Orci: Star Trek Sequel Script To Be Delivered In Late March + Pegg: Shooting In August [UPDATED]

Today Star Trek sequel co-writer and producer Roberto Orci has given an update on plans for the script for the movie planned for a Summer 2012 release. Orci says that the writing team plan on turning it in late March. More details below. [UPDATE: And in other scheduling news, Simon Pegg says he plans to be shooting the Star Trek sequel in the August. More details below.]


Orci: Six weeks for Star Trek sequel script draft

The script for the planned 2012 Star Trek sequel is currently being worked on. On Thursday Bob posted a comment here at TrekMovie.com that he was "writing Trek as we speak!". Orci is working on the script with fellow producer/co-writers Damon Lindelof and Alex Kurtzman. And today, responding to a question posted on Twitter, Orci gave an estimate on when the team plan on handing in their first full draft:

Bob’s estimate would mean that the Star Trek sequel script draft would be handed in around the last week of March. Assuming standard procedure (and no major problems with script), once the draft is handed in, Paramount will begin the process to give the film a budget and move into pre-production. That time will also be the decision point for producer JJ Abrams on if he will also be returning to the director’s chair. Of course, work on the script can continue all the way up to production start (with more tweaking possible during shooting), but the studio needs a draft in order to create a budget and give the film the official greenlight.

UPDATE: Simon Pegg: Shooting Star Trek sequel in August

The last estimates for shooting to start on the film were to be the Summer of 2011, but recently it has been reported that might "slip a bit" in order to accommodate Chris Pine’s schedule. Earlier this week in an interview with BBC 1, Star Trek’s new Scotty Simon Pegg said that he will be doing "Star Trek in August" (thank to James for tip).

The Star Trek sequel is still scheduled to be released June 29th, 2012.

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Well, it’s about time Bob! :)

Beware the Sides of March!

A lot of you won’t get that joke, but Orci will! :>)

I truly hope and trust that you’ll be giving us something fun, and that this time The Enterprise (though she maybe somewhat ugly) has been developed into the full eighth character Gene intended her to be. Not merely a white box the crew run around over lit corridors in, but truly their HOME.

Thanks again,

Great news! Can hardly wait the next great Trek….!

Hey boborci, a quick side note. You kindly offered encouragement last year regarding my creative writing. I took that to heart … and I finally got my first novel published last fall! Science fiction, of course. Thanks for the inspiration! Best wishes for the next Trek and your other endeavors!

Just what John Cooley said, remember to make the enterprise that 8th character bob!!! pleaseeee!


I do creative writing myself.

I also submitted a 1 hour script for a script writng competition. I am quite pleased with my script. It features an ‘Alternate reality”

In regards to the new movie script, I hope you give us something stronger, something that is as fun as number 11 and still evokes the true spirit of Star Trek and do something is unique to Star Trek.

Will it have a more Star Wars or Star Trek vibe?

Will it be a new villain? Not a rehash of a classic?


Congratulations on your publication!
I find that facinating as I’ve been sitting on a ridiculously marketable original story concept for almost a decade and have procrastinated myself into a corner, not quite knowing what to do with it. My wife hates me as she would really rather not work anymore, but I just can’t figure out the best way to get the idea out of my head and into another format. Reading about your book gives me hope.
One day…


I have great expectations for the script.


Do you think it will be stronger than XI’s script.

I want to be proven wrong and watch the next film without having gripes. Perhaps the best thing is to let go and just go with it.


Out of curiousity, how much did it cost to get it published. I did a publication course and it would cost me over £2000 to get a book published officlally. But could becheaper self published.

Great! … I promise not to complain… about it… until the last week of March … LOL!

Oh, and Anthony? Can we please change the sequel logo to something that doesn’t cause new readers to assocate the new Star Trek movie with the train wreak that was Ghostbusters II.
We don’t want potental new fans subconsciously linking the two.

Anybody else agree?

The script won’t be finished in 6 weeks or so, kids, only the first draft. I haven’t ever read about a movie that was shot on a script with no revisions. I’m sure what gets turned in at the end of March will not form the basis of what they’re using on set….

Sorry Anthony…just thinking of the franchise.

I’m amused by the icon for the sequel, too. My vote is keep it until there’s something official.


I actually liked Ghostbusters II, not as good as Ghostbusters but still fun.

I am not concerned about that link. I just hope that the new movies work in getting the new fans into the other Treks as well as these movies. That be cooler to have another Generation get into the prime TOS characters and TNG et all as well.


Do you think they will continue with the TNG movie style and call it Star Trek then a prefix?

I have no problem with the logo.


After the disappointment of Nemesis and I don’t think associating Star Trek XII with Ghostbusters II is going to ruin Star Trek.

Orci: (reading aloud: “Kirk: Gosh! Let’s get to that planet, quick. The blue one. Lt. Mister Sulu, hit it!
Sulu: OK, I’ll put the Enterprise ship into Warp 16 gear, Captain Kirk. That will take us very, very, very, very, very, very, very fast to that planet that is blue.
Chekov: That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout.”

Kurtzman: Urm…

Lindelof: OK, I’m thinking this will all flow better after Spring Break.

Orci: I’ve got a 1.75 of Everclear and some lemon cough drops in the car.

Kurtsman: Road trip!

Lindelof: Tahoe!


As a writer myself, I really would appreciate knowing the publishing company you sought and how much it cost you.

I have also made a start on a novel as well as writing more scripts.

I was just having a bit fun at the expense of old Ghostbusters II and recalling that, that film was really nothing more than a rehash of the first. We don’t want that now either.

I also apologise for my past rants. I guess I can be too passionate about Star Trek. I just love Star Trek, all of it, a lot.

I hope that makes sense.

