Star Trek Bathrobes Coming To The UK

The world of Star Trek has just got more comfy. Next month officially licensed Star Trek bathrobes will be available in the UK. More details and photos below.


Star Trek: The Robe

Bathrobes (or ‘dressing gowns’ as they are sometimes called in the UK) are the latest bit of wearable Star Trek. In March two new Star Trek bathrobes will be released in the UK. Both are designed around the original series uniform, with one being a gold “Kirk” robe, and the other a blue “Spock” robe.

Star Trek “Kirk” and “Spock” Bathrobes

The officially licensed Star Trek robes are made from 100% cotton towelling and come in one Men’s size. They will be released at the end of March and cost £49.99 (or $80). You can pre-order the bathrobes at Kirk Robe, Spock Robe.

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No word yet on if or when these will make it North America, but they are made by gro who also make officially licensed Star Wars bathrobes which are carried by ThinkGeek.

More photos:

Star Trek “Kirk” Bathrobes

Star Trek “Spock” Bathrobes


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Wow, slow news day at, eh? :-)

When we these be available in the Philippines?

I suppose it would be too dangerous for them to come out with a red robe…..

Where is the red security one? Would be appropriate for the inevitable slip in the shower death.

The male model has the look on his face of, “I can’t believe this is where my career has taken me.”

I want, can I has?

Too bad it’s not available in the US yet. I would love an update if this becomes available.

Oh No Something available in the uk and not in the us?? Isnt that kinda backwards?? So many of our out of country trek fans complain they cant see the videos in the links cuz they are not in the us..sigh. heheeh

#3. Yes. Red Robe. For the Danger in the Bedroom.

@6 @7

All, they have a new invention that this website is set up for so that you can order it — the new invention is a combination of currency conversion and international mailing of the item to locations outside of the UK.


@ 3, 8

That’s very funny guys.

#1…. Anything is better than nothing.

Maybe there actually is a red one but when time came to shoot for it there was an unfortunate accident for robe model “Ricky”.

They are cheaper at… Preordered mine in Dec ;-)

I intend to SHOWER LIKE SHAT ….

Must be what Kirk and Spock wear around their Key West bungalo.

#12 he got shampoo in his eye and didn’t see a mugato had got into the shower beside him. There is an old Vulcan saying, Never Bend Down for the Soap when you shower with a Mugato.
Well, he did survive but wasn’t ever quite the same.

Sorry, but if they don’t do them in Engineering Red, I’m not interested.

Quamire slips into something more comfortable.

Notes from the Manufacturing Dept.: The Spock robe tends to be too uptight and the Kirk robe never stays on around women.

#4: I’m still wiping my breakfast off my forehead… jeez… put up a warning next time!


I want me one of those.

Niiiiice, finally a bathrobe i can own! :D

I love it. I’m seriously considering the Spock robe.

Shouldn’t a Kirk robe be ripped?

@23 – I’m thinking it should have a built-in girdle.

For the man who has everything.*

*Except a starship. Or tons of gorgeous babes from another planet….

Hey, what you wear in the privacy of your own bathroom is your own business….


If I wore the red robe, then I’d be scared of slipping with my wet feet and breaking my neck. At least with the science and command robes, I feel more secure and sure of myself.

22 – “I love it. I’m seriously considering the Spock robe.”

To feel stuprate-motivating emotion towards a nudity-obscuring rament is not logical.

raiment even

I’m sooooooooooooooo getting me the gold robe!!! I live in Northern Ireland, so WAY-HEY!!!!!! One of the good things about living in the UK!! LOL.

Those. Are. Awesome.

Absolutely brill, already requested this as my Bday pressie………Would love to see the white Spock bathrobe as seen in ST IV as well!

What no red robe ?

Is the red-shirt curse that bad ?


All male models that used the “red robe” were killed by the flashes of cameras … right?? … LOL and +LOL!!!

I’ll be ordering one on line, but why do the belts look Photoshopped?

I cant believe I’m the first Trekker to spot the obvious mistake on the “Kirk” robe. Come on peopel.. Wakey Wakey!!

Wow, one gender robes … nice

Ok, two things…One, the green wraparound would have made for the perfect robe. Two, couldn’t they even try to get the rank braid close to correct?



it’s not just the belts which are photoshopped. the rank cords, and the starfleet logo are as well.

As much as I don’t need one of these…as RIDICULOUS as this is….I need one!

@ 39

If that is the case, then Anthony (the article submitter) just pulled an April Fools joke.

They look so comfortable, and the guy looks so happy on those!

I want one!


go to the bathroom in a red one, and here comes Norman Bates.

These were available in the 1970s, in the USA, but I think in white without braid. Not bad. It’d almost be worth wearing one to see relatives jaws hit the floor.


well i think it is more so just because the actual product may not have been completed in time for the photos. or perhaps that product was finished but needed photoshopping because it did’nt photograph well.

So…instead of modeling this on some handsom young stud with a gorgeous young hottie hanging off his are, they have a middle aged guy model it…alone. Yep, this is just going to be flying off the shelves now…..

Bathrobes?? Really?

Does anyone wear bathrobes anymore?

But they are kinda cute…

48. Apparently, greying middle aged guys do. Not sure what qualifies, I hit 47 in a couple of days, and I don’t own or want one….

Wouldn’t it be weird if those weren’t bathrobes but the actual uniforms they used in the Star Trek universe?

It’d be, like, Star Trek: The Laid Back Generation.