New episode of Star Trek: Online now live

Cryptic has released the first episode of the latest “Star Trek: Online” Feature Episode series, “Cloaked Intentions”. The current series focuses on the Romulan Star Empire. Details on the new episode after the jump.

“The Vault” is the first of five new episodes for Series 3: Cloaked Intention. Here’s the description for the episode:

The crew find themselves in a tight situation when they are ordered to investigate an energy surge on an abandoned Romulan starbase.

And here’s a little background on the Feature Episode series:

New Feature Episodes debut on Saturdays at 11 a.m. Pacific and remain available indefinitely for any character of any faction. Each Series is comprised of several episodes in a story chain. You must complete the first episode before you can move on to the next. To begin a Series, travel to the sector listed in the Contact section of each episode, and you’ll be prompted to talk to the Contact in the lower-right portion of your UI. This Contact will offer you any episodes you are currently eligible to play.

More information can be found at the Star Trek Online site here.

Episode two, “Mine Enemy, will be released on February 12 followed by “Frozen” on February 19, “Coliseum” on February 19 and Series 3: Cloaked Intention will conclude with “Cutting the Cord” on March 5.

Here’s a trailer for the new series:

Source: Star Trek Online

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Cool or what?


Cool episode, and a nice reason to use a shuttle. They also brought back voice acting for this mission which really helps it to stand out.

Why are all the environments gigantic in this game? Thats a serious question, not a veiled complaint. Is there some technical reason every interior needs to be huge?

It’s a technical reason related to the camera. They’veen working to make the environments smaller. There’s posts of threads at

@ Thorn: The “huge environment” of this specific mission (The Vault) is actually a good thing. Gave the mission a distinct V’ger feel.

On the rest, I agree the environments (interiors) can be made alot smaller and alot more canon. Cryptic are working on trying to fix the camera issues related to interior size. Hopefully they solve it soon enough.

I very much enjoyed the episode. It was a nice change and cool to have something relatively new.

Yes I agree about the V’Ger feel. The ironic thing is, I watched that movie before playing the episode!!!

This was another fantastic mission, epic in scope and unique in its gameplay. If you haven’t been playing Star Trek Online, these featured episode series are not to be missed.

At least they are more consistent with release then James Cawley and his gang our. Their last release was in 2008.

Maybe this could be the basis for a new series.

I know, poor James – the Phase II operation has really slowed down.

I fully understand what a monumental undertaking it is, and I think they’ve been learning and understanding exactly how brutal it is as they go along.

Hearts are in the right places, though.

Will this work on my Commodore 64?

What does this have to do with Phase II?

I think they are doing an incredibly good job with no commercial backing whatsoever! Getting their produce “When it’s done” is all you can ask of a team that are not getting paid for their work. Now quit your belly achin’ and let’s get back on topic.

How has STO been evolving? Has it changed enough to warrant a jaunt on the 2 week free trial? Does it resemble Star Trek in any way yet?

STO evolves greatly concerning tech, items and features and the missions they remaster as well as the new ones have great plot and visual quality.

The Foundry, where players can create their own missions and share them with the community is coming in one or two months. (I don’t want to write “coming soon” because it implys to me “it comes never).

Concerning “Trekness” beyond look, yes, it’s coming closer and closer: New missions are more varied in their objectives, especially Series 2 and Series 3 (at least concerning Episode 1 “The Vault”).

I’m not particularly fan of the Klingons but the Fek’Ihri-Missions are digging deep into a fascinating part of Klingon mythology.

– This, of course, is only my own opinion. (I’m avid Star Trek fan and avid STO fan, so my perception may be clouded ;-) )

When players actually take the time to read the dialogue of any, they’ll find that Cryptic is EXTREMELY knowledgeable of Trek canon and soft canon.

You might even sometimes think they’re making some stuff up, only to re-watch TNG or TOS and find a reference to a particular person/place/event mentioned in STO.

To me, that kind of Trek knowledge is a touch of quality :)

Now imagine an avid Trek fan getting his hands of the mission builder tools….. the possibilities are endless!

STO evolves in large part in the direction that we players want it too. For example, they just recently replaced the Cryptic version Earth Space Dock with the iconic, more recognizable mushroom Space Dock from ST:III, much to everyone’s joy :D

lovely…still no mac or platform version.

I’d love to be playing this, but Cryptic need to catch up with the world outside of PC.

Meh :o/

on the subject of Phase II

If making a TV show were easy (Especially one as good as theirs) anyone could do it. It’s a monumental undertaking.

@ 17 your comment = epic fail

unlike the latest episode of STO about time we got romulan related missions

Yes I had to make a partition on my mac so I can use windows thus enabling me to play STO. I’ve been playing for a month now, and I enjoy it. Their are flaws but over all I’m happier then when I heard the bashing of it by other people on this site.
But I’d much rather have a Mac OSx version!!

Why can’t they make DVD only movies with this type of CGI or animation in the STAR TREK universe, post-TNG, like WB does with the animated BATMAN and SUPERMAN franchise?

21: I agree, Star Trek needs an animated series badly.

and it must be serious, like the “Starship Troopers” CGI series, which was pretty good.

An animated Series? Nice idea.

Like Star Trek: Final Frontier:

Mac OS X… Apple iPod.. IPadds.. etc are all over priced. You get the same quality and speeds, in fact higher, for much less price on a PC. Plus, with Virtual Box, there is no reason to complain, just load up a Windows inside Virtual Box and away you go.
I personally use Linux, and I have BOTH Mac and PC programs running, either through Wine, or Virtual Box.

This can’t be possible. The Romulans are extinct. The homeworld was destroyed. They made a point of it in the last movie, in fact the extinction of the Romulans is the very catalyst behind it.

The Romulans can’t possibly still have an empire anymore. Hell, there isnt even the TOS anymore because they tampered with time and wiped everything from TOS on down from existence.

Talok – they have colonies (it’s called a “STAR Empire” for a reason) which in game are in a state of chaos and on and off civil war as to who the leadership is, currently Sela runs it as self proclaimed empress from some colony world – you can actually visit the asteroid field that was Romulus in the game

When are they unveiling the New Enterprise from that contest ?

I personally would like to play as movie era Kirk in the Enterprise refit.

#25 Talok:

This should answer your questions about the timeline…there are now 2 different ones, Prime (Roddenberry ‘verse) and the JJ ‘verse.

And while the Romulan homeworlds have been destroyed, their other colony worlds, mining worlds, starbases, etc. live on.