right now, I could direct it for you. You wouldn’t even have to pay me!

I think it’s fair enough that Abrams is choosing to see the script before deciding to direct. It shows a bit of artistic integrity and keeps the writers on their toes. If they produce dreck, he won’t direct, and chances are the franchise will go down the tubes. Supposition on who else could direct is all very interesting and all, but if Abrams chooses not to direct, then I wouldn’t be very hopeful of a high-quality film.

Does anyone else think Bob Orci is missing the point when he says he is in a room asking Spileberg to get JJ Abrams to direct?

I mean come on, your’e in the same room as “The Man” ask the question already!

Oh God! more of the same again! … definitely, Anton likes JJAbrams … okay me too … but I confess that at this moment of Star Trek 2012 I’m already a little irritated with him … “this indecision” … Ummmm … Ummm … PATIENCE IS REQUIRED! :-)

My biggest fear is that if JJ sees the script and then says he won’t direct, that’ll mean that the script is not up to his standards?

Wouldn’t mind hearing Bob Orci interpret this here on TM.

We know Mr. Orci is one of 3 principals writing the story.

We know JJ is waiting for a script that he likes.

We know that the writing team and JJ have done great work together in the past.

Why is Mr. Spielberg even necessary?

Don’t get me wrong. It’s great PR, but my perspective here is ‘glass-half-empty.’ The film will be competing with the new ‘Spiderman’ film, where we’ve already seen production photos and a suit-reveal, and this one isn’t even written yet? Are we facing another delay?

Let’s get Ron Howard to direct, then it is almost certain to have a starring role for Tom Hanks.
Sounds great to me!!!

Off topic….
If you want to see a truly dire Spider-Man reboot costume, then go no further than
It’s my forum so don’t worry about anything nasty being there.

My offer still stands, if JJ wont do it. Ive already got it planned out. It WILL be shot in real 3D, no conversion. (Am thinking Red Scarrlet). And as a cost cutting measure I’ll do all the CGI myself (I have Blender) . And I’ll shot no matter what the guys have come up with, no questions asked! ;}

#38 AJ

I hope theres no delay. Im not sure why JJ is dragging his feat on this one. But maybe hes of the attitude of “been there done that”. You know make a big splash, loved doing it and all, but its time to move on to something else. Dunno just speculation.

@32 efm

Yes. I apologize. My basic reading comprehension skills do need improvement.

With gratitude.



@ 16 Aurore

My condescending tone was totally uncalled for. Please, accept my sincere apologies.

Although I was on the fence for a while, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d like to see Mr. Abrams continue directing the series. He has a vision. Although I had some issues with Trek 2009, I did thoroughly enjoy it, and would be interested in seeing his vision come to full fruition.

But, since other have been weighing in with their ideas on an “alternative” director, I think I’d like to see Joss Wheadon at the helm. He has a style that accentuates the characters…something that, I believe, would work well in our beloved Trek ‘Verse. ;-).

JJ has built a new foundation for Star Trek. He has set the tone as to what to expect in a Star Trek movie and I really don’t want another director’s “stamp” or “signature”. I liked what I saw, the reviews and box office speaks for itself. More of the same please.

When jj announces he will direct the sequel, how awesome would that be? Thats like telling the world this script and story is fantastic, the hype and euphoria would reach the ultimate climax. The cast would bring A game and the lineups would be insane.

JJ will direct imo, this is just to create free publicity for the sequel and to tell the mass this story is awesome im directing it, so come see it.

I think that it is fantastic when decisions are made based on what would be best for the overall quality of a project and not the currently prevailing strong wind of $$$/greed that most of us struggle to move against. The whole work-life-art-money thing can sometimes be a tough scale to balance.

I’d like to see Abrams direct the sequel. Regardless what some people are saying, Abrams, having directed the first film, has a perfectly good understanding of Star Trek and the characters. Whether one likes his style of directing or not (which is completely subjective anyway), he, obviously, knows how to direct and you can’t take that away from him. And if the writers think he should do it, and the cast wants him to do it, well, shouldn’t they have their way before any fan has his/her way?