Online advertisement for J.J. Abrams’ Super 8 uncovered [Update: Super Bowl spot released]

Keeping with tradition, J.J. Abrams’ latest film “Super 8” is veiled in secrecy. The Steven Spielberg-produced project is currently in post-production and the most concrete bit of information we have on it is that it’ll hit theaters on June 10, 2011. Paramount will debut a new teaser trailer during today’s Super Bowl and ahead of its release, an online advertisement has been uncovered. Update: The Super Bowl TV spot has been released. Check it out after the jump.

Update: Here’s the 30-second TV spot that aired during the Super Bowl.

Original article follows below.

The online ad was discovered by the advertising site (via Super8News) and as far as we can tell, it looks legit (ad plays once):

And here are a few screenshots:

As noted, the new trailer for "Super 8" is expected to air during today’s Super Bowl game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers, which airs live on FOX. It’s suspected that this advertisement contains footage from that Super Bowl TV spot. We’ll find out soon enough. "Super 8" hits theaters on June 10, 2011.

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I expect a star trek reference in super 8.

I just hope it’s not another cloverfield.

Hope this is better than Cloverfield…

And Mission Impossible III…

Can anyone remember when Spielberg made good films?

My mother loved JAWS, scared her half to death it did bless her…

@ 4

In terms of producing, he produced True Grit, which was freaken amazing !

In terms of directing, his last good film was Munich(2005).

I expect his new Tintin animation film will be spectacular !

I prefered The Flintstones movie…

…well, when it finished I mean!


His directing is what I was getting at. Munich was good, oh yes.

I was glued to my seat whilst watching Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. Otherwise I would have walked out…

hope it’s better then the fake star trek film. Hell, even before the timelines diverged, it was obviously clear that he did not (and still does not ) know what star trek is.

@8 Somehow I got the impression that the badness of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (aka the movie whose existence I refuse to acknowledge most of the time) was more Lucas’s fault that Spielberg’s.

4. Norman Bates – February 6, 2011
….um…..well he does is Indiana Jones, MIB’s, Fintstones, Back to the Future, he’s done a lot. But I have yet to see Munich, Shindler’s list, or Empire of the Sun.

I have yet to see Cloverfield, but I am interested in seeing Super 8 as well as Bob/Alex’s Cowboys and Aliens.

Please just tell me the Star Trek screenplay is approved and preproduction is secretly underway.


He could have said no surely!?


Munich, Schindler’s List and Empire Of The Sun (featuring a very young Christian Bale) are all a must see!

My mother says that Catch Me If You Can is one of her Spielberg faves too!


Mother says that Cloverfield is like watching a bad episode of Friends with footage from Godzilla poorly edited into it.

Back To The Future II is dated now but I’m still hopeful to obtain a hoverboard by 2015…


get over it pleeeeease

hmmmm ….can’t wait! :-)

@10 There is nothing fake about the Star Trek movie that JJ Abrams got made back in 2009 as he made a film that he saw fit. Even Leonard Nimoy praised JJ’s efforts as a film maker. The end result being the film made some good money at the box office and this all that film studios care for.

I have to laugh at some of the yentas who have posted – all quick with baseless critiques and nothing in their pants to back it.

JJAbrams first interview about Super 8 … here:

Cloverfield- apart from the acting- was genius.
Looks he might have a real winner with this one.
1979- the golden age of the Super 8 camera- I don’t miss it!

I’m still waiting to hear more news about the “Micronauts” movie that JJ Abrahams is said to be producing for Hasbro. It would be cool if this turned out to be it.

“hope it’s better then the fake star trek film. Hell, even before the timelines diverged, it was obviously clear that he did not (and still does not ) know what star trek is.”

J.J. had nothing to do with “The Final Frontier,” sorry.

Looks Spielbergish.


2006 Munich

2005 War of the Worlds

2004 The Terminal

2002 Catch Me If You Can

2002 Minority Report

2001 A.I. Artificial Intelligence

1999 The Unfinished Journey (documentary short)

1998 Saving Private Ryan

@22 LOL

Wow Trumpy, You Can Do Stupid Things!