William Shatner and Amanda Tapping to co-star in new online sci-fi series The Zenoids

William Shatner will be joined by Amanda Tapping (“Stargate SG-1”, “Sanctuary”) in a new online animated series called “The Zenoids”. The series will launch on Shatner’s social website MyOuterspace.com.

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According to THR, the two actors met during last summer’s San Diego Comic Con for the launch of MyOuterspace.com, and Tapping recounts she joked at the time of the two doing a show together: “Who knew it would come true?,” she said.

Production will begin on four webisodes in late February. Here’s a description of the series:

The Zenoids portrays a family of space-faring Amphibinoid musicians who travel the galaxy performing their musical act, with Shatner and Tapping as a husband-and-wife team trying to keep their superstar dreams alive.

Additionally, Shatner will be asking fans to submit scripts online, with one winning script to be produced as an animated short webisode.

You can watch a clip of Shatner interviewing Tapping below.

William Shatner can currently be seen weekly on the freshman CBS comedy “$#*! My Dad Says”. Amanda Tapping stars in the Syfy drama “Sanctuary” which was recently renewed for a fourth season.

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This looks funny. Shat’s sure keeping busy.

Tyrone. Thanks for sharing…

Thank you, Rosario.

That joke wasn’t funny the first 4 times, it’s not funny now.

hey Tyrone. No one wants to here it. Your entitled to your opinion, but watch it man. Why do we all have to get mad at Anthony and the crew. They have put out some great stuff for us to read and chat about. I am happy to have had what they have given. If it end soon, then I shall mourn it, not get mad at it.

For those who read my messages, I have continually asked people to cut down on the hate. It’s not right for a trek forum. We are all Trek brothers and sisters, and it’s totally cool. anyways, That’s my speak.

Thanks for another update, Rosario. Boy, the Shat is unstoppable.

TJ — Good words and thoughts.

Tyrone — You are in serious need of growing up.

MyOuterspace.com is a fascinating website. Below is where William Shatner interviews Star Trek 09 composer’s Michael Giacchino. More Star Trek news for you. Hey, somebody’s got to report the Trek news. I guess we should. .


@1. You are so not funny Tyrone with you fake links to your F-U websites on these boards. Do me a favor and pick yourself up another 6-pack before you head back to your trailer park tonight.

Sigh. William Shanter does more for science fiction than CBS does for Star Trek.

#1.Tyrone. Bite ME!!!!!!!.
kool about the Shat and Tapping working together. So does this mean that tapping and the Shat will be Singing together. Sounds like it could be a lot of fun.

Rosario T. Calabria. I think you should Warn Tyrone or maybe even ban that person from this site.

#8 I was amused at :18 of the video when Giacchino offers his hand to Shatner, who ignores it and thrusts a microphone toward him instead.

@11 — agreed – Amanda Tapping is the real deal!

@13 — that’s Fat Shat for you!

Ahh you guys are just mad because you fell for it. Most people that click on that link reuse it later on.

But you guys are right, I should grow up. Now let’s get back to the new Zenoids cartoon on the site dedicated to imaginary spaceships in the future like adults.


Never mind Oprah, why don’t they just give Shat his own network? 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! All Shat, all the time!

I’m sure Shatner Will be Tapping Amanda to join him for different things many times before all is said and done. :-)

Tyrone Alfonso – you are an a&&hole. Anthony, Rosario – please moderate!

Other people may want to post acceptable links here. I would hate it if they could not anymore because of one bad apple spoiling the bunch, if you get my meaning.

There is no stopping our Shat man. It is just as well that Shatner was not the train in the movie Unstoppable otherwise Denzel and Chris would still be there chasing down that Shatner train…Phew!

How does he find the time. The guy is amazing.

I love the fact that Shatner plays her husband, probably thinking there’s no age difference. He’s the best.

Maybe Frakes and Sirtis could now do their space family show.


Would it be like Fox except he does a spoken word version of the intro music.

Ooohh, Bill, too many marshmellons!!

Someone asked for this before, Shatner on the Mork and Mindy Show

I’m going to be a sad panda if this goes away.

I’m an old fart and have no idea where else to go to get my sci-fi (yes, those are “i’s”, not “wrastlin’ y’s” :p). It’s not just the Trek, it’s that and everything else they bring to the table – a veritable one-stop shop. TV, web, books, comics, Movies.

Now what’ll I put in my RSS feed :(

Where does Shatner find the time for all of these projects??
Maybe he’ll ‘delegate the simpler tasks to his replicas…’ ; P

Derf, try “Square Enix”.

Get a videogame and play the Final Fantasy series back and forth.

It´s all that.

@1 Your an ignorant moron.

Evidently there are some on the boards who are more in the know than I. Or there is some common knowledge that I haven’t picked up on. If Anthony is selling the site off and parlaying what he’s done here into some money and opportunity for himself then I say more power to him. Good for him. He’s worked hard to make this a really professional and good site. It’s one of a very few sites I visit everyday. I don’t do Facebook or anything like that but I’m here at least once a day. I’d be sad to see it go because it’s been fun and he’s even featured my own Trek fan stuff on it. I can only hope to profit in a similar way from something I so love doing and have fun at. Can someone fill me in? If nothing else….. It has been fun.


I wouldn’t believe the rumors, Andy. Unless one of the TrekMovie staff says otherwise, the rumors are just that, rumors.

Very happy to see new news and the new Shat-Tap cartoon looks like it will be a real hoot.

28. Rosario T. Calabria – February 5, 2011
(Apologies for going off article-focus but most of us have had genuine concerns for Anthony and the website. Please let us know his status and hope everything is OK in the big picture. Perhaps the site will get a cool revamp? Thanks again.)


Ok, sorry. You’re right. I just got caught up in what that first jack wad posted.

Is it just me, or does Amanda Tapping look more and more amazing with each passing year?

What kind of video player do you have embedded in this page? It plays great on my HTC EVO!

Essex birds FTW!!! (Seriously, look-up where she’s from if you don’t believe me!)

I have always liked and respected Amanda Tapping. A great actress and person. this pairing up with the Shat is going to be great. who knows what could be next. I always envisioned her to be potential Trek material.

Shatner is un-stopable.