Great! see no worries. The scripts almost done, and seriously, does anyone see it being rejected or given the order for a big re-write? I dont. :] So it looks like things are proceeding as planed.


In that regard I do agree, the structure of Ghostbusters II was identical to the first one. But I still enjoyed it, even though it was not as good.

Although I had gripes over some changes in Star Trek XI, I believe that without any Michael Bay involvement that maybe Orci and Kurtzman can deliver a stronger script.

I would love to be proved wrong next year in my fears and that now that XI is out of the way my gripes over changes will finally disappear.

I mean the new movies are parallel to what came before. I mean our Trek is still there and always will be.

All I can hope for is the newbies embracing the Treks we all grew up loving, is it wrong to hope for that?

i cant think of anything better for ‘2’ than the Ghostbusters one but when it comes time to do news for Trek ‘3’ you should do the ‘cubed’ one from Alien 3

Awesome news! Can’t wait

*fingers crossed*

hope they knock it out the park!

Sweeet dude!!!! The last movie was the crowning moment of awesome for mankind.

Just another request, please thrown in some more “Enterprise” references.

A mention to Zefram Cochrane won´t hurt anyone.

PS: i like the Ghostbusters II kinda logo, it IS funny.

I’m anxious, but I’d love to see it released at a time that there aren’t so many other blockbusters scheduled. But, I said that the last time and was proved wrong. I often ask myself, however, if the last one had come out when there was less competition, I wonder what it would have made then. Oh well, if it’s as great as a hope, it’ll rule the roost anyway!!!

Anthony, thanks for this scoop. Good to see that your are not only back, but that you are at the top of your game here again! Well done!

This is very good. And I really did have that dream. I think the story outline could be just amazing – it may be just a question of choosing the right colour scheme, whether it has carpet or varnished hard flooring, plain or patterned drapes, or should they be blinds – vertical or horizontal? etc etc.

This coincides with what was previously reported about Chris Pine’s schedule. It has nothing to do with whether there is a nailed down Jack Ryan script or not. It seems that there is no Jack Ryan script ready either, anyway.

Chris Pine must be wondering “wtf” right now. Maybe he should go back to the theatre again, just as long as he does not pull his sacrum and groin muscles again. Yikes.

BTW – do we all have to become Twitter twits in order to get an official response from anyone involved in doing the Star Trek movie sequel? Just wondering.

The first logo suggestion scares me, looks like 2 aliens from the ALIEN movie series will appear.

Although an Star Trek VS ALIENS crossover would be kinda cool.

I like the second one.

I really like the Ghostbusters II/Trek logo you’ve been using – I laughed the first time I saw it, and had the feeling that you’d been waiting for a while for the opportunity to bust it out. LOL

The funny thing is the “II” in the first logo is from the website for the first film. It’s the light coming from between the double pocket doors all over the site.

My prediciton:

On of two things will happen in early April:

1. JJ and the studio will lover the script, JJ will commit to directing, pre-productiong will begin immediately, and the film will bet shot between September and December/January, will be shot in 3D, and make the July 2012 release date.

2. JJ and the studio will not be happy with the script, and it will be sent back to Orci and company to re-work. JJ will decide not to direct. The revised script or re-start will result in a final script not being ready until summer. Then a search for a new director will begin. The film will eventually then be shot in early 2012, and will think likely not be released until May 2013, as the studio wiil not want to go up against Batman 3 and The Hobbilt Part 1 in Dec 2012.

Here’s hoping for #1 above!!!!!

A mention of something from the TV series Enterprise? (I don’t think it sucked – very little of any Star Trek sucks imo). Bob Orci has assured me and everyone here that the beagle does survive. What people don’t know (Bob – reading this?…;) if that this beagle is a bitch and turns out to be very preggis. YES Life will find a way and, what makes this alternate Kirk different from the prime Kirk is that he adopts one of the puppies (with Admiral Archer’s blessing) and so begins a noble alt-Star Trek tradition of captains having an animal mascot… Just hope Chris Pine (“my captain”) likes dogs. Oh well, I believe he is a quick learner.

(Just thought of this, btw. I kinda LIKE animals, in case some have not guessed already).

I for one hope that they don’t rush it just to meet the stupidly publicised release date. Why did studios start doing that. It’s absurd. “We don’t have a script. We don’t have a director. Or any idea of what anybody has planed. BUT…we’ve got a release date!”



Good point. Just when did studios start doing that? Maybe it’s because of the ultra-rushed pace of today’s media, but I don’t remember hearing about release dates so far in advance fifteen or twenty years ago. Back then (in the olden days *cough*) they seemed to have a little more of an “it’s ready when it’s ready” kind of attitude.

How come supporting actors appear to know more than the lead actors, or even the writers, producers etc?

Good question.

I hope there’s another Beastie Boys song in it, because that was a really good combination the first time.

I’m looking forward to Star Trek 2012. Everybody is talking about going deeper. That’s great. Since it’s likely that Paramount will release it in 3D, let’s hope it’s shot in 3D. No conversions. 3D will get rid of a lot of hand-held camera shots. I like that; no more motion sickness. :-) Curious to see who directs, and how they will play with the 3D. If J.J. can’t direct, stand by for…

Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek in 3D! Check this prospective scene out. Uhura gets jealous over Chrstine Chapel (Scarlett Johansson?) giving Spock an ear massage. McCoy doesn’t understand the fuss. Spock and McCoy discuss it, talk about the Uhura-Chapel catfight, TV pilots and Spock lays down some cool urban slang.

@#14 4 8 15 16 23 42

George Lucas’s last three films…

Gosh dangit you Green-Blooded-Bastard, I was gonna say that!

HOORAY and also Bob please don’t listen to anyone here about anything, they are all crazy. Including me.