ShatWatch: Bill Jams With Rockers + New Negotiator Ads + Grills Florence Henderson + Solicits ‘American Pickers’ + more

It is time to check in with Star Trek’s original Kirk and the king of all media, William Shatner. This week we can share his new Priceline commercials, video of Bill jamming with hard rockers, a clip of Bill getting into Florence Henderson’s raw nerve, the "American Pickers" working for Bill, and more.



Shat jams with rockers for new album 

In October we reported that William Shatner was working on a new music album called "Seeking Major Tom", which will be comprised of covers of twenty rock anthems with a science fiction spin. More details have now emerged that Bill is collaborating with a number of big names in rock. So far it has been confirmed Shatner has worked with Peter Frampton, Ian Paice (Deep Purple), Brian May (Queen), Steve Howe (Yes), and Zakk Wylde (Ozzy Osbourne/Black Label Society). Here is video of Shatner working with Zakk Wylde on a version of Black Sabbath‘s “Iron Man”.

The album will be out later this year.

Bill’s new Priceline commercials – Bill in costume & w/ a gorilla 

Check out these two new, and very funny, Priceline commercials with Bill returning as The Negotiator.

Raw Nerve is back – Watch Bill call Florence Henderson ‘delicate’

The third season of Shatner’s Raw Nerve interview show has started on the Bio channel. Each Monday at 11:00 PM they air two episodes. Coming up Monday the 14th are Rick Springfield and Florence Henderson. Here is a brief clip of Bill with Florence.

More on Shatner’s Raw Nerve, including full video of previous episodes at

American Pickers "Boldly Go" for Shatner

Shatner will also be appearing on the History Channel on Monday, on their antique hunters series American Pickers. The episode titled "Boldly Go" has the Pickers team of Mike and Frank scouring Kentucky to fill a "very specific list" for a home Shatner keeps there. The episode premieres Monday, February 14 at 9pm ET. History has provided us with a preview (where they just tease Shatner’s appearance).

$#*! My Dad Says Season 1 ends next week – renewal uncertain

The first season of Shatner’s sitcom ends its first season next Thursday with the episode "Who’s Your Daddy", where Ed (Shatner) meet’s Henry’s new Facebook girlfriend and "senses a strange connection to her". The episode also features a cameo from Camille Donatacci Grammer (“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”).

The first season of the CBS series was cut short to just 18 episodes and it isn’t clear if it will be renewed. Last night’s episode was a ratings series low, but still brought in 10.4 million viewers, coming in second behind American Idol (23M). But the show is losing about 30% of the audience (in the key demo) of it’s lead-in The Big Bang Theory. Even before last night, the ratings-watching website TVByTheNumbers ranked $#*! My Dad Says chances as "more likely to be cancelled".

Bonus Video: Shat Attack Party Promo

A group of friend and big-time Shatner fans in Reston, VA have been holding a special tribute party each year called "Shat Attack". The party is the brain-child of Shat fan Brad
Gullickson and started in 2008, and can run for as long as 24 hours. Some of the many Shatner-centric activities include food based on Shatner’s favorite recipes, games that have been modified to a Shatner theme, Shatner decorations, gift bags, and a charity (this year will be towards the "Nerine Shatner Friendly House for Women Recovering from Alcohol and Substance Abuse"). One of the organizers Paul Petzrick has created a special trailer for this year’s event, check it out:

Unfortunately this is a private affair for now, but perhaps it can inspire other fans across the country to hold their own "Shat Attack" parties.


Thanks to Brad and Vsev for tips

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He just doesn’t stop, and quite right too.

I would like to welcome any SDMFs* to Trekmovie.

Can’t wait for the album!

*SDMF- Society-Dwelling M* F*-ers: Fans of Zakk Wylde’s band Black Label Society.

WOW !!!

We see the Shats SCALP for the first time EVER !!!

Shatner is so charismatic and Kirk is my hero of ALL Trek.
I watched TNG and DS9 for even a whisper of Kirks fate.

then I watched generations !

The Shat is just UNSTOPABLE!! Love the Priceline Adds. Yes I do use Priceline when I Travel. Hey. The Shat has me Hooked. Long Live the Shat!!!!!!!!

The Shat is nothing but awesome. All hail The Shat!!

Love those Priceline ads! William Shatner sure knows how to live life!

I love American Pickers, I think Shatners cool. What an AWESOME combo!!

Priceline ads were funny. But the Shat Attack Party Promo mashing ST: IV with Jaws is even funnier especially with the last tagline. William Shatner is everywhere! You even reported his new sci-fi social network site. Below is his interview with Star Trek 09 composer Michael Giacchino from the site. It’s fascinating for what Giacchino says on how music can change the mood of a simple task such as opening a door. Might I suggest Shatner play Pine’s grandfather in the new Trek?

Those Priceline ads are great and The Shat working with all those Rock Legends…. Way to go Bill, as usual! :)

Is Shat hitting on Mrs. Brady, or did I get all queazy over nothing?

‘$#”! My Dad Says’ is funny, but it needs something. It’s done by the same people that gave us ‘Will and Grace’ yet where Bill’s character is like that of Karen but the lead, the other characters are not that strong as was with W&G being more of an ensemble cast.

I won’t be disappointed if it is canceled ’cause The Shat has got plenty more stuff goin’ on!!


I dunno, do we need Shatnerized versions of all that stuff? I was hoping for another collaboration with Ben Folds.

Of course, I’ll be buying it anyway.

Thanks for showing the Shat Attack love! We’re gearing up to have the biggest year ever with some of the craziest goodie bags and giveaways yet. Hopefully, next year we’ll be able to put it into a proper venue.

Shatner has been making it easy lately. Wonderful stuff came out of Raw Nerve and Aftermath plus Shit My Dad Says and some pretty fantastic Priceline ads.

Can’t wait for the American Pickers show.

Priceline Negotiator: The Motion Picture? I’d watch it.

The Priceline ad was sweet!

The actress.. especially the voice….reminds me of a mix between Jessica Alba and that girl (Christina Marie Moses) from World Enough & Time (STP2).

Oh well. Good to see the Shat still kicking ass and taking names.

I love the priceline comercials! Only shattner could make those comercials so good

Shatner in “American Pickers” was great. He just wanted to get some authentic items for his new Kentucky home. It was one of the most down-to-earth appearances for Shatner I’ve ever seen. Great stuff!!

BTW, the man looks *great* for 80 years old.