Video of the Day: “Tonight I’m Frakking You” – One Geeky Song To Rule Them All?

Today a new viral video was released with a song and music video that may be the ultimate sci-fi genre/mashup, full of references to Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica and more. Check out "Tonight I’m Frakking You" below.


Tonight I’m Frakking You’s video for "Tonight I’m Frakking You" features geek stars like Kunal Nayyar (The Big Bang Theory), Alessandra Torressani (Caprica), Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica) and more. Check it out.


Here are the lyrics

I’m like Kenobi
Seeking passage to Alderaan with you
We’ll watch some Buffy
As you ride my TARDIS and call me Doctor Who

You’re into Cosplay (oooh)
Damn that’s one fine skin job on you.
Beam Me Up Hottie (oooo oooh)
My Vulcan Logic tells me its time to groove

Across the federation
My Jedi inclination
Tells me that I am a suitable mate for you
We Love Next Generation
Xbox over Playstation
Its time that I tap from your Mana Pool

Cause tonight I’m Frakking You
Whoa you know
That tonight I’m Frakking You
Whoa you know

Are You Gwen Stacey
My Spidey sense says I’d shoot my web all on you
I’m No Fergengi
I drop more coin than Mario on mushrooms

Your Dharma education
Delorean transporation
Revs my engine to warp speed like Mr. Sulu
Dollhouse’s cancellation
Hurt like Luke’s amputation
Its time to Mork Me and say Nanoo Nanoo

Cause tonight I’m Frakking You
Whoa you know
That tonight I’m Frakking You
Whoa you know

Ha! Kunal…
Let’s Meet Up In Naboo
We’ll roll around like R2-D2
You’ve set my phasers to stun
Cause your Sarlaac Pit’s
Got more spice in it
Than the planet Dune

From Asgard’s
Hallowed halls
Everybody big bangs Kunal
Gotham or Hogwarts
My Broad Sword’ll Be the one
Thing To Rule them all

Lets clone your body
Join them all together to form a Guild
and go on a Quest
We can use my expansion pack
Then I’ll take you down like Boba Fett
Up Up, Down Down
Left, Right, Left Right
B, A, Select then Start
Its time to one-up
Thirty lives with you, (cuz tonight I’m)

Cuz tonight I’m Frakking You
Whoa you know
That tonight I’m Frakking You
Whoa you know
That tonight I’m Frakking You

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Ok. Someone had to much time on there hands. This was just plain STUPID!!!!!.

thats pretty cool !


You know what? I wanna FRAK Alessandra Torressani TOOOOONIIIIIIIIIGHT!

Here’s the funny thing……..

That song lasted longer than most geeks actual sexual encounters. With or without a partner.

The “I’d shoot my web all on you” scene was hilarious!

Most illogical. They for got Tron.

Good production value as far as the video went, but the song is just…well the audio sounds off, the singing sounds like its not sure if its auto-tuned or not, and pretty much everything having to do with the sound sucks in quality.

the actors playing Wonder Woman and Superman are the same 2 that hang out in Hollywood having their pictures taken with tourists. you can see them in the documentary “Confessions of a Superhero”

Think I’ll go watch star trek girl after that let down.



This one has the creativity of a bunch of dumb jocks.

Star Trek Girl was atleast obnoxiously catchy!

Although this video wasn’t completely spectacular, I must give it points for the Ghostbusters and the Princess Leia *ahem* homage. Plus, the ending was amusing, if not downright disturbing.

There were also lens flares in this video, clearly a tribute to J.J Abrams. :-)

This was way better than Star Trek Girl, she could learn a thing or two from this video!

Chad Vader cameo FTW!

lol lens flares

asian and white girl=hot

Good God. These geek videos … it really is as though each one is worse than the last.

I think “Geek and Gamer Girls”, “Do you wanna date my avatar” and “Star Trek Girl” are quite enough.

These late arrivals are just “meh”. :P

That was really cute. ;- )
My wife and I loved it; it was like Comic Con meets techno.
Kudos to BBT’s “Kuthrapali”, BSG’s Richard Hatch and CAPRICA’s Alessandra Torressani for taking part in it as well.
And the Chad Vader ending was great!

Much better than Star Trek girl; this one actually had some production value.


Fun, I guess. Wish those gals had been at the early conventions I used to get to, when you could meet someone. Now, DragonCon is like 340859723498574509875429837523985723454524352987632 people. Ah, well.

#19. That is a lot of People. Where did you go. Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

isnt the one girl in that video the one who plays Tink on The Guild?

9. Same here

funny idea – awful music

what? no firefly references? Browncoats, Represent!!!

I actually watched all of this and thought the lyrics were clever. I couldn’t make it through the Star Trek Girl video.

Oh and also I wanna say that chick fills out that Slave Leia outfit really, really well.

I did not see Richard Hatch in this video — did anyone else spot him?

He’s the bartender wearing the “Colonial” style hat.

I was hoping for something a little more snappy and hard. It was a good idea, but maybe Fall On Your Sword needs to do it:

“There is no such thing as bad publicity.”
-Brendan Francis Behan, writer and poet

It doesn’t matter whether you like or dislike this music video, or any other in this genre. It gets Star Trek, and to a more general notion, Science fiction, into more of the public’s awareness and mainstream. Besides, this music video has two amazing things for for it. First off, there is Richard Hatch, the original Captain Apollo himself, and Pac-Man, along with Ms. Pac-Man. I just wanted to see more of them and Hatch.

I prefer Star Trek Girl. But it’s fun; especially the ending. The girl with the braid reminds me of some of my models (except their hair is real!).

#24 — Actually, the transcript of the lyrics is wrong. You can clearly hear

“Firefly’s cancellation
Hurt like Luke’s amputation…”

And in regards to the autotune, it may be being used to help the not-so-great voices singing this version, but the original Enrique Iglesias song has a bit of auto-tune all its own, so….

Richard Hatch is in Chicago for Cyphan2 July 29-31. Along with Robert Picardo and my good friend Chase Masterson. Visit for more details.

Anthony, please contact me for details if there’s a chance of you doing a story on Cyphan. It’s a 2nd year con and needs the support.

Cute girl in the Leia slave outfit, but otherwise, meh,

It’s funnier if you’re familiar with the song by Enrique Iglesias that the parody is mocking.

My god… she’s so cute!

This is better than that Star Trek girl… she was lame. This was well thought out.

@31 “I prefer Star Trek Girl. But it’s fun; especially the ending. The girl with the braid reminds me of some of my models (except their hair is real!).”

Another difference from your models — Star Trek Girl does not require inflation. :-))

Fun. Methinks some people take this stuff way too seriously. :)

Alessandra Torressani makes a very hot Slave Leia.

Alessandra Torressani is unbearably hot as Slave Leia!!!